Mie Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 3 Bar food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Ise

October 5, 2019 Elouise Mccaul

Discover Restaurants offering the best Bar food in Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan including Iseman, Kawasaki 2chome Dining, Fruit Labo
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1. Iseman

77-2 Ujinakanokiricho, Ise 516-0025 Mie Prefecture Bar, Pub Lunch, Dinner, Drinks +81 70-2650-5127 http://www.iseman.co.jp/index.html
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4 based on 41 reviews


Reviewed By k_matsu132

 伊勢萬は、伊勢のおはらい町にある伊勢の地酒がある酒屋です。「しぼりたて生原酒」などをいただくことができますが、この日はハンドルキーパーだったので飲まずに、「おかげさま」という日本酒を購入しました。 後日、自宅に帰ってから、伊勢の思い出を肴にいただきました。なかなかおいしい、純米吟醸でした。

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2. Kawasaki 2chome Dining

2-7-14 Kawasaki, Ise Mie Prefecture Bar Lunch, Dinner +81 596-26-2239
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4 based on 12 reviews

Kawasaki 2chome Dining

Reviewed By TheTraveller1776

We stayed in Ise (famous for Shinto Shrines) and had an excellent meal at this bar / restaurant. I'm from Europe and have never really been happy with the "European" style foods in Japan - they either don't use important herbs or miss out on the correct ingredients to go with the main part of the dish.I finally found amazing euro food at this place!We had;1. Oven baked camembert, with their own made bacon, mushrooms and homemade bread2. Fish head (taste much better than it sounds!)3. Some kind of homemade fish pate with homemade bread4. And the star of the show was an AMAZING beef cheek with red wine reduction sauce. They (unlike other places I've tried in Japan) add the perfect ingredients with it (smooth and creamy mash, orange capsicum, kind of a tempura pumpkin etc). They really added to the dish - perfect!The service was also great, very friendly and fast.Seriously, if you like French food or indeed any Euro food and are staying in Ise, I highly recommend this place.

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3. Fruit Labo

52 Ujinakanokiricho, Ise 516-8558 Mie Prefecture Bar, Pub +81 596-23-8830
Fruit Labo

Reviewed By bakera73


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