Nagano Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 5 International food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Azumino

January 12, 2020 Major Galusha

Find out what International restaurants to try in Azumino including Hisanari Shokudo, Susado Shokudo, Oshokujidokoro Misato, Royal Host Azumino Inter, Koshibaya
Things to do in Azumino

1. Hisanari Shokudo

4390-5 Horiganekarasugawa, Azumino Nagano Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch, Dinner +81 263-50-6008
Hisanari Shokudo

Reviewed By wanakaramea

Visited many times to have mostly Ramen which is named "Toto Ramen", the soup made by fish. Pretty simple but great tastes. Other meals curry, fried pork, rice omelet also nice. The best recommended in this area.

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2. Susado Shokudo

40-6 Horigane Karasugawa, Azumino Nagano Prefecture Japanese, International +81 263-73-2287
Susado Shokudo

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3. Oshokujidokoro Misato

5059-15 Horigane Karasugawa, Azumino 399-8211 Nagano Prefecture International Lunch, Dinner +81 263-72-6952
Oshokujidokoro Misato

Reviewed By ara2106chan


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4. Royal Host Azumino Inter

1102-2 Toyoshina Minamihotaka, Azumino 399-8201 Nagano Prefecture International Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Family style, Non-smoking restaurants +81 263-72-9012
Royal Host Azumino Inter

Reviewed By 671alexj

I felt like some Western food today and having read the extensive menu of mainly Western food I settled on a clubhouse sandwich and fries.As sandwiches go it was ok, the bread was toasted and quite dry but I finished my sandwich and fries. This is a good place to come for that Western fix after eating Japanese constantly. They have soups and salads and Hamburg steaks the kind you eat with a fork and knife, I swear I will never understand why they don't offer Hamburgers as they already have the meat, but rest assured there is a Macdonald's right next door if you feel so inclined.

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5. Koshibaya

4911 Toyoshina, Azumino Nagano Prefecture International, Kappo Lunch, Dinner +81 263-72-2201

Reviewed By kikuc007

豊科駅近くなので電車の待ち時間に また小腹がすいた人にはもってこい。信州サーモンが新鮮で最高でした。定食だと食べすぎて駅弁がたれべれなくなりますよ

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