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  • The best available Lodges to stay near Rome

    From ancient monuments and frocked priests to fantastic shops and avant-garde architecture, Rome's neighborhoods are as diverse as its multimillennial history. The Eternal City is a mosaic of pocketed areas vying to show off their must-sees - whether it’s haute couture or street art, fabulous food or medieval architecture. What makes Rome unique is not just the "open-air museum" lifestyle but the life itself. Every day, in every corner and every piazza, Rome smoothly juggles tradition, history, and 21st century change.

  • Lazio Lodges | Places to Stay in Lazio

    Lying at Italy’s geographic and historic heart, Lazio (or Latium) was the seat of the Roman Empire, and as such is teeming with ancient attractions, especially in the Eternal City of Rome itself. To the east, Tivoli has Emperor Hadrian’s exquisite and massive Villa Adriana. Civitavecchia, today a major cruise and ferry port, has been Rome’s main harbor since the second century. Many pre-Roman sites dot Lazio too, like the Etruscan necropolis at Cerveteri, dating from the 9th century BC.

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