Top 10 Japanese food in Tosa, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

September 28, 2020 Esmeralda Fenner

Find out what Japanese restaurants to try in Tosa including Usamonya, Kuroshio Udon, Kappo Gyokuhai, Minkaoniwa, Gashiratei, Stop, Yakiniku Saikan Daigoro, Kappo Matsuo, Kappo Nakauchi, Takami No Takoyaki Takaoka
Things to do in Tosa

10. Takami No Takoyaki Takaoka

2003-2 Takaokacho Ko, Tosa 781-1101 Kochi Prefecture Japanese +81 88-852-3430

Reviewed By _S5404KX


9. Kappo Nakauchi

2141-1 USA, Usacho, Tosa 781-1161 Kochi Prefecture Japanese, Kappo +81 88-856-3772

Reviewed By Adventure806020


8. Kappo Matsuo

2080 Ko Takaokacho, Tosa Kochi Prefecture Japanese, Kappo +81 88-852-1158

Reviewed By Fearless805364


7. Yakiniku Saikan Daigoro

3477-3 Yakaokachootsu, Tosa Kochi Prefecture Japanese +81 88-852-4924
Yakiniku Saikan Daigoro

Reviewed By Pokopenkun


6. Stop

2024-1 Hasuike, Tosa 781-1105 Kochi Prefecture Japanese +81 88-852-0692

Reviewed By Passport816563


5. Gashiratei

2010 Takaokacho Ko, Tosa 781-1101 Kochi Prefecture Japanese +81 88-852-1221

Reviewed By geegeegee


4. Minkaoniwa

1054-1 Shinkyo, Tosa 781-1154 Kochi Prefecture Japanese on[email protected] +81 88-856-1530

Reviewed By Pokopenkun


3. Kappo Gyokuhai

38 Otsu Takaokacho, Tosa 781-1102 Kochi Prefecture Japanese, Kappo +81 88-852-0330
Kappo Gyokuhai

Reviewed By JAYDenver

Went there for a second time with my relatives! Food, Service, Atmosphere was all excellent. It is a little bit outside of Kochi, but well worth going to. We had a feast!!!

2. Kuroshio Udon

237-1 Ko Takaokacho, Tosa 781-1101 Kochi Prefecture Japanese +81 88-852-3729
Kuroshio Udon

Reviewed By cpetersky

It was a day where we were walking the henro trail in a continual downpour. From Tanemaji on, I had ceased to try to stay dry. With every step, rainwater seeped out of the eyelights of my boots. We were ravenously hungry, and after crossing the Niyodo River, we just stayed on Route 56, looking for food. Kuroshioudon appeared. We stepped in the steamy roadhouse. It was filled with truck drivers and other working men — we were the only women. It was self-serve – they handed you a bowl with broth and noodles, and you chose the toppings off of a rack, then paid the cashier. This worked really well for us, as it took very little language skills. I got mixed vegetables, dominated by squash, and a piece of chicken in mine. We parked ourselves at one of the counters, rainwater streaming off of us, and slurped down the hot soup and noodles. It took a heroic effort of will to leave the noodle shop, and return to the slop outside. But we did.

1. Usamonya

1757 Usacho USA, Tosa 781-1161 Kochi Prefecture Japanese, Seafood Lunch, Dinner +81 88-856-0019

Reviewed By piperodowd

Having never had sardines before, and only ever having heard bad things about them, I went to this restaurant hoping to change my mind. And boy did I change my mind. I had the lunch set which had sardines served almost every way imaginable, and it was delicious. My favourite was the sardine sashimi, but the sardine donburi was a close second. The owners were very friendly and helpful, and not to mention very patient with me with my limited japanese.Would highly recommend.

Kochi Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 6 Seafood food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Tosa

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