Where to eat Italian food in Ashikaga: The Best Restaurants and Bars

November 11, 2019 Myesha Cogley

Best Italian restaurants nearby. Discover the best Italian food in Ashikaga. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Italian restaurants near you. including Fortuna, Aonodokutsu, Shirai, Saizeriya Ashikaga Yahata, Itaru
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1. Fortuna

3-2608-1 Tori, Ashikaga Tochigi Prefecture Italian +81 284-22-2673

Reviewed By VYT00255


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2. Aonodokutsu

791-2 Iwaicho, Ashikaga Tochigi Prefecture Italian Lunch, Dinner +81 284-43-1139

Reviewed By FionaV233

I really had a craving for non Japanese, Italian food and I'm so happy I came to this place! It is very reasonably priced, my pizza was 900 yen and they have a wide selection of Italian dishes(and a small selection of fish/japanese dishes).It's quite a special dinner experience, because the place you eat is a very cozy cubicle(so no big room with tables). As a single traveller it's great to relax that way and get a laptop/book with dinner, but I can imagine it being really nice with multiple people as well. The cubicles make surrounding noise less and they create a more informal and intimate setting(as if eating at friends, because you're not noticing other customers).A very big plus is their selection of desserts, they have almost 20 different desserts to chose from!

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3. Shirai

57-1 Hisamatsucho, Ashikaga Tochigi Prefecture Italian +81 284-41-1590

Reviewed By highland1231

北イタリアのハンバーグステーキ(1260円)を頂きました。アンティパスト付きで3種類ありました。 鴨とブロッコリ、レンコンとチキン、タマネギマリネ、どれもあスパイス等の使い方が上手くおいしく思いました。ハンバーグはブラウンソースと、ホワイトソースの2種類がお皿に模様を描いてありおしゃれです。ハンバーグの上にはポテトのグリル。これがほくほくしておいしい。どちらもソースも肉汁たっぷりのハンバーグとマッチして、とてもおいしかったです。

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4. Saizeriya Ashikaga Yahata

1-1-3 Yawatacho, Ashikaga Tochigi Prefecture Italian Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Parking Available, Family style, Non-smoking restaurants +81 284-73-5562 http://www.saizeriya.co.jp/index.php
Saizeriya Ashikaga Yahata

Reviewed By dmpeng

Went there on a recent business trip with four Japanese associates. It was much like any diner in North America. Food choices were good and the service was quick and friendly. the food came out quickly.The food was average in taste.I guess for the locals, it is a break from the ordinary, but for me it was disappointing.

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5. Itaru

2579-4 Horigomecho, Ashikaga 326-0831 Tochigi Prefecture Italian +81 284-64-8655

Reviewed By highland1231


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