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September 4, 2020 Brandee Mangan

Discover Restaurants offering the best Afghani food in Afghanistan, Afghanistan. Coordinates: 33°N 65°E / 33°N 65°E / 33; 65
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10. Rumi

Qala e Musa, Kabul Afghanistan Middle Eastern, Afghani Lunch, Dinner

Probably no listing, but best Afghan restaurant in town (that internationals can visit easily)

Reviewed By republicofreviews

We chose to go to Rumi with our Afghani food craving living on days after a sumptuous meal at another Afghani restaurant. Although Rumi's service is good and it is cheap, the food did not live upto the mark. It was too oily.Rumi has both outdoor and indoor sitting area. The outdoor sitting arrangement consists of two small huts. They are too small for 4 people to sit comfortably with all the served food. The indoor sitting is a better option.

9. Kohle Dining Facility

Bagram Air Base, Disney Drive, Bagram 09354 Afghanistan American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Afghani Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible
Overall Ratings

3 based on 18 reviews

Reviewed By Boise_Jax

All in all, the food's not bad, it just get's pretty repetitive after months and months of eating at the same place. The price is right but I would try out any new cafes that decided to open.

8. Afc

Charrahi Yakub, Shar E Naw, Kabul Afghanistan Indian, International, Middle Eastern, Afghani +93 79 979 9799

Reviewed By Azin D

came here twice once at the restaurant downstairs and tried the KFC style chicken which was really yummy and the second time tried the buffet on the second floor and the buffet although expensive for Kabul was really good. they had a huge salad bar and a great variety of dishes at the buffet. the food was nice and fresh and good to say I did not get sick at all. very clean and tastes great. definitely recommend it.

7. Taj Begum Restaurant

Kabul Water park Street, Kartee Say Kabul River 200 Meters Down from Pooli E Surkh, Kabul 0101 Afghanistan Indian, Middle Eastern, Persian, Afghani [email protected] +93 78 043 3600
Taj Begum Restaurant

Taj Begum Restaurant is Kabul's most favorite place to eat all kinds of Afghani authentic food.Head Chef has served in the king palace Late.Zaheer Shah used to be the king of Afghanistan before soviet revolution.

Reviewed By barati1

In this restaurant firstly you eating good food and seconds you contribute for helping helpless people this restaurant have many good history it better you go find out by yourself

6. Caravan Restaurant

3rd Police Station Main Road, Kabul Afghanistan Middle Eastern, Afghani +93 79 930 8000
Caravan Restaurant

Reviewed By Koya88

Caravan need not really print a menu, in my view: just ask for the "Special Dish," and for a little over $7, they'll give you approximately 76% of all dishes ever associated with Afghan cuisine, in adorably presented tiny portions, on one beautifully decorated plate. With presentation that memorable, flavor might come in second, but their rice, heavily accented with orange peel, almonds, and raisins, is among the best in the city.

5. Herat Resturant

Kabul Afghanistan Middle Eastern, Afghani +93 79 955 7273

Reviewed By henry645

Great place on my recent vist I am local chocolate owner on my back from Vietnam and I'm glad I came across this beautiful little place. I had a great chat with the owner Gary! I had mecraw and Sald best damn mecraw I have ever tasted!If you are ever in this part of the world vist the eligent little place you won't regret it I will be visiting Gary and marry ( marry is garrys wife) they make amazing home made butter I brought 5 packs to take home it's really cheep it's about 5p UK money! Visit now you won't regret it!!

4. Aziz's

Camp Vance, Bagram Afghanistan Middle Eastern, Afghani +93 78 730 5089

Reviewed By yaahta

This a quaint little place with great food. The menu choices are small, but the flavor of everything I tried was awesome. It is always crowded and I wish they could expand so the wait time would be shorter. However, you can order "to go" and just take it with you; wait time for that is about 10-15 minutes. I love the Double Lamb Kebabs with rice or the homemade bread and the egg rolls....which are nothing like the egg rolls I know, but still DELICIOUS. Horrible parking but great place if you are an adventurous foodie.


Esmat Muslim Street House # 120, Kabul 26000 Afghanistan Pizza, Cafe, Healthy, Middle Eastern, Afghani Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +93 72 877 7444
Overall Ratings

5 based on 8 reviews


A bread shop serving homemade whole-wheat quality bread, pizza, and Afghan delicacies, is established and managed by Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE). KHANAGi utilizes locally sourced toppings and sides (jams, pickled products, cheese, qiamaq) from

Reviewed By Sophia S

KHANAGi, a bread shop serving homemade whole-wheat quality breads and Afghan delicacies, is established and managed by Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE). KHANAGi utilizes locally sourced toppings and sides (such as jams, pickled products, cheese, qiamaq) from families in Kabul. KHANAGi functions in a more socially-responsible and sustainable capacity, providing economic opportunities and purpose to many more than merely the individuals working in the shop.

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2. Sufi

Taimani, Street 1, Shar E Naw, Kabul Afghanistan Afghani, Middle Eastern Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Table Service +93 77 421 2256
Overall Ratings

4 based on 28 reviews


Reviewed By Suzie L

Sufi is one of those small heavens in Kabul. The place is pleasant, well decorated. It offers a great selection of Afghani food and the place maintains its standards. Excellent service, music and comfort to either eat at a table or sitting Afghan traditional way.

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1. Serena

Froshgah Street, Kabul Afghanistan Asian, Middle Eastern, Afghani Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Validated Parking, Table Service +93 79 965 4000
Overall Ratings

4 based on 56 reviews


Reviewed By RHM63

While getting there can be a bit nerve racking with all the security the food is clean and the trustworthy.

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