Most Popular Asian food in Chikushino, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

September 22, 2019 Randal Brittian

Find out what Asian restaurants to try in Chikushino. Chikushino is a city in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Bordering Dazaifu, Onojo, Nakagawa, Saga Prefecture, Ogori, Yasu, and Chikuho, Fukuoka, Chikushino is essentially a southern suburb of Fukuoka City. It was founded on April 1, 1972.
Things to do in Chikushino

1. Danbo Honten

2-8-5 Futsukaichichuo, Chikushino 818-0072 Fukuoka Prefecture Asian Lunch, Dinner +81 92-923-1888
Overall Ratings

4 based on 45 reviews

Danbo Honten

Reviewed By jeni_hk

After spending the late morning/early afternoon shopping at Tosu premium outlet, we were hungry but didn't want to have the average food court meal at an outlet. We had wanted to try Danbo Ramen, and decided to go for the 30-min drive to have Kyushu's top-ranked ramen. We arrived at the ramen shop at around 4pm, which explained why it was relatively empty. We looked through the menu, which had some basic English translations and pictures. As with most cases for ramen shops in Japan, you have to place your order using the "vending machine", then pass on the food order tickets to the staff. The staff then brought us pieces of order paper, to select how we like our noodles done, how strong we like our soup, amount of spring onion preferred, level of spiciness, etc., similar to Ichiran in that sense. The ramen was amazing - personally I preferred the broth at Danbo vs. Ichiran as I found it less salty but flavourful at the same time. The egg was cooked perfectly, and the pork was thinly sliced with a good balance between the fatty and lean pork. We also ordered the bite-sized gyoza (pan-friend dumplings) which were made with very thin dumpling wrap, and were very delicious! Danbo has branches in Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Kagoshima, Ōita, Miyazaki and Okinawa prefectures. Highly recommended to ramen lovers!

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2. Ramen Danbo, Saifu Ekimae

1-14-24 Saifu, Dazaifu 818-0117 Fukuoka Prefecture Japanese, Asian Lunch +81 92-923-1010
Overall Ratings

4 based on 68 reviews

Ramen Danbo, Saifu Ekimae

Reviewed By robbieontheroad

A very nice bar style ramen shop, with choice of spiceness.They serve kyushu style tonkotsu(pork) ramen.Ordering is via a machine (as usual) with no english menu, but with picrures + at the entrance there is an english explanation.As Dazaifu is popular, expact a queue, but it goes quite quick.

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3. Benitora gyouzabou Aeon Mall Chikushino

434-1 Ryumyoji, Chikushino Fukuoka Prefecture Asian Lunch, Dinner +81 92-401-1241
Overall Ratings

4 based on 12 reviews

Benitora gyouzabou Aeon Mall Chikushino

Reviewed By arakimi


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4. Hakata Sanki Chikushino

1-1-6 Tonoharunishi Tenpaizaka entrance, Chikushino 818-0073 Fukuoka Prefecture Japanese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Seating, Parking Available, Validated Parking, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Cash Only [email protected] +81 92-408-6766
Hakata Sanki Chikushino

Pork bone noodle soup (Tonkotsu Ramen) – Hakata Sanki The shops design looks like Yatai (food stall). Hakata Sanki’s noodles are made out of dedicated wheat, made in Fukuoka, called “Ra-mugi”. The noodles won’t stretch while boiling which provides you an

Reviewed By arattm


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5. Hanamaru Udon Yumetaunchikushino

3-3-1 Harisuri, Chikushino 818-0081 Fukuoka Prefecture Japanese, Asian +81 92-918-0870
Hanamaru Udon Yumetaunchikushino

Reviewed By iriishin


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