Top 10 Japanese food in Date, Hokkaido, Japan

April 11, 2021 Ying Subia

Discover Restaurants offering the best Japanese food in Date, Hokkaido, Japan including Kinoko Okoku Otakihonten, Date Okina, Sushi-Go-Round (Kaitensushi) Kappo Date Wasabi, Sobajun Date Main shop, Kinoko Okoku Kitayuzawa Restaurant Corner, Usuzan Service Area Outbound Snack Corner, Bunshichi, Saku Saku Tonkatsu Katsukichi, Choice, Date, Taishu Sakaba Ikiya

10. Taishu Sakaba Ikiya

100 Nishikicho 106, Date 052-0026 Hokkaido Japanese +81 142-23-3001

Reviewed By hide04


9. Choice, Date

30-1 Motomachi, Date 052-0023 Hokkaido Sushi, Japanese, Seafood +81 142-22-4111
Choice, Date

Reviewed By aVilhoa

This is a rotating sushi chain restaurant that serves excellent fresh sushi, sashimi and other items like fried chicken. It has a kids menu and the pricing structure is simple (different colours = different prices)While the menu is only in Japanese, the name of the sushi is written in roman alphabet, so it's easy enough to identify what you'd like to eat. While there is food rotating, we ordered most of ours from the menu and it was prepared so quickly!Also available as take-out.Menu has a wide variety of fish, ice cream, cooked fast food (chips, fried chicken, etc) and we left happy with the quality and service. Will return!!

8. Saku Saku Tonkatsu Katsukichi

240 Rogetsucho, Date 052-0013 Hokkaido Japanese +81 142-21-3113
Saku Saku Tonkatsu Katsukichi

Reviewed By AlexHMcD

Very good meal here. Crispy fresh tonkatsu (had the regular and the hire-katsu). Staff couldn’t have been more friendly.

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7. Bunshichi

3 Ajirocho, Date 052-0025 Hokkaido Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 142-23-1775

Reviewed By 2088yech


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6. Usuzan Service Area Outbound Snack Corner

21-67 Horobinaicho, Date 052-0003 Hokkaido Japanese, International +81 142-25-1938
Overall Ratings

4 based on 13 reviews

Usuzan Service Area Outbound Snack Corner

Reviewed By CHLEE1983

We were driving on Hokkaido Expressway towards Toya and stopped by Usuzan for a pee break! The rest stop has visitors in mind when they designed this place with a look out point. As usual, the restroom was spotless and a small shop serving hot drinks and food. What surprised me was a park dedicated if you're bringing along your dog for holiday

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5. Kinoko Okoku Kitayuzawa Restaurant Corner

16-2 Yutokucho, Otaki-Ku, Date 052-0317 Hokkaido Japanese, International +81 142-68-6136
Overall Ratings

4 based on 11 reviews

Kinoko Okoku Kitayuzawa Restaurant Corner

Reviewed By v35p_together


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4. Sobajun Date Main shop

23-3 Asahimachi, Date Hokkaido Japanese Lunch +81 142-23-2263
Overall Ratings

4 based on 18 reviews

Sobajun Date Main shop

Reviewed By Sightsee803531


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3. Sushi-Go-Round (Kaitensushi) Kappo Date Wasabi

30-1, Matsugaecho, Date Hokkaido Japanese, Sushi, Kappo Lunch +81 142-25-0101
Overall Ratings

4 based on 27 reviews

Sushi-Go-Round (Kaitensushi) Kappo Date Wasabi

Reviewed By Josh K

Good quality, efficient service.Aburi (seared) salmon tasted of the propane torch they used to toast it.Odd recommendation: the belgian fried potatoes!Scallop nigiri was great.Amai Ebi (sweet, raw shrimp) was very good.Zuwaigani (crab) was very good.

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2. Date Okina

239-3 Rogetsucho, Date 052-0013 Hokkaido Japanese, Asian Lunch Reservations, Parking Available +81 142-21-2311
Overall Ratings

4 based on 24 reviews

Date Okina

Reviewed By Bingercat

It's our second visit to this one-star Michelin restaurant which serves up really good soba noodles.Hand made on the spot upon receiving our orders, the soba noodles tasted so fresh and succulent even on its own. Both hot and cold noodles are great, though they are known for their cold noodles.The set comes with home made tofu which is so smooth and soft, grilled miso with buckwheat seeds on a wooden spoon (heavenly), miso soup and potato starch slices. The freshly fried assorted tempura is a must-try, as with their duck slices. Worth the visit!

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1. Kinoko Okoku Otakihonten

637-1 Sangaitakicho Otaki-ku, Date 052-0303 Hokkaido Japanese Lunch Takeout +81 142-68-6270
Overall Ratings

4 based on 124 reviews

Kinoko Okoku Otakihonten

Reviewed By Treckerr

We stumbled across this place and stopped in for lunch. Don't be intimidated by the hustle and bustle inside. Take your time to look at all the different food choices available. We had a combination of meat skewers, rice and local mushroom soup and it was all good. Not all choices are sold still hot but there are a couple of microwaves that you may use to heat up your food if needed. There is an adjacent grocery type store too where you can buy everything from fruit, snacks and pop to huge bags of locally picked mushrooms.

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