Best Japanese food near Sado, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

October 2, 2019 Janette Largent

Discover Restaurants offering the best Japanese food in Sado, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Sado is a city located on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture in the Chūbu region of Japan. Since 2004, the city has comprised the entire island, although not all of its total area is urbanized.
Things to do in Sado

10. Kimpuku

2-9 Aikawa, Sado Niigata Prefecture Japanese +81 259-74-3934

Reviewed By snacktrash

This restaurant is located in Aikawa. there is only a few counter seats. it's all charcoal grilled yakitori. The meat was absolutely delicious! It was also very fun to be involved in the cooking process. the chief likes playing jazz guitar, so you can enjoy dinner with jazz music. I recommend you drink many kinds of Sake which is all from Sado island. anyway it's warmly recommend cosy restaurant!

9. Shiratsuyu

189-5 Ryotsu Ebisu, Sado Niigata Prefecture Japanese Dinner +81 259-23-5288

Reviewed By zukum


8. Sado Kisen Ogi Terminal Bldg. Ogi Buckwheat Corner

1950 Ogimachi Ogi Terminal Building 1F, Sado 952-0604 Niigata Prefecture Japanese +81 259-86-3110
Sado Kisen Ogi Terminal Bldg. Ogi Buckwheat Corner

Reviewed By melindag386

We reserved our tickets for a car ferry from Naoetsu to Ogi, Sado Island. A typhoon was coming so we were worried that the ferry would be cancelled so we went to the terminal the night before to inquire. Of course they could not predict how the typhoon would affect the ferry schedule but he gave me a number to call in the morning and gave us an alternative ferry route from Niigata. We would have enough time to drive two hours there to get a ferry if needed and they could change the reservation for us.We received an email regarding the possible change or cancellation of the ferry that evening and checked the link periodically to see if there were any changes. In the morning, we checked the link and it appeared that the ferry would depart as scheduled. We looked at all the boarding procedures on the website in English and headed to the terminal. We parked the car in the ferry line and went inside to change our printed voucher for the round trip tickets and to pay. We boarded the ferry and went upstairs to get our seats. We were met by one of the staff who directed us to our first class seats. They were very nice and in the front row of the windows. The trip was very smooth disputed a typhoon passing nearby. There was a small shop with snacks and souvenirs.It was a very good experience for our first car ferry trip in Japan.

7. Matsuhama

1940-32 Ogi-Machi, Sado Niigata Prefecture Japanese, Seafood +81 259-86-2851

Reviewed By Anitaraze

This place was recommended to us for the innkeeper. When we arrived, there were three local man sitting at the counter. Two had cigarettes dangling from their lips as the other one sipped his Sochu. The owner and his son were cooking behind the counter. And quite surprised to see us. I wasn't sure that we could get served. But it turned out they were quite friendly, and help me navigate the menu. Grilled fish of the day was a small snapper type fish. The owners said this fish was caught that morning right off the shores of this restaurant.Aside from the cigarettes, this place was good. Not much to pick and choose from when it comes to dining int his sleepy town.

6. Riki Sushi

8 Aikawa Nichome, Sado Niigata Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 259-74-3326
Riki Sushi

Reviewed By usbengoshi

I have always said this is probably the best sushi restaurant in all of Japan. Its just too bad we have to travel all the way to Sado Island just to enjoy these works of art! Reservations are a must as this place fills up quickly as only the freshest fish and seafood is served here. We have yet to find a better sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

5. Yorokonde

353-1 Ryotsuminato Sado Ryotsuko Terminal 3F, Sado 952-0014 Niigata Prefecture Japanese +81 259-67-7037

Reviewed By Inspiration810133


4. Yozaemon

11 Aikawa Shingoromachi, Sado 952-1523 Niigata Prefecture Italian, Japanese +81 90-7832-5806

Reviewed By Roving804682


3. Yakitori Yajima Main Store

208-110 Kawaharada Suwamachi, Sado 952-1315 Niigata Prefecture Japanese, Barbecue, Grill Dinner, Drinks Reservations, Seating, Parking Available, Television, Full Bar, Wine and Beer +81 259-57-2225
Yakitori Yajima Main Store

Reviewed By R H

This is a tiny eatery with a very traditional "hole in the wall" ambience. Owner, Taku, mans the charcoal grill with one assistant, doling out delicious small plates of yakitori-style foods, and pouring generous drinks from the simple selection of beer, chu-hi, sake and shochu. Limited seating includes 6 chairs at a counter and a minute table with benches for up to 4 in the front, with a couple of additional tables in the back area. Frequented exclusively by locals, aside from a few out-of-towners referred by a nearby guesthouse. Taku speaks fantastic English as a result of having spent 3 years studying in the US; he's a warm and congenial host who clearly enjoys feeding people great food.Thanks for coming to my Yakitori bar.And thanks for introducing about me!

10 Things to Do in Sado That You Shouldn't Miss

2. Rotating Sushi Benkei Sado Honten

833 Higashi o-Dori, Sado Niigata Prefecture Sushi, Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 259-52-3453
Overall Ratings

4 based on 29 reviews

Rotating Sushi Benkei Sado Honten

Reviewed By U4378FUkevin

Pick your sushi off the rotating conveyor belt and pay by the plate (130-500 yen per plate of 2 pieces depending on the item). Everything tasted good to me.Quick self-service (even make your own tea). I didn't see a drink menu or alcohol for sale.Near Sawata Beach, closed on Tuesdays, open 10:30am-9:00pm without the break between lunch and dinner that many other places take.

Top 10 restaurants in Sado, Japan

1. Chozaburozushi

81-4 Niibo, Sado Niigata Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 259-22-2125
Overall Ratings

4 based on 20 reviews


Reviewed By Peter C

Originally I planned to go to a soba restaurant but somehow got the wrong phone number so made the reservation with this sushi restaurant instead. We only knew upon arriving and decided to just try it out and it was a nice surprise.I ordered the chef's recommendation sushi set which got nine pieces of really fresh and premium sushi, while my wife went for the grilled fish set. I like the sushi so much and probably the chef saw my reactions so he then introduced me to the live abalone.Forgetting to take the photo, the size of the abalone was really big and still wriggling actively. Seeing the chef using some salt to sprinkle on the abalone and then cutting it out, we had the abalone sushi which was so good, with a crunchy texture and not rubbery at all. It was the best abalone sushi I had ever tasted.Then the chef showed us the Botan shrimp, which was also big in size. Going for sashimi instead, the shrimp flesh was very sweet and again super tasty. Considering the bill was only 5700 yen, this meal was truly great value for money. I didn't regret for a second coming here and if you happen to come to Sado I highly recommend this restaurant.

Top 10 Sushi food in Sado, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

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