Most Popular Barbecue food in Hino-cho, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

November 20, 2020 Venice Greaves

Reviews on Barbecue food in Hino-cho, Shiga Prefecture, Japan including Furusato, Karubi Taisho Koga Minakuchi, Yakiniku Shigotonin
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1. Furusato

3-14 Yasaka Mizuguchicho, Koka Shiga Prefecture Barbecue +81 748-63-1115

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2. Karubi Taisho Koga Minakuchi

450 Minakuchicho Kitawaki, Koka 528-0057 Shiga Prefecture Japanese, Barbecue +81 748-69-5058

Reviewed By CanuckJames

Spelling of this restaurant is incorrect. Should be Karubi not Calvi.This is an all you can eat Yakiniku restaurant. There are different grades of all you can eat and drink. We ordered the mid grade meal. We added an order of special black range beef which was good but perhaps not worth the extra cost considering that their regular offerings were pretty good.Like all you can eat buffet offerings, there are good and bad choices. The fully marinated flank stake was good. However the horomon was not great. They had all the regular all you can favorites, bacon wrapped mochi, corn in butter, garlic in oil etc.. The desserts were pretty lame. Just soft serve ice cream with a topping you choose but who goes to an BBQ buffet to have dessert?They have onsite parking. One note, there is a meridian so either access or egress is annoying. You can not turn right leaving the property. Somewhere, you need to do either an U-turn on a busy road or take a drive around a rural block.

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3. Yakiniku Shigotonin

1-50-1 Mizuguchichokitaizumi, Koka Shiga Prefecture Barbecue +81 748-63-8929
Yakiniku Shigotonin

Reviewed By sako2525


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