Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine Food Guide: 6 Italian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Cherkasy

December 11, 2019 Trinity Boughner

Find out what Italian restaurants to try in Cherkasy. Cherkasy (Ukrainian: Черка́си, pronounced [tʃɛrˈkɑsɪ]; Polish: Czerkasy), or Cherkassy (Russian: Черка́ссы [tɕɪrˈkasɨ]), is a city in central Ukraine. It is the capital of the Cherkasy Oblast (province), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Cherkasky Raion (district) within the oblast. The city itself is also designated as its own separate raion within the oblast. It is not to be confused with the Russian city of Cherkassk which is on the Don River to the east.
Things to do in Cherkasy

6. Restaurant Milan

Shevchenka bulv. 135, Cherkasy 18001 Ukraine Italian +380 472 368 562

Reviewed By AnOv21

семга нарезается не свежей, а замороженной, чтоб тоньше и больше нарезать, официант вилки принесла держа в руке ту часть которой есть и т.д. (((((((((((((( . Миланом и не пахнет, так кухня сельского ресторана

Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine Food Guide: 10 Ukrainian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Cherkasy

5. Ferma

Shevchenka Blvd., 222, Cherkasy 18000 Ukraine Italian, American, European [email protected] +380 63 968 0203

Reviewed By Татьяна Р

К сожалению, первое, что не устроило - это одна доступная розетка. То есть, если необходимо подключить гаджет (ноутбук, планшет), а столик возле которого розетка занят, то надо уходить. Не очень удобно расположены столы с диванами. К еде претензий особых нет. Для быстрого перекуса - идеально.

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4. Scorini Pizzeria

Gogolya St., 226, Cherkasy Ukraine Italian
Scorini Pizzeria

Reviewed By GGJTravel

I've eaten at Scorini in other cities. This was good - both times. Service, good, food tasty. Pricing great!

Most Popular Pizza food in Cherkasy, Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine

3. 111 Club

Kreshhatik St., 225, Cherkasy Ukraine Italian, French, Bar, European, Grill, Pub Dinner +380 472 385 011
111 Club

There is a marvelous place, hiding just at the center of the city, which we can trully call an excellent bar", club and a restaurant. Every Thursday,Friday and Saturday,"111 Club" becomes a place of pilgrimage for loud- music fans and crazy-dances- fill-t

Reviewed By Анна С

Европейское место! Огромнейшая, нетипичная для города, коктейльная карта, что давно популярно в Киеве и в Европе. Готовят тоже вкусно. Интерьер тоже порадовал, ничего лишнего.Рекомендую!

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2. La Cosa Nostra

Shevchenka bulv. 108, Cherkasy 18031 Ukraine Italian Dinner, Lunch Takeout [email protected] +380 472 322 504
Overall Ratings

4 based on 61 reviews

La Cosa Nostra

Reviewed By Julia_from_Kiev

Very nice place! Come here with your kid and sit at the down floor! It is designed as Chicago gangsters style. Very recommended for kids. They will have fun and the food is excellent!

Where to eat Grill food in Cherkasy: The Best Restaurants and Bars

1. Presto Pizza

Ostafiya Dashkovicha St., 19, Cherkasy Ukraine Italian Wheelchair Accessible +380 472 505 340
Overall Ratings

5 based on 13 reviews

Presto Pizza

Reviewed By GregSCSA

Multiple friends so we had many, many different dishes in the middle of the table. Not the first time we chose this restaurant to meet as the food has always been very good to excellent! Dessert is hit and miss, though!

Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine Food Guide: 4 Central European food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Cherkasy

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