Top 4 Cafe food in Ogasawara-mura, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

February 9, 2021 Janean Rudisill

Find out what Cafe restaurants to try in Ogasawara-mura including Heart Rock Cafe, Tomaton, Mori No Cafe, Cafe Hale
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1. Heart Rock Cafe

Chichijima Ogasawara Eco Tourism Resort, Ogasawara-mura 100-2101 Tokyo Prefecture Cafe Lunch, Brunch, Dinner +81 4998-2-3317
Overall Ratings

4 based on 53 reviews

Heart Rock Cafe

Reviewed By DavrosWills

Heart Rock Cafe is built among st the tangled buttressed roots of a large fig tree offering ample shade on those hot sweaty days. it serves basic cafe style food with burgers fries and some local dishes as well as cold beer, soft drinks and coffee/tea with friendly staff.

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2. Tomaton

Chichijima Nishimachi, Ogasawara-mura 100-2101 Tokyo Prefecture Cafe +81 4998-2-7790

Reviewed By ferretMAMA

We bought cakes that used Ogasawara Rum and Island Lemon Peel,Ice creams, Seasoning for Rice Soup(ochazuke no moto),macrobiotics cookies,etc.The cakes were not quite. Island lemons are underutilized.Just a little bit more!Though Ice creams were so much chilled and hard,Rum raisin taste was so good.There are small table and chairs to eat.

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3. Mori No Cafe

9-1 Chichijima Futago, Ogasawara-mura Tokyo Prefecture Cafe +81 4998-2-2866
Mori No Cafe

Reviewed By LizN28


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4. Cafe Hale

Chichijima, Ogasawara-mura 100-2101 Tokyo Prefecture Cafe +81 4998-2-2373
Cafe Hale

Reviewed By D6376UY_

日本語/English ランチ営業しているお店がよくわからずで、明らかに営業しているこのお店に入りました。ちなみにHaleはハワイ語で「家」。海鮮丼はマグロ、サワラ、確かソデイカでボリュームもまぁまぁ。お値段は1000円。思わずビールも注文。Lを頼んだけど、サイズは本土ではいわゆる「中」でこちらは確か700円+αでちょっと高い。全体的に味は良いのだけど、お店の女性の私語が多くて星一個マイナスだけど、前に来た時はそんなコトなかったんだけどなぁ。In Omura area, Ogasawara, I was not sure which restaurant is opened or closed so I choose this shop. Probably my visit time period was rather low season so some restaurants were off. The shop name “Hale” stands for “house” in Hawaiian language.I choose Kaisen-don ( sea material rice bowl) and it has tuna, Spanish mackerel and ink fish. Very nice and reasonable price, ¥1,000. I also ordered beer. The price was higher than I expected...In principal, quality is high but the staff like to talk to staff. Not quiet although my first visit to the shop was quiet and so comfortable.

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