Where to eat Asian food in Tainai: The Best Restaurants and Bars

February 10, 2021 Flossie Demartino

Discover Restaurants offering the best Asian food in Tainai, Niigata Prefecture, Japan including Seimen'Ya Dining Room Tainaiten, Echigo Hizomen Mujinzo Nakajoya, Fukuchi

1. Seimen'Ya Dining Room Tainaiten

2993-1 Nakajo, Tainai 959-2629 Niigata Prefecture Japanese, Asian +81 254-28-8377
Seimen'Ya Dining Room Tainaiten

Reviewed By aaidas

塩ラーメ& 半タレかつを頼みますました。とってもボリュームがありまし、ジューシーでした。昭和ちっくな雰囲気を感じました。

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2. Echigo Hizomen Mujinzo Nakajoya

3120-1 Okawacho, Tainai Niigata Prefecture Asian +81 254-44-8636 http://www.kitakata.co.jp/mujin
Echigo Hizomen Mujinzo Nakajoya

Reviewed By jbbmiramar

Finally a ramen where the noodles are something special, too. Many shops spend a lot of effort on making their soup "just so", but often the noodles are the same as every other place, ordinary. Mujinzo's noodles (in your preference of thick or thin), are really great. This is a small-chain store, so look for one near you. The gyoza are also worth trying in either type – meat or veggie.

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3. Fukuchi

2339 Takabatake, Tainai Niigata Prefecture Asian +81 254-45-3228

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