Where to eat Pizza food in Prescott Valley: The Best Restaurants and Bars

December 14, 2019 Karren Gelb

Discover Restaurants offering the best Pizza food in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States. Prescott Valley is a town with a current population (October 2016) of about 45,500 residents. It is located in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States, about 8 miles east of Prescott, which it has surpassed in growth. Prescott Valley was the seventh fastest-growing place among all cities and towns in Arizona between 1990 and 2000.
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8. Pizza Hut

7430 Pav Way, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 Pizza Lunch, Dinner Wheelchair Accessible [email protected] +1 928-775-0906 https://locations.pizzahut.com/az/prescott-valley/7430-pav-way
Overall Ratings

2 based on 16 reviews

Reviewed By dads2vette

Granted I went in and ordered a pizza but the wait was just ridiculously long, almost an hour. Apparently, it was ready earlier but they didn't feel the need to let me know as i was sitting at the bar...not getting service. I also come from just south of Buffalo, NY. I'm not a fan of NY style pizza, nor Chicago style. I'm use to A thicker crust than NY style but prepared in the same way. This pizza was lousy, even by Pizza Hut standards. It was just bland. Very little flavor and awful texture.

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7. Domino's Pizza

4572 N Robert Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-6323 Pizza Lunch, Dinner +1 928-759-2333 https://www.dominos.com/en/?redirect=homepage&utm_source=locallistings&utm_medium=loclist&utm_campaign=localmaps

Visit your Prescott Valley Domino's Pizza today for a signature pizza or oven baked sandwich. We have coupons and specials on pizza delivery, pasta, buffalo wings, & more! Order online now!

Reviewed By MatthewK908

Me and my roommates order pizza and sandwiches all the time. We order a $45 order on 4/20/18. When it arrived my chicken Parmesan sandwich was sad with almost no chicken, and my chicken carbonara had 1 piece of chicken in it. I called over to complain and get it replaced. Joshua, the day time manager was rude. He said that was funny because he made it himself. After much going round and round with him, he agreed to resend those items. They arrived over an hour after. This is an ongoing problem with the lunch shift and poor management. Called corporate and they are sending a message to the franchise owner, however I’m afraid it will never get better. Bad food and poor attitude from Joshua. As a seasoned chef and someone in the business, you have to fess up when you make a mistake!

Top 10 Mexican food in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

6. El Encanto Grill

8400 E Long Mesa Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-9380 Italian, Pizza, Bar, Pub Dinner, Lunch Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Delivery, Table Service +1 928-775-5500 http://encantoitaliangrillprescottvalley.restaurantcreator.website
Overall Ratings

3 based on 17 reviews

El Encanto Grill

Reviewed By James B

Great Food, Really BAD service. Pizza and grilled sirloin gorgonzola were good.tiramisu was partly frozen. waitress took order, dropped off food&water then disappeared.had to request eating utensils and napkins from ??? after awhile went to kitchen and got a steak knife.... finished eating approx 10 minutes and nobody brought bill, sooo went to counter in front and waited. Would never eat in at this restaurant again... Perhaps takeout.

Most Popular Pub food in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

5. Little Caesars

7550 E State Route 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-2214 Pizza Lunch, Dinner +1 928-772-0919 http://www.littlecaesars.com

Reviewed By Shack2_05

Happened to be passing by and on a whim, decided to pick up for dinner. Have not done a Little Caesars for about 10 years. Plain cheese/tomato sauce large is $5. Extra toppings are $1.75 each. Pepperoni was $6 and asked if I could substitute another topping. Was told only sausage, okay. While paying I asked if they had thin crust and was told yes but too late. She did not even bother to ask. This was frustrating but what could I do, I had already paid. It was not the most inviting pizza take out place I have been in. There is nothing to tell me what kind of toppings, prices, etc. No menus, nothing on the walls or overhead the order area. The pizza, in our opinion, was not that good, but I guess you get what you pay for. Won't ever go back. It is not a sit down restaurant, only takeout.

Best American food near Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

4. The Pizza Place

6450 N Viewpoint Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-3222 Pizza +1 928-772-8920 http://www.robertsmarketplace.net

Reviewed By MRMED8R

This was a stop of need as opposed to being a destination so I planned on being, shall we say, satisfied at best. I was hugely surprised!First of all understand that this is located at a gas station. On the back lies a small deli with a small corner bar. Yes, if you are so inclined a draft beer, glass of wine or just about anything "harder" is available. But this was all about the food.My wife and I ordered subs, mine the "broke kid" and hers a turkey and cheddar. Mine had salami, turkey and cheddar cheese. The topping options are cabbage, pickles, tomatoes, onions, and basic condiments. Wheat or white bread, and a side. The side options were fries, salad, pasta salad or potatoes sales (red or white potatoes). I had the red potatoe salad and my wife had the pasta salad. Mine was creamy and flavorful. My wife's was tasty, though a little heavy on the oil.The sandwiches were quickly made of very fresh ingredients. The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. A little pricier than the typical chain, but much better. Much.As the name implies there are more options, including wings and pizza. I suspect that I will be back, and will report on those. As an aside. As I was finishing this the clerk who took our orders was leaving and detoured to ask if we enjoyed everything. When was the last time that happened to you at one of " those " places?!

Most Popular Cafe food in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

3. Papa Murphy's

3298 N Glassford Hill Rd Suite 105, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-1294 Pizza +1 928-775-7171 https://www.papamurphys.com/

Reviewed By James B

Great take and bake pizza, Specialty and made to order. Salads pre-made or custom made; soft drinks, bread sticks and take & bake desserts. Order on-line, call ahead or walk in. 25% Veteran discount (if you ask) Fast, Personable service. Excellent Customer service. If you have any problems or issues talk to Ben, day shift manager, and he will make it right... I did and he did!

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2. Streets Of New York

7025 E Florentine Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-1212 Pizza, Italian Lunch, Dinner Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Television, Serves Alcohol, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service +1 928-759-9877 http://streetsofnewyork.com/
Overall Ratings

3 based on 60 reviews

Streets Of New York

Reviewed By Richard P

One of the best places for pizza in PV. Its good for takeout too. The table seating is good and the service is wonderful.

Best Southwestern food near Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

1. Tailgaters Sports Grill

7160EAST Pav Way, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-2264 American, Bar, Pizza, Pub Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Television, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service +1 928-775-0000 http://www.tailgatersilprimo.com
Overall Ratings

4 based on 65 reviews

Tailgaters Sports Grill

Reviewed By DoorCtyRes

The food was goid and tasty, service was prompt. Nothing adventurous, but it is a sports bar, not a fine dining establishment. My only issue is that one of the tv's was showing MMA, and watching 2 guys beat each other into a bloody pulp while staring at a pizza was not too appetizing. Yeah, I know, if it bothers you don't look, but the tvs are very present in every corner of the place. Management may wish to reconsider blood and gore on tv while people are eating.

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