Where to eat Italian food in Kokubunji: The Best Restaurants and Bars

April 23, 2020 Deane Carmody

Discover Restaurants offering the best Italian food in Kokubunji, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan including Sirena, Trattoria Carrera, Manarikko, Buon giorno, Farm to Table De Salita Kokubunji, Sirena
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6. Sirena

2-13-9 Honcho, Kokubunji 185-0012 Tokyo Prefecture Italian +81 42-401-0755

Reviewed By Terra P

Wonderful experience the atmospherics good food is excellent and service is warm and one of the best italian restaurant

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5. Farm to Table De Salita Kokubunji

2-14-3 Honcho Royal Building 1F, Kokubunji 185-0012 Tokyo Prefecture Italian Lunch Reservations +81 42-312-0444 http://royal-dining.com/portfolio/37252
Farm to Table De Salita Kokubunji

Reviewed By Tatami53

This is an Italian restaurant that is within walking distance from Kokubunji station. The menu had a decent variety of appetizers, salads, pastas and pizzas. All of them were good, although nothing was outstanding. The prices were acceptable -- not too high. The atmosphere is just a step above a family restaurant. Don't expect nice lighting and "atmosphere" -- there isn't any. The biggest problem was with the "service." From the manager down to the "junior waitress," I was not impressed. The manager saw us standing outside the restaurant, waiting in the al fresco dining area. We were in fact waiting for one more member of our party, but he didn't know that. So, he looked at us, never said anything and never offered any help. In other words: We were potential customers, but he decided to ignore us. Once were were seated, I saw the "junior waitress" pour herself a glass of water and drink it while the four of us (whom she seated) sat and watched her while she remained oblivious to us. I saw the manager blow his nose into a tissue, and then TOSS the tissue into some trash receptacle behind the mini-bar where the bartender (who had a foul look on his face the whole night) was mixing drinks. The "junior waitress" had to be guided through every single action she took. We realized she could not process two things at the same time, so we patiently waited for her to finish one task so we could ask her to start another. In a restaurant, you have to be fast on your feet. She was not fast or bright. She did not seem all there. When we asked for our bill, the manager said "Hai" (yes) and then immediately went and starting toying with some seating chart. We watched him. My husband finally had to say, "Uh... the bill?" (in Japanese -- and he's Japanese)... and the manager said (in Japanese), "Oh, I forgot it." Nobody "forgets" the bill in a restaurant in Japan; it just doesn't happen. So: food was good, yes. Atmosphere: too bright, too noisy. Loud children with parents who did not supervise them and harried staff who could not seem to understand their jobs. I won't return.

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4. Buon giorno

Honcho, Kokubunji 185-0012 Tokyo Prefecture Italian Lunch, Dinner +81 42-325-7782
Buon giorno

Reviewed By buurinn


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3. Manarikko

1-38-28 Hikaricho, Kokubunji 185-0034 Tokyo Prefecture Italian +81 42-573-0160

Reviewed By Mitch2001


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2. Trattoria Carrera

Minamicho, Kokubunji 185-0021 Tokyo Prefecture Italian Dinner +81 42-325-3348
Trattoria Carrera

Reviewed By anesa09

This trattoria is about 6 to 7 minutes walk from Kokubunji station, and it’s entrance is quite unassuming, but I think this is the best Italian restaurant in Kokubunji. I’ve eaten lunch and dinner there. The menu is extensive (but most of the stuff is on the blackboard in Japanese) and the portions generous. The vegetables are also very nice as I believe most are locally sourced. The lasagna using homemade pasta is to die for but so are the appetisers of sardines, terrines, veggies. The desserts are on display and they have many cakes to choose from. It’s always very difficult to make up my mind. Lunch consists of a salad, main dish and a dessert (you cannot choose if you eat the lunch set menu but if there are several people in the group they usually give several types of cakes) and coffee/tea for 1,500 to 1,600 yen (plus tax). Our dinners (two antipasti, one pasta, one main, two desserts and house wine) will be approx. 10,000 to 12,000 yen for two. Highly recommended. They’re currently closed for dinner on certain days during the week so I’d recommend to call ahead.

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1. Sirena

1-6-6 Honda, Kokubunji 185-0011 Tokyo Prefecture Italian +81 42-401-0737 https://www.facebook.com/Sirena.Kokubunji

Reviewed By japonka33

I went there for lunch and as a big fan of Italian cuisine, I have to admit that the food was truly delicious! The chef is incredibly nice and he speaks English.

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