Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar Food Guide: 3 Fast Food food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Dawei

December 10, 2019 Timmy Ribble

Find out what Fast Food restaurants to try in Dawei. Dawei (Burmese: ထားဝယ်မြို့; MLCTS: hta: wai mrui., pronounced [dəwɛ̀ mjo̰]; Mon: ဓဝဲါ, [həwài]; Thai: ทวาย, RTGS: Thawai, pronounced [tʰā.wāːj]; formerly known as Tavoy) is a city in south-eastern Myanmar and is the capital of the Tanintharyi Region, formerly known as the Tenasserim Division, about 614.3 km (381.7 mi) south of Yangon on the northern bank of the Dawei River. Population (2004 estimate), 139,900. It is at 14.09°N 98.20°E. Dawei is a port at the head of the Dawei River estuary, 30 km (18.6 mi). from the Andaman Sea. As a result, the city is prone to flooding during the monsoon season. "Dawei" is also the name of one of Myanmar's 135 ethnic minorities.
Things to do in Dawei

1. Monday's

Niban road, Dawei Myanmar Fast Food Dinner, Drinks Takeout, Cash Only [email protected] +95 9 777 263312 http://www.facebook.com/Mondays-221370751392174
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5 based on 48 reviews


Fresh and simple

Reviewed By Steffen K

Just along the road, Monday's has some really good burgers for a bargain! The people running it are nice and the place is quite busy in the evening! If you want some western food, you can get good burgers for just 1000 MMK here. thank you Steffen K now we re open mini restaurant. thank your reviewed

Most Popular Cafe food in Dawei, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

2. The Village Natural Cafe

Dawei Shin Maw Road Kyauk Mut Tat Village, Dawei Myanmar Fast Food, Cafe, Bar, Asian, Burmese Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner +95 9 762 499505 http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Village-Natural-Cafe/2053316841606491?hc_ref=ARR13EftNsWsBwFv-3kj34UC4KARK6jHRoQMXVdagcT5_jKjnyyR1rVLcZ_VZ_jSUjM
The Village Natural Cafe

Reviewed By martinhT1754IL

We would have stayed several days here! What a nice surprise to find this place after 2 hours of scooter from Dawei. A very charming café run by a young Burmese full of dreams and projects including "saving the planet"! Very environmentally conscious, The Village Natural Café is an oasis in this small fishing village where big smiles of children welcome you. Excellent tea leaf salad, delicious fruit juice, all that is missing is the bungalows whose manager has the project to build in the trees. Congratulations to him for his dynamism, do not hesitate to make detour to refresh yourself before going to Grandfather beach which is also very amazing!

Where to eat European food in Dawei: The Best Restaurants and Bars

3. Bamboo garden

Shwe Wei Thiri Yin Pyin Pat Street Nearly Dawei Golf Club, Dawei 31533 Myanmar Seafood, Fast Food, Asian Lunch, Dinner Seating, Reservations, Table Service [email protected] 95776090239
Bamboo garden

Nice and very good restaurant for you

Reviewed By benfR9469ZP

Great dinners, great coffee and great service - in the best setting in Dawei. The best option for dinner is the hotpot - amazing grilled meat and seafood served alongside hotpot vegetables and noodles. Consistently one of the best in town.

Top 10 Asian food in Dawei, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

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