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October 3, 2019 Roseanne Arnett

Reviews on Japanese food in Sumy, Sumy Oblast, Ukraine. Sumy (Ukrainian: Суми [ˈsumɪ], Russian: Сумы) is a city in north-eastern Ukraine, and the capital of Sumy Oblast (region). Sumy also serves as the administrative center of Sumy Raion of Sumy oblast. Sumy is administratively incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. Population: 267,633 (2015 est.)
Things to do in Sumy

1. Simbiosi&Yappi

Kharkovskaya St. 5, Sumy 40024 Ukraine Italian, Japanese, Pizza, Sushi Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Private Dining, Seating, Parking Available, Television, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Wine and Beer, Digital Paymen [email protected] +380 99 730 7605
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Family restaurant-pizzeria "Simbiosi" is located on the street. Kharkov in the heart of Sumy. Has a cozy interior mixed with the constructivism of Hi-tech, all this is complemented by fresh flowers. The brightest and creative waiters give to understand an

Reviewed By RichardThomas2001

Aspects I appreciate about Simbiosi:(1) Large pizzas are actually large.(2) Good quality ingredients in the pizzas(3) Pizzas are tasty and exhibit consistency without depending on who is the particular pizza chef on duty (4) Additions/Subtractions to the ingredients in a designated pizza are acceptedwithout protest.Did you notice that I only discussed the pizza at Simbiosi? There is a reason for that. Other items disappoint including pastas. Sorry but the pastas are terrible. (Even more expensive places in Sumy, unfortunately, cannot do good pastas - for example. Zdybanka) but it is not possible to make a good pasta at very low prices as that is indicative of lack of quality. No one I have invited to Simbiosi has liked the pastas. I am also reticent about the soups. A daughter of a friend of mine ordered creme soup of mushroom, which I joked looked like a plate of vomit. She ate it but did not like it particularly.For desserts, I like the sorbet and I have tried all the flavors except pineapple. The most delicious is cherry.It is worth noting that Simbiosi the pizzeria and Yappi the sushi bar have merged and accordingly you can order anything on the Yappi menu in Simbiosi and vice versa. I have previously reviewed Yappi but, unfortunately, what can I say? Have you seen the film, a comedy, from long ago "Honey, I shrunk the kids"? Yappi has shrunk the nigiri sushi cutting out my favorite морской окунь (grouper or perch) and, worse, cutting down on the size of each portion; in actuality, they are serving half-nigiri-sushi pieces. So nominally you are paying 35HRN for a sushi piece (unsmoked salmon) but in fact it is a half piece so that in real economic terms a whole standard piece would notionally be 70HRN. I found this out and resorted to buying red caviar across the street in Silpo Manufaktura and used the caviar as "sauce" for the undersized sushi. Unfortunately, the variety of nigiri sushi is abysmal. If you like rolls, on the contrary, at least there is variety.One surprise is that I really like the udon noodles (which I ordered with pork) but the soup fo is awful. (It does not taste anything like the soup I ate in a veritable, dedicated Vietnamese restaurant in Minsk.)I sampled as well an item from main courses ОСНОВНІ СТРАВИ called Pork (свинина) di Mayale ku Losso, which turned out to be a pork chopped grilled to perfection but so small I would need to order several not to die of hunger! In addition, they have added what appears to be a steak menu. Unfortunately, I did not order a steak but I peered over to the next table and the steak looked quite appetizing.The bartender Vitya makes reasonably good cocktails.Wait-staff is pleasant and friendly in this casual dining venue.I have patronized Simbiosi several times and will patronize again -- for pizza!! Great for groups and kids. However, I do not regard this venue as a good place for Italian cuisine other than pizza. If Italian cuisine is what you are after, you are best to look elsewhere.

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2. Yapi Sushi&Myaso

Kharkovskaya St., 5, Sumy 40000 Ukraine Japanese, Asian, Vietnamese, Australian, Central Asian, Sushi Reservations, Table Service, Seating +380 66 199 2925
Yapi Sushi&Myaso

Sushi,Vietnamese soup,Pho, Adoni Food on the tepan,a lot of stock Home delivery !

Reviewed By RichardThomas2001

I have been several times to Yapi. Clearly, this is the best sushi venue in Sumy but also the most expensive. However, the extra money is worth it. I recommend the sushi. I particularly favor ordinary salmon (not smoked) and grouper (morskoy okun' in Russian, namera in Japanese). Even in Kiev I cannot often find grouper, which is one of my favorites. I also like eel; however, the last time around at Yapi, the sauce on the eel was too sweet for my taste. At 55 grn per piece, I expected better but cannot really complain too much, Previously I had ordered eel sashimi and the sauce had been just right. Ordered previously cooked dishes (e.g. teriyaki, soup fo) but was not impressed. Strangely, no tempura. I bought half a kilo of caviar at Silpo supermarket across the street in Manufaktura mall and fortified the sushi with it. For an order of sushi on the magnitude of 45 pieces, expect to wait almost one hour even if the restaurant is nearly empty. Place is often dead and devoid of customers. There is a discount of 25% when four or more friends eat together (on Tuesday evenings only). Ambiance is not Japanese but more like upscale McDonalds seating and no different from the adjoining pizzeria Simbiosi in atmosphere. (In fact, I would rate the atmosphere in Simbiosi higher.) Plan on paying about 1000grn (at thencurrent exchange rate of 27.5 grn to the dollar) per adult excluding alcohol and tip. Neither Japanese beer nor plum wine are available. I am more impressed with the sushi here than in Murakami or in Sushiya in Kiev,

Best Eastern European food near Sumy, Sumy Oblast, Ukraine

3. Shifu

Kharkovskaya St., 4, Sumy 40007 Ukraine Japanese, Sushi, Healthy, Soups, Chinese Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Delivery, Takeout, Accepts Credit Cards [email protected] +380 50 410 8899

Reviewed By RichardThomas2001

An unusual example of an outlet that has improved in terms of taste of food and the variety of items on offer since opening a few months back. Sushi is tastier and the pieces are larger at a price significantly cheaper than at Yappi. In addition, Shifu has added three types of nigiri sushi: tuna, salmon and eel. (So far no sashimi.) I have tried the salmon and eel sushi and found them to be tasty and of good quality. In addition, Shifu has pizza on offer. The pizza is excellent but it is advisable to pay for extra cheese. Shifu takes orders till 1030pm and has a delivery service but I recommend, especially for pizza, to visit Shifu and do take away, especially for pizza, as sometimes the orders get confused e.g. bacon instead of ham, without olives but get with olives, etc. Also Shifu has burgers but neither of beef nor of pork.are on offer. A few hours ago I did order a chicken burger but I have not consumed it; rather, it is sitting in my frig. Note, however, that, in this venue, there are no tables and there is accordingly no possibility to dine in

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