Most Popular Indian food in Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan

December 11, 2019 Joeann Galban

Discover Restaurants offering the best Indian food in Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. Kabul (/ˈkɑːbʊl/; Persian: [ˈkɒːbul]) is the capital of Afghanistan and its largest city, located in the eastern section of the country. It is also a municipality, forming part of the greater Kabul Province. According to estimates in 2015, the population of Kabul is 4.635 million, which includes all the major ethnic groups. Rapid urbanization had made Kabul the world's 75th largest city.
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1. Taj Begum Restaurant

Kabul Water park Street, Kartee Say Kabul River 200 Meters Down from Pooli E Surkh, Kabul 0101 Afghanistan Indian, Middle Eastern, Persian, Afghani [email protected] +93 78 043 3600
Taj Begum Restaurant

Taj Begum Restaurant is Kabul's most favorite place to eat all kinds of Afghani authentic food.Head Chef has served in the king palace Late.Zaheer Shah used to be the king of Afghanistan before soviet revolution.

Reviewed By barati1

In this restaurant firstly you eating good food and seconds you contribute for helping helpless people this restaurant have many good history it better you go find out by yourself

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2. Afc

Charrahi Yakub, Shar E Naw, Kabul Afghanistan Indian, International, Middle Eastern, Afghani +93 79 979 9799

Reviewed By Azin D

came here twice once at the restaurant downstairs and tried the KFC style chicken which was really yummy and the second time tried the buffet on the second floor and the buffet although expensive for Kabul was really good. they had a huge salad bar and a great variety of dishes at the buffet. the food was nice and fresh and good to say I did not get sick at all. very clean and tastes great. definitely recommend it.

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3. Everest Pizza

House# 1 Street # 10 Wazir M. Akbar Khan, Kabul Afghanistan Pizza, Italian, American, Indian Lunch, Dinner
Everest Pizza

Reviewed By tangerinegirl

The restaurant is quite with a friendly staff. The pizza come the closest the home. It has a regular crust and sauce. The topping for fresh and the cheese is cook just right. The best pizza I have had in Kabul. I really enjoy the pizza here and I would recommend it.

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4. Alcove Restaurant

Heetal Airport Hotel Airport Road, Kabul Afghanistan Indian

Reviewed By UNpeacekeeper

On my and my colleague's birthday, my friends and I decided to try out a new restaurant, the Alcove Restaurant, within the 4 month old hotel Hateel Airport Hotel on Airport Road. We were pleasantly surprised! The very friendly and helpful waiter, Jhantu, willingly took our long wish list of N. Indian specialities although they were not even on the menu and asked us to give him a few minutes to run to the market to get the ingredients to prepare the meal and drinks we had requested. Our group of 4 ordered chicken and vegetable pakoras, butter chicken masala, lamb masala, daal, chana masala, aloo paratha, fresh carrot/cucumber/lettuce/tomato salad, fresh sweet and salty lassi and chai masala. They even brought out a birthday cake for dessert and served it with the chai. The chef, Bipin, came out of the kitchen to meet us and then worked magic and whipped up a delightful meal in 30 minutes while we sipped the delicious fresh lassi he made and Jhantu gave us a tour of the Hotel premises. Even the Operation Manager, Lalit, came out to meet us. We felt like we were visiting and eating with friends and were very relaxed on the comfortable red velvet sofas and chairs near the dining room. The hotel has a lovely courtyard with chairs and tables under big umbrellas. We saw one of the hotel rooms that was tastefully decorated with large landcape photos on canvas, bucket chairs as well as black leather covered head board, desk and office chair. The bed was covered in a red velvet blanket and sheep and goat skin for a luxurious but rustic look. The only negative point was that my colleagues were only upset that we were charged for 2 portions of each dish we ordered instead of one portion since we had paid for more food that we could eat. With a 15% discount, we paid $158.95 for a meal for 4 people.

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