Top 10 Chinese food in Xinjian County, Jiangxi, China

December 13, 2019 Yuk Petri

Discover Restaurants offering the best Chinese food in Xinjian County, Jiangxi, China including Feast, Pin Zhen Restaurant, HongGuTan Chuan Guo YiHao (Yi Yuan), XiangManLou, YiJingYuan LaoJie Fang, Wei Shi Shang, Zuo You ShiShang JingDian Restaurant, CaiYao GuShi (NanChang Feng Lu Xintiandi), BaGuo BuYi, HaoWei Fang
Things to do in Xinjian County

10. HaoWei Fang

XiHu District XinZhou Road Zhou Wei 10, Nanchang China Chinese +86 131 7777 7890

Reviewed By 493689739


9. BaGuo BuYi

Hong Gu Tan WanDa Plaza 3 Floor, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8886 9069

Reviewed By FeastFalcon

One of the 1st badge of restaurant when Wanda Mall opened 3+years ago. Closed 1+ years ago. Now turn into Amazon Buffet restaurant. One of the local themed buffet delight.

8. CaiYao GuShi (NanChang Feng Lu Xintiandi)

Xia Luo Lu ShanNan DaDao Feng Lu XinTianDi 11Dong, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8652 0777

Reviewed By QuincyLeeX


7. Zuo You ShiShang JingDian Restaurant

Hong Gu Tan Yi Yuan Road 96, Pu FeiTe ShengHuo Plaza, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8383 7699

Reviewed By 493689739


6. Wei Shi Shang

HuiZhan Road 999, WanDa Plaza 3 Floor 3063-3067, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8385 4008

Reviewed By 493689739


5. YiJingYuan LaoJie Fang

Jinrong Main Street, Honggutan New Area, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8675 7788

Reviewed By A TripAdvisor China Member


4. XiangManLou

Hong Gu Tan HuiZhan Road 999, WanDa Plaza 3 Floor, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8385 3588

Reviewed By A TripAdvisor China Member


3. HongGuTan Chuan Guo YiHao (Yi Yuan)

Hong Gu Tan Yi Yuan Road, Nanchang China Chinese

Reviewed By gyfandzd


2. Pin Zhen Restaurant

5F Wanda Realm Hotel, No.1000 Fenghuang Middle Avenue, Honggutan New District, Nanchang China Chinese +86 791 8222 8888

Reviewed By Pure_Fin

Food: each dish we tasted was exactly what you would expect from restaurant in high class hotel. The best dishes were deep fried tofu wrap with vegetables and selection of meatsDecoration: mixture of open dining room with traditional Chinese elements.Overall experience: would recommend to visit.

Top 8 restaurants in Xinjian County, China

1. Feast

No.1669 Honggu Middle Avenue, Honggutan New Area, Nanchang 330038 China Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Malaysian Reservations [email protected] +86 791 8222 3995
Overall Ratings

5 based on 174 reviews


From breakfast to dinner, Feast’s open kitchens encourage interactive dining experiences and create delectable buffet spreads with the freshest ingredients.

Reviewed By Toddb62

On my last Nanchang Sheraton stay I was feeling lazy and ate at Feast out of convenience. It was too late for the buffet so I ordered ala carte. After seeing the menu I knew exactly what expect. I ordered the same Spaghetti Bolognese that I have ordered at many different SPG properties. It was the same overly sweet Chef Boyardee I have come to expect from Sheraton. This seems like pretty made canned or frozen. Very similar to China Coffee shop Spaghetti. Not terrible but also not so good. I was also bit multiple times by mosquitoes. This is convenience food rather than destination.Dear Guest,Thank you for taking time to share with us your recent dining experience.As our distinguished guests, you deserve to enjoy the high quality products and professional services of the hotel. We are sorry for our failure to reflect this time.Hotel based on the experience of guests, as always, uphold the service concept and satisfaction in the first place, we must deeply understand the details of the event, and to develop lasting and effective solution, in order to provide you with innovation, beyond the expectations of service experience.For the failed to live up to the expectations of you again, we apologize, but I sincerely hope you can give us the opportunity to serving you again. Thank you again for your support, and sincerely look forward to your visit again.

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