Where to eat Indian food in Toyota: The Best Restaurants and Bars

December 15, 2019 Lean Nau

Find out what Indian restaurants to try in Toyota. Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.
Things to do in Toyota

1. Shubhakamana Toyota

1-57-1 Wakamiyacho T-Face B Hall 9F, Toyota 471-0026 Aichi Prefecture Indian Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Credit Cards +81 565-35-2166 http://shubhakamana.jp
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Shubhakamana Toyota

Reviewed By sugarmountain2016

It's lacated at 9th floor of t-Face building near Toyota station. You can eat traditioanl Indian curry and very heavy meal if you order some dinner set. Actually we couldn't eat all. And you can select your favorite hotness. The restaurant is big, but there are not enough clerks for capacity. Correspondence is sometimes slow for a Japanese restaurant.

Best Japanese food near Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

2. Naan House

6-121-3 Hoeicho, Toyota Aichi Prefecture Indian +81 565-26-8105 http://www.nanhouse.net/shop.html
Naan House

Reviewed By taopix

Great tasting cheese nan is what this place is. That sweet flavor will haunt you from time to time and it will make you crave for it. All staff are of Indian descent and the all time playing bollywood music was like extra icing of a good cake.

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3. Indian Restaurant Nanhausu Misato

5-3-7 Misato, Toyota 471-0805 Aichi Prefecture Indian Lunch, Dinner +81 565-89-5204 http://www.nanhouse.net/shop.html
Indian Restaurant Nanhausu Misato

Reviewed By nikudango

平日ランチで入店。場所は美里中学校のほぼ前(西)で駐車場も多くアクセスが楽。ランチタイムにはバイキングが行われており、ナン4種、カレー4種、チキンテッカ、サラダ、ジュースバーが食べ放題だった。ナンはプレーンナンを食べたが、ややモチモチ系で美味しかった。個人的にはもっと薄くしてカリカリに焼いてくれると良かった。 カレーはポークマサラがとても美味しかった。他のカレーでゆで卵ミックスやかぼちゃ、キーマはスープカレーっぽくてあまり好みではない。 ライスもあったが、どのカレーともちょっと合わないかな? チキンテッカみたいな切り身はとても美味しくスパイスが強すぎないので病みつきになった。店内は全席禁煙がうれしい。支払いは現金のみ。

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