Where to eat Barbecue food in Rokunohe-machi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

November 26, 2020 Giuseppe Pratt

Discover Restaurants offering the best Barbecue food in Rokunohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan including Yakiniku Reimen Hibiki, Barayaki Taishu Shokudo Tsukasa, Ramzen, Kiminoya Shokudo, Sumibi Yakiniku Aburi-An
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1. Yakiniku Reimen Hibiki

40-844 Sanbonginozaki, Towada Aomori Prefecture Barbecue +81 176-20-1231
Yakiniku Reimen Hibiki

Reviewed By Trail810815


Best Japanese food near Rokunohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

2. Barayaki Taishu Shokudo Tsukasa

15-41 Inaoicho, Towada 034-0011 Aomori Prefecture Barbecue Lunch, Dinner +81 80-6059-8015 http://tukasatowada.wix.com/barayaki
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4 based on 46 reviews

Barayaki Taishu Shokudo Tsukasa

Reviewed By 965douglasl

This is an amazing restaurant with unbelievable CP value, if you are a back packer, MUST come. Well CP value high not means bad taste, simple meat comply with onion make this simple dish become high class Pork Don flavor!

Most Popular Asian food in Rokunohe-machi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

3. Ramzen

147-2 Osaka Nagakogi, Towada 034-0041 Aomori Prefecture Barbecue +81 176-24-9607

Reviewed By toruoyagi


4. Kiminoya Shokudo

3-3-19 Chuomachi, Misawa 033-0001 Aomori Prefecture Barbecue Lunch, Dinner +81 176-53-2812
Kiminoya Shokudo

Reviewed By 199charlieb

We picked this restaurant out of the blue. I had been to a couple of Going aways there and it was fine, but never a smaller setting. It was actually quite nice. The food was delicious and the service was prompt. Staff was very friendly even though they were quite busy. My friends had a great time.

5. Sumibi Yakiniku Aburi-An

30 Road, 4-11-17 Chuocho 30 Road, Misawa 033-0001 Aomori Prefecture Barbecue +81 176-53-1155

Reviewed By m0565KG



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