Top 7 Mediterranean food in Mondariz, Province of Pontevedra, Spain

November 25, 2020 Etsuko Causey

Discover Restaurants offering the best Mediterranean food in Mondariz, Province of Pontevedra, Spain including Casa Rivero, A Xanela Gastronomica, Simoneta & Co, Ladelrio, Sabores, Taberna Casa Farrapeira, MacDona
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7. MacDona

Paseo Matutino 8, 36860 Ponteareas Spain Spanish, Mediterranean Table Service +34 650 13 17 47
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4 based on 11 reviews


Reviewed By vero c

Fuimos a este sitio ya que estabamos en ponteareas de dias vacacionales,fue sugerencia de un amigo que reside alli,cuando nos dijo vamos al Macdona...entendimos q era a la conocida cadena de comida rápida,jajaja,al llegar,no ,sin duda no era...Tapería Macdona,una amplia carta de bocadillos samwich ,hamburguesas,tapas ,raciones y platos combinados,tan amplia que tardas en elegir,sin duda que una estrella en el pulpo y en los pimientos de padrón,y tambien en la zorza,sabrosisima....el trato del dueño fue mas que agradable,mtan bien nos trataron y tan buena estaba la dena que al dia siguiente repetimos,y cuando volvamos a Ponteareas volveremos sin duda tambien,ah,nota importante,el precio excelente,la racion de pimientos de padron mas economica y a la vez,mas grande que he mos comido en todo Galicia ....

6. Taberna Casa Farrapeira

Calle Souto, 22, 36866 Ponteareas Spain Mediterranean, Spanish, Contemporary, Gastropub Lunch, Dinner Seating, Table Service, Reservations [email protected] +34 886 90 63 57
Taberna Casa Farrapeira

Casa Farrapeira is a new restaurant in this beautiful green area in Ribadetea. We offer the best variated quality meet from arownd the world, we are specialist in grilled and bbq but also tipical galician and spanish tapas. Our terraces and open space for

Reviewed By fernandosebas73

Vengan, relájense y déjense llevar por el menú de 10€ de miércoles a viernes, o a 15€ los sábados y domingos.Varios primeros y segundos a elegir con un cierre de postres caseros más que destacables.Elijan el tinto de uvas Mencía de la casa (han de ponerlo menos frío) y cierren con un buen café.Situado a escasos kilómetros de Ponteareas en una zona encantadora en la ribera del río Tea, pregunten por Casa Farrapeira: parking gratuito dentro del restaurante y una zona exterior para niños con juegos, colchonetas y columpios.

5. Sabores

Avenida de Enrique Peinador N 1, 36890 Mondariz Spain Brew Pub, Mediterranean, Spanish, Pub Reservations [email protected] +34 605 32 30 27

Reviewed By Steelfish31

A beautiful wine bar, very tastefully decorated with also a very pleasant garden. The wines selected are wonderful, with a unique concept of supporting quality Bodega across Galicia. Our favourite is La Trucha a wonderful Albariño. The food is very different to the normal menu experienced elsewhere, with a nice variety. Tapas plates available with also a range of bigger plates. A very enjoyable experience.

4. Ladelrio

Barrio Pedomuino 1, 36875 Mondariz Spain Mediterranean, Spanish [email protected] +34 986 95 81 24

Reviewed By Osolouro

Sitio muy agradable, sobre todo con buen tiempo para disfrutar de la terraza. Carta que no deja indiferente. Platos abundantes y sabrosos. Una pequeña joya en Mondariz

3. Simoneta & Co

Calle Enrique Peinador Vela ,12, 36890 Mondariz Spain Fusion, Spanish, Mediterranean Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service +34 986 96 33 39
Simoneta & Co

Reviewed By nextadventure2

I visit the area to buy wine for my company 2x per year. I visited when this location opened last Summer. I was disappointed. I returned hoping that it was better. We tried a variety of things. the appetizer of shrimp on a stick with filo was good. the sauce was not kimici. the 3 burgers were cold and microwaved. they had no sauce. the vegetarian and chicken were not edible.. we also ordered a pork dish with mushrooms. it arrived in a cold puddle of sauce with stringy meat and uncooked mushrooms. it was expensive at 15 euros. Any restaurant can have a bad day, but the servers did not seem to care. It's great that Mondariz Balneario has new restaurants but this one is not worth the money

2. A Xanela Gastronomica

Rua Real 62, 36860 Ponteareas Spain Mediterranean, Spanish, Fusion Lunch, Dinner Accepts Visa, Reservations, Seating, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Full Bar, Free Wifi [email protected] +34 886 21 69 97
Overall Ratings

4 based on 355 reviews

A Xanela Gastronomica

Reviewed By thedevilsmenu

There are great restaurants in many places and now Ponteareas has its own as well. A Xanela Gastronomica is a warm, welcoming, stylish restaurant with a modern feel. It also has a small bar area serving lighter bites and a selection of tapas (which unfortunately didn’t have the chance to try yet!). The staff are fantastically friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. We came for the lunch menu that is an unbelieveable €11 for 3 courses + bread + wine/beer and coffee/tea! It also included an amuse bouche of zorza pork with a cheese dip and handmade chocolate truffles to finish.I must say that every dish was cooked perfectly: from the egg cooked @ 63C served with a delicious sofrito, to the fantastic empanada de chocos (a cuttlefish pastry tart) that Elora keeps talking about. The mains were equally outstanding: perfect hake with tomato concasse and crushed potatoes, BBQ pork ribs slow cooked and boned and a great fish and chips dish (the chips were UK style cooked crisps). Dessert was superb as well with the nicest take on a Tiramisu I have ever tasted (and I’m not a big fan of Tiramisu!). I brought my in-laws with us so it was 4 for lunch and we were all impressed, very impressed! And trust me when I say that Elora’s mum it is not easy to impress!! Overall it was one of the best lunches I have ever eaten and we immediately decided that we had to go back before the end of our holidays.So we booked in a few days later and while looking at al la carte menu we realise that they also had a tasting menu. They were so many interesting dishes available that we thought that this option was the best choice for us and a nice treat before going back to Ireland. The price was also great value at €43 euros per person. Keep in mind that you need to book the tasting menu 2 or 3 days in advance (as ingredients need to be ordered). So be advised & book it!!!. It is well worth it!!!!It was with great excitement that we went back to Xanela few days later. We now knew that these guys could really cook so we were expecting to experience something special and believe me when I say that they didn't disappoint!!!.Carlos our server, brought us some green olives marinated in house in a tomato and herb mixture. Meaty and fruity, delicious!.Next a basket of warm breads that smelled and tasted wonderful with fantastic crusts just landed on the table.And then the first course arrived. Which was an amusing surprise: a type of fresh anchovy. You might wonder why this little fish could be so amusing as you might not know that I hate oily fish. So I don’t only dislike the fish but also informed the chef of my profound dislike when organising the booking. But my gut feeling told me that something like this could easily happen as I glanced a look in the chef’s eyes full of determination to make me eat my words and prove that oily fish can be delicious me. So we both started laughing at the challenge presented by chef Angel while he watched us through the glass wall separating our table and the kitchen.The dish was a marinated boqueron in garlic and herbs on a crisp fried wonton with guacamole and a strawberry dressing. It was stunning. Fresh, sweet, salty and with a touch of heat. I would never order this, but I loved every bite and showed that this was the cooking of a confident chef with the skills to match.The second dish was another surprise: a classic spanish tripe dish (callos) served galician style with chickpeas and a fantastic Xanela twist. Disc's of pulpo and chorizo with wakame ribbons that added another dimension to the sauce. This was a stunning taste of Spain in a tiny tin can. Wiped clean by a wedge of malty brown bread.The third dish was a delight to behold: large succulent prawns skewered and wrapped in Kataifi (Greek angel hair pastry), deep fried and topped with a silky emulsion of black garlic and served like rockets of flavour standing proud from a white Porrino granite stone. These were so good!. Perfectly cooked once again. The prawns juicy and with just a hint of firmness encased in the crisp pastry. The smoky caramelised flavour of the black garlic emulsion and the sweet flavour of the prawn worked so well. We just kept smiling at each other as we took bites from our fish on a stick.Number four came soon after! 'Viera Mr Corn'Scallop from Cambados with a foam of sweet corn, caramelised onion, kikos and glacier lettuce.Another triumph: sweet, salty and with underlying caramel flavours. The thick light foam of sweet corn refreshed the tongue just as the salty almost bacon like flavours of the 'Kikos' (a crispy fried and salted corn kernel) smashed your taste buds like a tumbling wave of umami breaking against a rock. The beautiful scallop were plump and perfectly cooked adding a luxurious touch to this playful dish. Perfectly finished with an ethereal glacier lettuce sprig. At this point I moved on to my second glass of a smooth Rioja! Happy days!The fifth dish came to the table. A dish respectful of the ingredients: Ragu of Mushrooms with Foie Gras.The deep flavour of the mushrooms was earthy and smooth, each bite like the bass rhythm of a Japanese Taiko Drum. The flavours of the ceps, shiitake and saffron milkcap were intense and individual, but they combined so well!. Their sauce coated the mouth with pure pleasure leading you to the narcotic like taste of caramelised foie gras dusted in Maldon salt crystals. Elora said she would eat the mushroom ragu everyday, I would join her with some foie on every second day!Our server Carlos brought forth the 6th course with the pronouncement of: we now take you to the sea with 'Bacalao a la Gallega'.A seriously plump piece of cod rested upon a thick red pepper and potato foam with a delicate 'ajada sauce' and dotted with fresh sweet peas, cauliflower and broccoli. The cod was full of flavour, breaking perfectly into white layers that contrasted beautifully with the foam puree and hints of pimenton and garlic. Every bite like warm breeze on a cool evening, comforting and light upon the tastebuds. Elora was glad at this point that she had worn a very loose dress and she might deny it but I actually had to look after some of her dish and made it disappear into thin air (if you know what I mean!). So she was delighted when seventh heaven appeared in the form of a tumbler of softened lemon sorbet, with a fat straw and a spoon of lemon flavoured crystals that exploded in your mouth. This was hilarious!. The tart lemon explosions magnified by a suck on the straw giving you a mouth full of sorbet that bounced up and down on your tastebuds. Fantastic!A brilliant palate cleanser that everyone should try. You just have to smile with this dish. Unfortunately Elora was convinced that this was the first dessert of the evening and nearly collapsed when Carlos announced the eighth dish: a taste of Ternera Gallega (galician beef). The pink slices of sirloin with caramelised crusts meltingly soft where accompanied by a shiitake escabeche cutting through the rich beef and enhancing the flavour. Marinated cherry tomatoes topped the dish. They were so intense and so delicious that enriched the combination of flavours. This was a lighter dish than I expected it to be, delivering intense flavours simply. The only thing I would do differently would be to cook the steak rare but that’s just a matter of taste.The 9th gate opened to dessert. A perfect passion fruit marshmallow sitting on passion fruit foam with freeze dried strawberry. This was a delightful fairy light mouthful. Perfect as the past 8 dishes were not what I would call small.And then the perfect 10!!!The final dish was a very special dessert: beautiful to the eye and tastebuds as the same time as challenging to the mind.A brave ice cream flavour combination of celery and lime in a perfect quenelle. Floating on a white chocolate ganache sauce and covered with a matcha tea crumble. Chef Angel microplaned fresh lime zest over the top, sprinkled raspberry crisps around the dish and topped with clavelina petals. What a dish! What a fantastic delicious dessert! A wondrous balance of flavours that are brought together by the lime zest perfectly. As I write this review I'm still salivating over this dessert. We then moved to coffee and tea and more happened. Petit fours served on a basket of wire. A miniature wafer cone dipped in tempered chocolate and filled with a foam of orujo (a local liqueur), a delicious type of biscotti and superb square of tarta de santiago. All of which were rico, rico, rico!.Xanela Gastronomica (xanela means window in gallego) is a little hidden treasure. The atmosphere was welcoming and nothing was too much for the staff. Our server Carlos was amusing and very knowledgeable about the dishes and ingredients. The chefs Angel Martinez and Victor Otero take pride in every dish and are playful with the ingredients and passionate about what they do. The glass window that gives the name to this culinary experience offers a view into part of the kitchen showing the standard of cleanliness is as important as the food. But also give us an insight into the mysteries of the kitchen and the creative minds of these two young chefs. Their dishes were clever and technically perfect in their execution but they also have a personality and spanish flair that excites and pleasures the guest. The cost of the evening was €96 for two including 2 large glasses of a good Rioja, water and a very large Jack Daniels & Coke. This was the best value meal we have ever eaten for the quality of food served and would recommend a trip to Ponteareas just to eat at A Xanela Gastronomica. It's only 20 minutes from Vigo so get a cab, or bus or hire a car but you have to go to this restaurant! It was an experience that we will always remember. So thank you guys for help us create amazing memories.

Where to eat Spanish food in Mondariz: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Casa Rivero

Avenida Ramon Peinador 4, bajo, 36890 Mondariz Spain Mediterranean, Spanish Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Private Dining, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service [email protected] +34 986 65 63 37
Overall Ratings

4 based on 621 reviews

Casa Rivero

Reviewed By Mnel

The venue is very friendly with a genuine local touch. We order the chef suggestions (fish, one with cream, champions and green peas and the other with a chestnuts sauce). We both believe the sauces were too heavy for the fish they were accompanying, especially because it was a summer warm day. The fish were fresh and the tastes very original, but not suitable for white delicate fish flavours.The wine was local and very suitable for the fish.Lamento que no hayamos acertado en las sugerencias, esperamos que si nos visitan una próxima vez estemos a la altura. Muchas gracias.

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