Best Japanese food near Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

May 15, 2020 Enriqueta Cusson

Reviews on Japanese food in Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture, Japan including Observatory Lounge Harunire, Restaurant Akai Ringo, Shunsai Shubo Sakura, Ajidokoro Kitaoji, Dazai Ramen & Local Food Hana, Ikyu Sushi Goshogawara, Dadan, Kappa Sushi, Coco's Japan, Tatsumi Sushi
Things to do in Goshogawara

10. Tatsumi Sushi

67-1 Asahicho, Goshogawara Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 173-34-2318

Reviewed By Happiness809080


9. Coco's Japan

521-8 Aza Fujimaki Ooaza Karakasayanagi, Goshogawara Aomori Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch, Dinner +81 173-38-1081

Reviewed By ticamax

Great place in ELM Mall area American style food easy in out friendly staff always smiling clean Tasty great easy to understand menu all will always come back and visit here again

8. Kappa Sushi

629-1 Karakasayanagi Aza Fujimaki, Goshogawara Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 173-38-1540

Reviewed By toshi223japan


7. Dadan

39-1 Honcho, Goshogawara Aomori Prefecture Japanese +81 173-34-6015

Reviewed By ishikei


6. Ikyu Sushi Goshogawara

50-8 Honcho, Goshogawara Aomori Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 173-35-4144

Reviewed By 誠 大


5. Dazai Ramen & Local Food Hana

195-2 Kanagicho Kanaki Kanko Bussan Hall, Goshogawara 037-0202 Aomori Prefecture Japanese Lunch +81 173-54-1160
Overall Ratings

3 based on 15 reviews

Dazai Ramen & Local Food Hana

Reviewed By halu04

旅行会社のツアーで昼食を、ここで取りました。 2階はツアー客の専用のフロアーで、バスの中で指定しておいたメニューがすでに出来ていて、待たずに食べる事が出来ました。  この地域では、この店舗だけで、お土産が買えるようです。

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4. Ajidokoro Kitaoji

41-4 Honcho, Goshogawara 037-0071 Aomori Prefecture Japanese +81 173-35-4003
Ajidokoro Kitaoji

Reviewed By ara2106chan


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3. Shunsai Shubo Sakura

36-7 Honcho, Goshogawara 037-0071 Aomori Prefecture Japanese Dinner +81 173-35-3213
Shunsai Shubo Sakura

Reviewed By ValerieGArellano

We originally made a reservation for a large group for an all you can eat, all you can drink dinner. Upon arriving, our group dwindled to only 5. Our waiter told us we would have to pay for 12 seats since they prepared all the food. When we explained the situation, and our dietary needs (1 vegetarian, 1 seafood allergy, 1 milk allergy) they were so extremely nice in figuring out an agreeable situation! The food was delicious, the staff so polite....we left so happy and full! Thank you for turning out what could have been a bad night into a great memory!

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2. Restaurant Akai Ringo

66-12 Karakasayanagi Town Hotel Park Inn Goshogawara Elm City, Goshogawara 037-0004 Aomori Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner +81 173-34-8910
Restaurant Akai Ringo

Reviewed By rackene c

The ladies at the restaurant are very nice and caring especially Mama San. The food is really delicious with different varieties to choose from.

Top 6 Cafe food in Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

1. Observatory Lounge Harunire

21-1 Omachi, Goshogawara Aomori Prefecture Japanese Breakfast, Lunch +81 173-38-3232
Overall Ratings

3 based on 13 reviews

Observatory Lounge Harunire

Reviewed By tropicalnorth

This was my second choice for a meal as they ran out of clam ramen (local specialty) next door. You order via vending machine. It's a cafeteria style setting but you are sitting above the rest of town and can see them moving the floats around. The floats tower above the surrounding buildings. It's self service - they call out your number and you pick it up. The place is clean and tasty and they didn't mind my bringing in a drink from downstairs. Ramen was inexpensive ~$10

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