Yemen Food Guide: 3 Barbecue food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Sanaa

August 31, 2019 Hana Mouser

Discover Restaurants offering the best Barbecue food in Sanaa, Yemen including AL-Tazaj, Time Square Cafe, Yamal Al-Sham
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1. AL-Tazaj

Hadda Street, Sanaa Yemen Fast Food, Barbecue, Middle Eastern +967 1 421 015

Reviewed By M_Bajaber

my family and I decided to check out again this restaurant, to our surprise the management had changed, the menu had some exciting new additions and the question was is it now at par with the other AL-TAZIJ chains we had tried in Saudi Arabia?Yes, the food quality, service, presentation and friendliness of the staff was now very high.We tried the newly listed Chicken TIKKA and it was was very is VERY affordable too.Im sure it will now be an addition to our weekend treats.well done!

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2. Time Square Cafe

19b Diplomatic Area, Sanaa Yemen Pizza, Seafood, Barbecue, Diner, Central Asian [email protected] +967 733 732 641
Time Square Cafe

Indulge your senses with Yemeni finest coffee. Private meetings for entrepreneurs, great environment for friends, family& children. Take a pause from the chaotic demands of everyday life or simply retreat into our cosy space with a breathtaking view.

Reviewed By Ameen S

I had an amazing time inside time square cafe, they have the best decoration in town, the soothing water fall, huge bird cage , great library and the best thing is they have a kids room with a great baby sitter. I loved their service the servers always have a smile on their face.I really recommend everyone to go to this place :-)

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3. Yamal Al-Sham

Haddah Street, Sanaa Yemen Barbecue, Middle Eastern Lunch, Dinner +967 735 495 068
Yamal Al-Sham

Reviewed By M_Bajaber

This was once one of my favorite restaurants in Sanaa.Unfortunately the standards have dropped sharply, there is a construction site of a new tunnel and bridge right out side the restaurant, this is partly to blame.The food to my dismay was very poor and not what we expected of the once very high standards i was used to here.we ordered chicken pieces (Sheesh Tawok) and kebab and oh my!the food was cold, stale and most pieces of the chicken were raw.Presentation was good, apart from the fresh bread and salad, the food couldn't be add insult to injury, the prices were now over inflated, i think to compensate for the low customer turnout!I hope the management does something very fast to bring back this restaurant to its high standards!

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