Most Popular Barbecue food in Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

December 12, 2019 Marianna Hollaway

Best Barbecue restaurants nearby. Discover the best Barbecue food in Settsu. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Barbecue restaurants near you. including Yakiniku (Grilled meat) Icchou Korien, Miito Hausu Nose, Daimi-En, Satsuma No Gyuta, Susume! Viking Moriguchi, Itadaki Neyagawa
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6. Itadaki Neyagawa

32-22 Ikeda Nakamachi, Neyagawa 572-0074 Osaka Prefecture Barbecue Dinner +81 72-839-8929
Itadaki Neyagawa

Reviewed By 101takumim


Best Fast Food food near Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

5. Susume! Viking Moriguchi

7-15-10 Satanaka-Machi, Moriguchi Osaka Prefecture Barbecue, Sushi, Japanese, Seafood, International Drinks, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Buffet, Seating, Parking Available, Validated Parking, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi [email protected] +81 6-6903-2947
Susume! Viking Moriguchi

Reviewed By saru222


Most Popular Seafood food in Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

4. Satsuma No Gyuta

4-3 Koroen, Settsu Osaka Prefecture Barbecue Dinner Reservations, Parking Available, Accepts Credit Cards +81 72-633-1091
Satsuma No Gyuta

Reviewed By drsOsaka_Japan

This place has a real local feel and isn't going to win any prizes for interior design, but if you want top quality yakiniku at very reasonable prices then this is the place. Granted, it's a bit of a walk from the station but every time we go here I'm firstly impressed by how good the cuts of meat are, and secondly by how reasonable the bill ends up being. There are of course cheaper places around (lots of "all-you-can-eat" yakiniku places popping up recently) but you kind of get what you pay for with these places. I've also been to some very high-level, expensive yakiniku places over the years and many of them aren't really that much better than Satsuma (except perhaps in presentation or interior of the restaurant itself) so...why pay all that extra money? A bit grungy, often filled with boisterous locals after work, awesome meat...what else could you want? Obviously this isn't the place you want to bring your new girlfriend for a romantic dinner...this is local, noisy food. Gotta love it.

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3. Daimi-En

1-27-5 Todacho, Moriguchi Osaka Prefecture Barbecue Lunch, Dinner +81 6-6903-1281

Reviewed By YCSTK


Best Japanese food near Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

2. Miito Hausu Nose

4-5 Inabacho, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture Barbecue Lunch, Dinner +81 72-638-5111
Miito Hausu Nose

Reviewed By みねじろう


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1. Yakiniku (Grilled meat) Icchou Korien

33-24 Koriminaminocho, Neyagawa Osaka Prefecture Barbecue Dinner +81 72-832-8929
Overall Ratings

4 based on 14 reviews

Yakiniku (Grilled meat) Icchou Korien

Reviewed By kingshahid

Our family dinner for three was quite tasty. It is an all you can eat place with dinner prices at about $40 USD per person. Although normal for Japanese I should warn you there is a sitting limit of 1hour and 30min and you will be expected to leave thereafter. In other words if you are a slow eater, talker, or trying to feed for a week you'll be stopped short. I found it strange being a foreigner of this "time policy" so just thought I should mention it. It's normal in Japan. Also most of them didn't speak English when I asked about how to get the tea bags so come prepared with your Japanese translation pocketbooks especially because there is no WiFi for Google translate. They also lacked an English menu. Everything is ordered from the ipad and they had my lean beef on the menu that I was very happy about. Our time here was great and we sat in a traditional modern Japanese booth where your feet go under the table. Don't forget to take your shoes off, I almost didn't!

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