Most Popular Cafe food in Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

February 19, 2020 Ying Subia

Discover Restaurants offering the best Cafe food in Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan including Shimabara Mizuyashiki, Aoi Rihatsukan studio Momo, Hayamegawa, Coffee Marizon
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1. Shimabara Mizuyashiki

513 Yorozucho, Shimabara Nagasaki Prefecture Cafe +81 957-62-8555
Overall Ratings

4 based on 35 reviews

Shimabara Mizuyashiki

Reviewed By tomizuta1953

This is a two story wooden building composed of the Japanese style ground floor from the early Meiji era (1872) and the Western style second floor built about thirty years later. I remembered it being used in some scenes in a TV thriller series almost twenty years ago and had included it in my visit list. The place was really difficult to find. We finally found the entrance from the shopping arcade. It is now a café specializing in kanzarashi, a local dessert, which is rice balls boiled and then cooled served with syrup. There are many springs in Shimabara, such as the one in Mizu-yashiki’s garden, the cold water from which is used for the cooling process. We ordered kanzarashi and coffee and enjoyed it from a tatami seat overlooking the pretty garden.

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2. Aoi Rihatsukan studio Momo

888-2 Uenomachi, Shimabara Nagasaki Prefecture Cafe Lunch, Dinner +81 957-64-6057
Overall Ratings

4 based on 16 reviews

Aoi Rihatsukan studio Momo

Reviewed By Banquiere

Renovated to a cafe. In the cafe, you are still able to see the antique goods and it reminds us that this used to be a barbershop.You can have Shimabara's local sweet, Kanzarashi and Nagasaki's local sweets, Milkshake ice cream. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing.

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3. Hayamegawa

912 Uenomachi Inohara Kanamono, Shimabara 855-0045 Nagasaki Prefecture Cafe +81 957-62-3117

Reviewed By FellowTraveler803262


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4. Coffee Marizon

7-5 Shimokawashirimachi, Shimabara 855-0861 Nagasaki Prefecture Cafe +81 957-64-2234
Coffee Marizon

Reviewed By DayTrip802835

九州旅行 長崎編島原(長崎)から熊本まで、フェリーで渡りました。そのフェリーのターミナル内に喫茶店があり、しゅっこうまでのじかんをすごしました。九州に来て、北海道ソフトクリームを食べるのは、少し複雑な気持ちですが、珈琲飲み過ぎだったので、アイスが食べたかったからかな。それはさておき、濃厚で美味しいソフトクリームでした。


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