Top 10 Japanese food in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

September 3, 2019 Leida Jutras

Reviews on Japanese food in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Ichihara is a city located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As of December 2015, the city has an estimated population of 275,776, and a population density of 749 persons per km². The total area is 368.20 square kilometres.
Things to do in Ichihara

10. Ikumi

180-16 Takataki, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese +81 436-98-0888

Reviewed By Mitch2001


9. Ichihara Edogin

1-12-9 Goi Nishi, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 436-24-8884

Reviewed By bandit0712

店名から察するに築地の江戸銀で修行されたのでしょうか、 最寄り駅からはちょっと距離がある住宅街にあります。あまり目立たない外観のお店、それでも平日のお昼時にも拘わらず多くのお客様で賑わっていました。ランチの握りは11貫で¥1,080 お椀付き 税込~と、とてもリーズナブル。カウンターに座ればテンポ良く握って頂けます。小振りなシャリに一手間掛かったネタ、修行先譲りの大きな玉が特徴です。正直なところ、市原のこんな場所でこんなレベルのお寿司が頂けるとはびっくり! おいしかった ごちそうさまです

8. Mojoi Yugen Gaisha Yawatajukueki Nishiguchi

808 Yahata, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese Dinner +81 436-63-7341
Mojoi Yugen Gaisha Yawatajukueki Nishiguchi

Reviewed By Sekai5353


7. Miyazakiken Nichinanshi Jittoko Kumiai Goi Ekimae

1-14-19 Goi Chuo Nishi Tanegen Bldg. 1F, Ichihara 290-0081 Chiba Prefecture Japanese Dinner Reservations, Accepts Credit Cards +81 50-5786-3095
Miyazakiken Nichinanshi Jittoko Kumiai Goi Ekimae

Reviewed By 8131tida


6. Isoya

2-22-25 Kimizuka, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese +81 436-22-9281

Reviewed By FarAway804219


5. Coco's Japan

2485-1 Goi, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch, Dinner Family style +81 436-20-1310
Coco's Japan

Reviewed By Mr_Ludiga

The food is absolutely fine... it is Not pricy, not over- or undercooked. Not great, but fine. It is no Michelin***-Restaurant, but nobody expects it to be.The staff is Very Very friendly and squirling around like crazy. I have never Seen something like this!I liked it.

4. Kamaya

906-6-169 Kita, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese +81 436-74-5415

Reviewed By cocoriking


3. Hama Sushi Ichiharagoi

2450 Goi, Ichihara 290-0056 Chiba Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 436-20-6301
Overall Ratings

3 based on 23 reviews

Hama Sushi Ichiharagoi



2. Fusa No Eki Shokudo

2-232-1 Itohisa, Ichihara Chiba Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch +81 436-36-0811
Overall Ratings

4 based on 13 reviews

Fusa No Eki Shokudo

Reviewed By tomizuta1953

We visited the Fusa no Eki (they have a number of shops selling local produce in Chiba Prefecture) in Ichihara to buy some local produce and have lunch on our way back from southern Bousou Peninsular. There was a queue outside so we thought the restaurant must be very busy, but upon entering we noticed that there were quite a few vacant seats. It appeared that the two waitresses were struggling to serve the guests and had not enough time to set the tables. When we were eventually shown to a table, the tea pot on the table was empty. The waitress obviously had noticed this so we waited for her to come back with a fresh pot. It wasn't until other guests requested fresh pots and we reminded her that we finally got our tea, which I must say is below Japanese standards. Their menu however was fairly extensive with a focus on local food. I ordered their sashimi and grilled fish set menu priced at 1,280 yen, and my wife ordered the squid tempura on a bed of rice (gatendon) at 880 yen. The food was served with only a reasonable wait, and was good, especially the sashimi. Our total bill including tax was 2,494 yen. A convenient place to have lunch (the restaurant is open only for lunch) if you don't mind the wait and do not expect too much service.

Where to Eat in Ichihara: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Yawataya

1307-20 Uruido, Ichihara 290-0171 Chiba Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 436-74-0007
Overall Ratings

4 based on 37 reviews


Reviewed By KMMK27


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