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October 5, 2019 Mollie Coke

Find out what Chinese restaurants to try in Vallejo. Vallejo (/vəˈleɪ(h)oʊ/ və-LAY-(h)oh; Spanish: [baˈʎexo]) is a waterfront city in Solano County, California, located in the North Bay sub-region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Vallejo is geographically the closest North Bay city to the inner East Bay, so it is sometimes mistakenly associated with that region. The population was 115,942 at the 2010 census. It is the tenth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the largest in Solano County. Vallejo sits on the northeastern shore of San Pablo Bay, 30 miles north of San Francisco, the northwestern shore of the Carquinez Strait and the southern end of the Napa River, 15 miles south of Napa. The city is named after General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a native Californio, leading proponent of California's statehood, and one of the first members of the California State Senate; the neighboring city of Benicia is named for his wife, Francisca Benicia Carrillo de Vallejo.
Things to do in Vallejo

10. Rickshaw Express

4300 Sonoma Blvd Ste 716, Vallejo, CA 94589-2211 Chinese Lunch, Dinner +1 707-643-4837
Rickshaw Express

Reviewed By Sandra F

I love Korean style bbq chicken. This take-out, little hole-in-the wall restaurant serves a very good bbq chicken. The portions are large, and the chicken is high quality: no bones or skin. 100% chicken breast. I've served this to guest a couple of times; everybody enjoyed the tasty chicken.I cannot comment on the items in the steam counter since I only order the chicken.

9. China House

818 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590-4508 Chinese Lunch, Dinner +1 707-645-8316
China House

Reviewed By SteamyNytz

I drive past this location on an almost daily basis. I have seen this building close and keep coming back in each new iteration as a chinese food establishment over the past seventeen years that I have been a resident of Vallejo. They appear to have closed once again, and the windows are currently covered in plastic sheeting. It does appear that inside work or renovation is currently underway. Will update the listing once the dust settles.

8. Panda Express

972 Admiral Callaghan Ln Ste B, Vallejo, CA 94591-8662 Chinese, Fast Food, Asian Dinner Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +1 707-552-2030

Reviewed By shane c

My wife and I stopped in for something quick to eat after a long days drive and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. There was a good selection of veggies and entrees to mix as you please and all looked very good. Our selections tasted excellent and all for a reasonable price. Every once in a while we like to go out and enjoy good Chinese meal but never really considered a fast food establishment but Panda Express has changed our views.

Top 10 Things to do in Vallejo, United States

7. Andrea Foods

1109 Maple Ave, Vallejo, CA 94591-5509 Filipino, Asian, Chinese +1 707-644-0518

Reviewed By swangirlhi

Just recently March 18, bought 5 small styrofoam container of pansit bihon for a gift to give to my friends in SF. It was $4.83 each and when my friend opened it pansit was wet and mostly cabbages veggies in one conatiner not much of the noodles and meat.I should have just bought them a to go Chinese food cheaper and worth the money and cooked properly. Filipinos are not good in most business bec they want to make money right away and did not care to satisfy the customer.

Top 10 restaurants in Vallejo, United States

6. China Cafe

414 Georgia St, Vallejo, CA 94590-6005 Chinese Lunch, Dinner +1 707-648-0797

Reviewed By Sandra F

I enjoy the lunch specials at China Cafe. They are inexpensive and very tasty. The service is always good.

Most Popular Diner food in Vallejo, California, United States

5. 3 Star Restaurant

4380 Sonoma Blvd #357, Vallejo, CA 94589-2266 Chinese +1 707-557-7785
3 Star Restaurant

Reviewed By livelovex7

What a find! Found this place on yelp and was enroute from Six Flags Discovery to our next destination. Didn't know what to expect other than good food. We didn't have much time after leaving the park and wanted to take it to go. So we made a call in for our order and got there to pick up. It was all ready! The nicest lady owner was there. Welcomed us, packed everything, gave us utensils, made sure we had everything, food was piping hot, and she gave sauces and reminded my kids of my mom. Definitely felt a bit homesick talking to her. Wish this place was near my house, because we'd go there often. The bbq place next door was grilling something yummy ugh if only we weren't just passing through we'd try that too. This place was located in a strip mall looking place. Not flashy at all. We ordered their fried rice which was home cooking goodness. Cantonese style light on salt. Their salt n pepper pork was amazing. Spicy n large portions. All of them were. The porridge is yum, better than some dimsum places here. The lumpia was a hit with the kids. But the wings were stellar. Mongolian beef was so good with rice. Everything was perfectly done. Why do they call themselves 3 stars? Lol I give them 5 because everything tasted good, place n restroom was clean and owner lady was super friendly. I hope this place stays strong because if we are ever here again, we need to go back here. So good!

Best Cafe food near Vallejo, California, United States

4. Szechuan Chinese Cuisine

2079 Solano Ave, Vallejo, CA 94590-6456 Chinese, Asian Dinner, Lunch Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service, Reservations, Seating +1 707-554-4657
Overall Ratings

4 based on 12 reviews

Szechuan Chinese Cuisine

Reviewed By Leelorisc

In my opinion, this is the best chinese restaurant in Vallejo. They are always very warm and welcoming when you come and remember you. The food is very good. Always quick, warm and delicious. I especially like the potstickers and green beans with beef. But everything else I have tried has always been good too.

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3. J's Garden Restaurant

134 Robles Way, Vallejo, CA 94591-8039 Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Seating, Wheelchair Accessible
Overall Ratings

4 based on 15 reviews

J's Garden Restaurant

Reviewed By Lgonzo19

In an area that has alot of Panda express restaurants it was nice to find an authentic Chinese restaurant. Don't let the store front location fool you. A single item can serve a party of 3 easily. It would be nice if the family meal options offered better menu choices but you can't go wrong with whatever you order. We had the fried dry ribs, magnolia beef ,salt and pepper pork and the special fried rice and they all where awesome, not over seasoned or bland everything had the right balance of meat and vegtables.

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2. Princess Garden

960 Admiral Callaghan Ln, Vallejo, CA 94591-3680 Chinese, Asian, Mongolian Dinner, Lunch Takeout, Seating, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +1 707-643-0202
Overall Ratings

4 based on 23 reviews

Princess Garden

Reviewed By Brenda M

I always enjoy visiting this restaurant, the staff are always very friendly and attentive. We usually eat at the Mongolian BBQ side. The cook Long is great to talk with and cooks the food just how you like it. The meat and vegetables are fresh and you can prepare the food exactly how you want it. We always bring our visitors to this place, popular with adults and kids of all ages.

Top 10 American food in Vallejo, California, United States

1. China Wok Chinese Cuisine

512 Sacramento St, Vallejo, CA 94590-5917 Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +1 707-645-2008
Overall Ratings

4 based on 62 reviews

China Wok Chinese Cuisine

Reviewed By Mannypic

I really enjoy this Chinese restaurant and I've been to several Chinese restaurants in my lifetime. The thing that makes this place unique is the chow mein. The chow mein at this restaurant is my favorite. Make sure you order this dish. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this place!

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