Masbate Province, Philippines Food Guide: 9 Filipino food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Masbate City

December 15, 2019 Kandra Bartel

Reviews on Filipino food in Masbate City, Masbate Province, Philippines. Masbate City, officially the City of Masbate, (Masbateño: Syudad san Masbate; Hiligaynon: Dakbanwa sang Masbate; Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Masbate/Syudad sa Masbate; Central Bicolano: Ciudad nin Masbate; Tagalog: Lungsod ng Masbate) is a 4th class city and capital of the province of Masbate, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 95,389 people.
Things to do in Masbate City

9. Port Zirteas Cafe

Mabini Street, Masbate City, Luzon 5400 Philippines Filipino, Seafood, Asian, Grill +63 917 838 4979

8. D'san

Tara Street Masbate Island, Bicol Region, Masbate City, Luzon 5400 Philippines Filipino, Asian +63 56 333 2411

7. Saint Anthony Restaurant

163 Quezon Street St. Anthony Hotel, Masbate City, Luzon 5400 Philippines Filipino, Asian [email protected]

6. Backyard Edible Garden

San Pedro Poblacion II, Mobo, Masbate, Masbate City, Luzon 5401 Philippines American, Filipino, Asian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Street Parking, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi [email protected] +63 977 807 8172

Backyard Edible Garden is located at the top of Mobo municipality. You can relax, unwind by the Colourful, cluttered, and calm place that we have.

5. McDonald's

44 Quezon Street, Masbate City, Luzon 5400 Philippines Filipino, Fast Food, Asian

Reviewed By ChristoperS

Living here in Masbate, 1 whole year has come and gone since the opening. And in the beginning like most McDonald's stores here in the Philippines, a jolly Welcome can be heard from most serving staff, which is a not a bad feeling, I admit. Our visitations are twice a month, minimum.AS the months rolled on, the first thing to disappear was the greeting. Next was and still is, staff not knowing the product, hence lengthy delays, bored and uninterested can be described, as they stand there supposedly listening to your order, and once you have finished placing your order, they repeat it back, and every single time, THEY GET IT WRONG, so you start all over again. I understand Masbate is provincial, but this does not in any way excuse Managent for letting this continue, and continue it is still to this day. My last recent visit was 8th of September, and still, 18 minutes it took for my partner to return from ordering. We all know as avid followers of McDonald's, we love it because of the certain food we like, and the service that McDonald's is renowned for worldwide. Every single time we visit, there is some kind of problem. On this day, after waiting the 18 minutes, we were served with hash browns that had been sitting for an extended period of time, and yes they were like wet paper. Previous occasions were as follows, NO COFFEE. This lasted for weeks. ( this is my treat, as we drive 50 km each way)Weeks later, still no coffee, and after asking management, we were told there is no creamer. My response was, no problem, black is ok, but still no coffee. Again we arrived, and yes the coffee saga continued, this time we were told there was no papers to filter the coffee, hence of course NO COFFEE.There was an instance where I wanted to order a burger with cheese, around 30 pesos I think, and again, I was told, this item was unavailable. I continued up the menu pricewise, and there were 5 items unavailable. (Why do they advertise these are available?)Look, I could continue, but I'm sure you have the gist of this Restaurant.

4. Cherish Resort

JM Robredo Extension Boulevard, Masbate City, Luzon 5400 Philippines American, Filipino, Spanish, Asian, Italian +63 916 455 2259
Cherish Resort

Whether you are going to have a business lunch, romantic candlelight dinner or just a drink after a busy day, the Cherish Resort (Hotel and Restaurant) will meet you needs. We mainly serve traditional Polish cuisine and add variety to our menu according t

Reviewed By Angelito P

My cowboy friends suggested Cherish for drinks and dinner so we went there, my treat. The deck facing the sea was good location, but the downside is that my friends would have to go down to order food and drinks, no waiter on standby. The biggest disappointment was that they did not have any seafoods available, something I look forward to when I am on this island province. I did not stay here, but checked the rooms. Being new and only recently opened, the rooms looked decent.

3. 7AR Golden Beach Resort

Nursery Boulevard Punta Nursery, Masbate City, Luzon Philippines Filipino, Seafood, Asian +63 56 582 0175
7AR Golden Beach Resort

Reviewed By Victorianlad

I was here on a Sunday night when to its credit the restaurant was open despite others being closed.The establishment backs on to the seaside via a gate (no beach) and has two swimming pools, both of a good size although the largest was only half full if that. The smaller was still extensive though, and very clean.The restaurant has a professional look about it evidenced by the high quality menu design and also the bar that had spirits, not always the case in smaller provincial cities.I had an excellent paella for P320 that was far too much yellow rice for me, plus several delicious prawns, some cut squid and a beautiful crab.Staff were pleasant while drinks were reasonably priced and the tables nicely spaced. There was a sea breeze wafting through.

2. Tio Jose Tapsilogan

Ibingay Street, Masbate City, Luzon 5400 Philippines Filipino, Asian

Reviewed By 88Gail08

Saw this as one of the must try locations to eat beef in masbate so we tried it out. This is along quezon st. so it was easily accessible. Interior was like a local carinderia but outside is much better because there was an electric fan and since it was open it was cooler there. We ordered a tapsilog(of course), tenderloin tips and pares along with soda. We were surprised when the food was placed in front of us because it was plated like restaurant food with a side of veggies for the tenderloin tips and other garnishes and it was on ceramic white plates! We were expecting plastoc plates etc. Plus they gave us free soup :) The beef was all tender and flavorful and the serving size was good. The best part was that it is really affordable! We only paid around 300 pesos for everything!

Where to Eat in Masbate City: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Jollibee

Vicente Dy Building Quezon Street, Masbate City, Luzon Philippines Filipino, Fast Food, Asian

Telephone + 63 56 333 6638-39.

Reviewed By Vanessa Estrell... M

I was really hungry from our 5:05AM flight from Manila to Masbate so we looked for some place to eat breakfast. We tried going to Chowking but it's still closed. Good thing Jollibee's already waiting for customers. It was past 6:30AM that time.

Where to eat American food in Masbate City: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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