Top 10 Middle Eastern food in Tabouk, Tabouk Province, Saudi Arabia

October 3, 2019 Giuseppe Pratt

Best Middle Eastern restaurants nearby. Discover the best Middle Eastern food in Tabouk. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Middle Eastern restaurants near you. including Al Qriah Al Tarithia, Mariposa, Al Qramosha, Al Basha, Al Bustan Restaurant, Mta'am Kebab, Mta'am Al Jazeera wa Al Frat, Mta'am Al Damiaty Al Bukhari, ريف ورغيف, Punjab Restaurant

10. Punjab Restaurant

Shah re aam tabuk, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern, Pakistani +966 55 962 7297
Punjab Restaurant

9. ريف ورغيف

Al Wurud, Tabouk 47312 Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern +966 55 603 3444

8. Mta'am Al Damiaty Al Bukhari

Near the Tabuk Mall, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern

Reviewed By Lincon H

Located in Al Khalidiah, in the Yemeni bazar. The restaurant employs Bengalis, but serves traditional Arab food. Seating accommodation is both at tables and on the floor Saudi style. Salads are served, containing rocket salad chilli peppers and onions

7. Mta'am Al Jazeera wa Al Frat

king Khalid Street, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern

Reviewed By mohd a

Specialised in the grilling .Some times they are good and sometimes not. Not recommended to have your meal in the restaurant better to take away.

6. Mta'am Kebab

Not from from the Hamdan Hotel Al Azizia, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern, Pakistani
Mta'am Kebab

Reviewed By Lincon H

This restaurant is very small, located on a back street in Al Azizia, but it is well worth a visit. All it offers is fried kebab meat. Run by Pakistanis, it serves the local Pakistani community which are its main clientele. Seating accommodation is basic, and because of its small size would not be able to cater for large groups. Though only kebab meat is served, it is excellent, so it is well worth a visit.

5. Al Bustan Restaurant

King Fahd Street, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Barbecue, Middle Eastern Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Takeout, Seating, Table Service +966 14 423 0004
Overall Ratings

3 based on 30 reviews

Al Bustan Restaurant

Reviewed By majs337

I think it is One of the best restaurants in this Tabuk area. They have a wide selection of dishes from all over the world. Service was very good and the prices are more than reasonable. If you visit this part of Saudi Arabia it one of your good choices to eat.

4. Al Basha

Al Oleiyah, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern Reservations

Reviewed By 100worldtraveller

We have had consistently good Arabic food at Al Basha. The restaurant in the Olaya district with the family section upstairs is probably the nicest atmosphere of any restaurant in the city.

3. Al Qramosha

near the Al Oleiyah roundabout, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern

Reviewed By mohd a

The restaurant is a very famous in all over the saudi arabia. It serving the traditional hijazi food like mutabbaq a very delicious meal which contains blended meat ,banana and some of the green onion and cooked over a heated oil above large flat metal plate it cost only 3 or 4 SRThe other famous meal is ma'soop .The ingredients usually are blended toast .banana. butter and honey. It is very delicious and it can be breakfast,lunch and dinner. It cost around 7 or 10 SR .The restaurant offers the take away orders and there are tables if you like to have the meal in side the restaurant. Unfortunately women not wellcomed in it

2. Mariposa

King Saud Rd 1161, Tabouk 71431 Saudi Arabia Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Dinner, Lunch Wheelchair Accessible, Takeout, Reservations, Parking Available, Street Parking, Television, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Seating, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service [email protected] +966 14 425 1614

Inventive Middle-Eastern & Mediterranean dishes in a warm, welcoming interior.

Reviewed By mohannadm82

Nice family section with alot of delicious meals .. i liked the mix grilled plate with shawerma and beef steak with royal sauce .. and don't miss the soup in the bread bowl and the kunafa with ice cream Dear Mohannad AThank you for writing review about Mariposa. It is our goal to maintain the highest standards of service and we appreciate the time you have taken to write to us. We will be delighted to serve you again. Yours sincerely,

1. Al Qriah Al Tarithia

King Khalid Street opposite the Hala Hotel, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

4 based on 22 reviews

Al Qriah Al Tarithia

Reviewed By Lincon H

This restaurant offers traditional Saudi fare and is quite remarkable. It is situated in a building constructed in traditional style and is located opposite the Hala Hotel. Inside it is also like a museum with images of Tabuk in bygone days. Seating accommodation is in tented areas and cubicals. They prepare very good capsa, particularly chicken.

Where to Eat in Tabouk: The Best Restaurants and Bars

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