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April 23, 2020 Timmy Ribble

Discover Restaurants offering the best Japanese food in Odate, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Ōdate (大館市, Ōdate-shi) is a city in Akita Prefecture, Japan. As of February 2015, the city has an estimated population of 74,862, and a population density of 82 persons per km². The total area is 913.22 square kilometres (352.60 sq mi).
Things to do in Odate

10. Yakiniku Nandaimonodate

2-1-33 Nakamichi, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 186-44-5529
Yakiniku Nandaimonodate

Reviewed By MunichEricJ

When you read their website, you have to think that they paid their ad agency too much to come up with all the superlatives, especially concerning the secret apple- based marinade.Now, having eaten there, I think that the superlatives must have come straight from customers. It was amazingly good, and cheap, too, now wonder it is so popular. This was even better than Kalbi I have had at 5x the price. Oh, was it tasty. The Kalbi set meal looked to be a good deal, so I ordered it, and curious about the difference between the standard Kalbi and the superior grade, I ordered a dish of the superior, too. The set meal comes with rice, miso soup, shredded lettuce – cabbage salad, marinated sprouts and some pickled lettuce, onion and ginger.The verdict on standard vs. superior? Standard wins, IMHO. The superior was cut thinner and had more fat, so it flamed up more easily, which does not do good things to the taste of the marinade. The standard Kalbi, at half the price, is thicker, meaning better control of doneness, and less flame to contend with. The taste and tender texture were great for both, but again I thought the standard Kalbi was better.They also have Kalbi Ramen and a variety of other dishes.I got there a bit before 6pm, which is early for Japan but not for this place. It was full and about 20 people / 7 tables waiting in front of me. But it only took about 20 minutes waiting. It was mostly couples and families, with a couple of tables of friends.The service was fast and good. If you like Yakiniku, this is a must- try.

9. Kihachi Rakuhachi Main Store

2-68 Nakamichi, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese +81 186-43-5999
Kihachi Rakuhachi Main Store

Reviewed By MunichEricJ

After bicycling Akita – Odate, 103km in freezing rain with a strong headwind and 30kg of kit, I had visited the Onsen and was ready for something fast and filling. This Izakaya seemed to fit. To be honest, I was not expecting much out of the food, and it’s rather hard to mess up on beer here. Surprise – The starter of steamed prawn dumplings was excellent, and the strong mustard had that “clear your sinus” effect which actually went down well with the prawn dumplings. The dumplings were hot, juicy and tasted great.The main course, a Rosu Katsu (breaded, fried pork loin cutlet) set, was really good. I was not expecting such a good cutlet from any place other than an “Only Does Ton Katsu” place. The ton katsu sauce was very good – a nice balance of sweet and tangy, and with ground sesame seeds included. This dish also had the strong mustard on the side, and it went well together with the sauce. The shredded cabbage was pre- dressed with an Italian- like dressing and was crisp and good. The only weak spot in the whole meal was the Miso soup, which came to the table lukewarm – it had obviously been sitting for some time, and the taste was – meh.The service was very quick and efficient, they were buzzing around to keep up with all the guests and you could hear the “service, please” bells ringing all the time. They really hustled.The tables were low, with sunken pits for the legs. The tables were separated by barriers and hanging elements, so there was a lot of visual privacy – the sound was free to travel – and anyway, if you ever enter an Izakaya that’s quiet, leave immediately! The ambiance here was loud and lively, as befits an Izakaya. Waiting for my taxi at the end, I was accosted, in a friendly way, by a group of well- lubricated locals who were curious how a gaijin like me ended up in this town at the start of Golden Week. One guy literally lost his balance and fell down when I said I was bicycling the length of Japan. Or maybe it was just the beer? Anyway, it was a really good place, you won’t have a bad time here.

8. Ryotei Hokushu Club

15-6 Saiwaicho, Odate 017-0847 Akita Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 186-42-2033
Ryotei Hokushu Club

Reviewed By pushandsideattack


7. Mukashino Kiritampoya

75-5 Aza Odate, Odate 017-0896 Akita Prefecture Japanese +81 186-43-4040
Mukashino Kiritampoya

Reviewed By Happiness811307


6. Kappo Misawa

22 Shimmachi, Odate 017-0844 Akita Prefecture Japanese, Kappo Dinner Reservations, Accepts Credit Cards +81 186-42-7543
Kappo Misawa

Reviewed By Happiness811307

天然舞茸の天ぷら馬ヒレ肉のステーキ比内地鶏のモツ煮日本酒 福小町 & 赤ワインどれもほんとに、うめがったんしー!前回いただいた日本酒鹿鳴之宴は、大変高級だったことを今更ながら知りました。ユーザーネームが、知らないうちに変わっていました…

5. Takadaya Shokudo Main Store

1-7-30 Onaricho, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch, Dinner +81 186-42-0838
Takadaya Shokudo Main Store

Reviewed By hosakin


4. Yoki Na Kasan No Ie

97-1 Magata Aza Ienoushiro, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese +81 186-52-3800
Yoki Na Kasan No Ie

Reviewed By iamkozue

They sell freshly harvested local vegetables for cheap price. If you are like me who like to try new vegetables and picky about the quality, you'd probably like it there as well. Try to go there early before they sell out. The staff is friendly as well, and you can see they take pride in doing what they do. I like the fact that it's managed by local women, too.

3. Gansomurasaki

12-9 Saiwaicho, Odate Akita Prefecture Japanese Dinner +81 186-42-0741
Overall Ratings

4 based on 16 reviews


Reviewed By dodome48


2. Akita Hinaiya Odate Honten

21 Omachi, Odate 017-0841 Akita Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 186-49-7766
Overall Ratings

4 based on 56 reviews

Akita Hinaiya Odate Honten

Reviewed By Masaki13


8 Things to Do in Odate That You Shouldn't Miss

1. Hanazen

1-10-2 Onaricho, Odate 017-0044 Akita Prefecture Japanese Lunch +81 186-43-0870
Overall Ratings

4 based on 60 reviews


Reviewed By akitakko

This was literally the best bento we had on this Japan trip!! My son doesn’t care for rice, but he wanted more. Now writing this review, I have a sudden desire to eat this bento again!!

Top 10 restaurants in Odate, Japan

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