Croatia Food Guide: 9 Croatian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Muntic

May 23, 2021 Terina Blouin

Find out what Croatian restaurants to try in Muntic including Ristorante Mare Monti, Kum Krnica, Restaurant PortoRiko, Bistro-Pizzeria Vesna Loborika, Konoba Essenza, La Piazza, Konoba STARI COK, Grill & Cocktail Bar Jeanette, Seosko Domacinstvo Casa Rustica

9. Seosko Domacinstvo Casa Rustica

St.guran 21, Vodnjan 52215 Croatia European, Croatian Dinner [email protected] +385 52 511 039
Seosko Domacinstvo Casa Rustica

Reviewed By Salon ljepote S

This is a place to reccomend, we had a great time on our dinner with friends, excellent food, host and place. Highly reccomemd

8. Grill & Cocktail Bar Jeanette

Krnica 14a, Krnica 52207 Croatia Seafood, Fast Food, European, Grill, Croatian [email protected] +385 98 965 9187
Grill & Cocktail Bar Jeanette

Reviewed By Virginiiiiiiieeeeee

Plus d'une heure entre le moment où nous avons passé la commande et celui où nous avons été servi, alors qu'il n'y avait pas foule. Le prix des poissons/viandes est indiqué sans les accompagnements. Enfin nous avons pris 0,5 litre d'eau et on nous en a fait payé 0,75 (les 0,75 d'eau sont exactement au même prix que le 0,5 de vin !!!).Donc oui les calamars grillés étaient bon .. mais le reste ne nous pousse pas à y retourner.

7. Konoba STARI COK

Valtura 70, Pula 52100 Croatia Croatian, European, Slovenian Dinner, Lunch Reservations, Seating, Table Service +385 52 550 501

Reviewed By Hidde B

Reviews were good but we were very disappointed. The fries were very soft and full of oil so very bad. I had the filled inktfish which was also distastful. The only good thinks was the prices and portions

6. La Piazza

Centar 54a Sisan, Liznjan 52100 Croatia Italian, Pizza, European, Croatian Dinner, Drinks, Lunch Takeout, Free Off-Street Parking, Television, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible +385 97 729 5509
La Piazza

Reviewed By 121ma_gorzatap

Great food with a nice service. Meals were prepared fast and were delicious. Great place in Sisan to have A meal with family and friends.

5. Konoba Essenza

Sijanska Cesta 24, Pula 52100 Croatia Seafood, Mediterranean, Croatian, European Dinner, Lunch Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Free Off-Street Parking, Wine and Beer [email protected] +385 99 648 6819
Konoba Essenza

Want to spend the evening eating homemade Croatian cuisine at our restaurant? Welcome to the Konoba Essenza restaurant. We're happy to offer you our mouth-watering dishes and give you an amazing experience. You can also dig in to international and Mediter

Reviewed By JoostSpijkers

Randomly I’ve found this restaurant during me and my girlfriend’s stay in Pula in the summer of 2019. I noticed an average 5 star rating by 15 different raters so this attracted us to go to this restaurant. Location wise; beautiful surroundings of nature. First impression was a good one. In combination with a suitable interior and exterior, the looks and setting were definately a 5 star worthy. However, the thing that is most important for a restaurant, in my opinion, is the service and how potential “complaints” are handled. We were welcomed by a young gentleman who was proven to be kind during our whole experience at Essenza. To start off, he expained us a bit about te restaurant and what concept they had. Browsing through the menu, we couldn’t find any information about wine whatsoever so we asked the waiter gently for the wine menu. However, he couldn’t provide us with one since it was “under construction”. Strangely enough that that is being done in the high season period. To continue, he provided us with some information verbally about their wine range. He recommended us a Benvenuti Malvasia after giving him the preference that we would like to drink white wine. Given the fact that he did not tell us the price of the bottle (nor did we ask, that’s also our mistake ofcourse) we expected a bottle price anywhere between 15 and 30 euro. However, receiving the bill later on, we saw the bottle being priced 240 Kuna which is merely 35 euro. As a starter I took the beef carpaccio and my girlfriend took the tuna tartar. Both looked amazing and my girlfriend was satisfied with her starter. However, the first bite I took I noticed that the core of the carpaccio was still frozen. Having worked in the professional kitchen for about 10 years, I know that carpaccios are being sliced frozen and plated as well to optimize the presentation and contain the potential bacterias that would decrease the experation period. Apart from the carpaccio being frozen, and here is where the low rating comes in, after having told the waiter about the situation, he started argueing that its normal for a carpaccio to be frozen and that’s how the meat is staying bacteria free. He literally left me with the carpaccio, frozen. Once defrosted, great carpaccio, really tasty and without any BS that is served now-a-days with carpaccios. Just local thin beef, good local “parmesan”, local olive oil and rocket salad, topped off with pepper and salt.It felt like the restaurant staff did acknowledge their mistake by giving us a honey liquor (local strong liquor) shot which was on the house. I appreciate the gesture, it was lovely.For the main course we both took the same dish. The hotstone tenderloin. As described by the waiter you get a piece of tenderloin, you get a real hot stone and some supplements with it. It’s like cooking at your own table in the restaurant; which is exciting. Once receiving the hotstone, with the tenderloin already on it, we had to rush taking off the meat because it was heading towards being well done. We like our meat medium rare, the promise of the waiter was not delivered as we could not choose how the meat was prepared. Luckily the tenderloin was of good quality, the almost done steak held it’s tenderness and flavors. We took no dessert, we were quite full after a starter and main course. We asked for the bill and it summed up to a total of merely 700 kuna which is about €100,-. For croatia this is quite expensive but we’re quite used to these prices since we’re residing in The Netherlands. However, the product and service were not up to standards given the carpaccio and the waiter’s handling of the situation, the hotstone experience and the price of the wine bottle (which is not only their mistake, definately also ours).After the bill was paid and the tip was given we received a bottle of homemade olive oil as a gift to take back home. We tasted it, it’s really lovely so our appreciation for that. 2 out of 5 stars is the rating that I am giving for this experience, as this experience can not be given a sufficient. However, minding the details next time could result in a 5 star experience, the potential is absolutely there.

4. Bistro-Pizzeria Vesna Loborika

Loborika 31, Marcana 52207 Croatia Pizza, Mediterranean, Croatian, European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Takeout +385 52 550 468
Overall Ratings

4 based on 82 reviews

Bistro-Pizzeria Vesna Loborika

Reviewed By flarcio

After great reviews we visited this restaurant for lunch. There is wide choice of Italian and Croatian cuisine. We choose Istrian gnocchi with cheese. Fantastic taste, big portion. Prices are average and the staff is nice and helpful

3. Restaurant PortoRiko

Krnicki Porat 139, Krnica 52208 Croatia Seafood, Mediterranean, Croatian, European Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Reservations, Seating, Street Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi, Table Service, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Full Bar [email protected] +385 52 556 245
Overall Ratings

4 based on 100 reviews

Restaurant PortoRiko

Our little family restaurant "PortoRiko" was founded in 1968. It was named "K Ribaru" until 2016. In honor of my father Riko we have changed name to "PortoRiko". Restaurant "PortoRiko" is located on the seaport, and it has a large parking lot for cars. Th

Reviewed By fully11

The restaurant is located a stone throw from the water so the seafood is as fresh as can be. The menu is extensive and the friendly and very attentive staff just add to the cozy atmosphere. Inexpensive, yet excellent cuisine with plenty of seafood dishes offered!

2. Kum Krnica

Krnica 110, Krnica 52207 Croatia Italian, Pizza, Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Croatian Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Table Service +385 98 508 104
Overall Ratings

4 based on 146 reviews

Kum Krnica

Reviewed By 970namanj

It's a nice and cozy family run place. Great pizza at affordable prices.We even went there just for coffee and met few interesting people from the village/town and struck a great conversation. We highly recommend to go there in case you are around.

Most Popular Seafood food in Muntic, Croatia

1. Ristorante Mare Monti

Runjacica 52e, Premantura 52200 Croatia Seafood, Mediterranean, Croatian, Steakhouse, European Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Free Wifi, Table Service, Parking Available, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Digital Payments +385 99 210 1421
Overall Ratings

4 based on 98 reviews

Ristorante Mare Monti

Reviewed By daffystjob

This restaurant was conveniently near our accommodation, just on the outskirts of Prematura village, well worth going to. The decor has a lovely country house feel and is very smart. The staff make you feel very welcome and are more than happy to accommodate your needs. The food was delicious and even though this is mainly a fish restaurant, the meat was also delicious. When staying in Prematura or nearby, you should give this restaurant a go, I doubt you'd regret it.

Where to eat Mediterranean food in Muntic: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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