Where to eat Sushi food in Nakanoto-machi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

June 12, 2021 Nicolette Lion

Find out what Sushi restaurants to try in Nakanoto-machi including Shunsai Kappo Azumaya, Kozushi Honten, Yawata Sushiben, Taisho Sushi, Sushi Ichi, Jinzushi Nappy, Shikamachi Seisanbutsu Chokubaisho Kudari, Matsuno Sushi, Kurayazushi, Maimon Dokorotabuya

10. Maimon Dokorotabuya

13-1 Ingai Fuchumachi, Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 767-54-0660
Maimon Dokorotabuya

Reviewed By mitukekeke


9. Kurayazushi

68 Otemachi Naka-Ku, Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 767-52-3636

Reviewed By Sukjai R


8. Matsuno Sushi

220-6 Fuchumachi, Nanao 926-0041 Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 767-53-0053 http://www.sakana770.com/entry/2019/03/08/033000
Matsuno Sushi

Reviewed By Monicakilian

I was looking to try out this new restaurant as it hasn't been opened too long so we went on a Monday night . Was quiet which we did not mind! We were able to sit close and watch where sushi were being prepared for orders. We were given our tablet so we could order our meals. Service was infrequent for a quiet night and they seemed to not have many dishes as a number of them are only available on the weekends which is a shame and was disappointing considering it was not noted when we ordered from menu! This is having to reorder as majority of what we wanted to try was unavailable! This I would recommend you go on a weekend instead of a weekday to enjoy all of of the choices without any disappointments!! Makis and sashimis were fresh and delicious. Great tasting kimchee and kimchee fried rice!! Also other stir fry and tempuras were good. Great choices of beers, wines and sakis. I would give this another try but on a weekend to see their potential so that isn't I only rated a 3*! Bon appetit!!

7. Shikamachi Seisanbutsu Chokubaisho Kudari

6-4 Kuragakiko, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun 925-0122 Ishikawa Prefecture Sushi +81 767-36-1238

6. Jinzushi Nappy

3-2 Fujino-Machi Ro, Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 767-52-4477

Reviewed By Destination806305


5. Sushi Ichi

28-1 Motofuchu-Machi Mo, Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi [email protected] +81 767-53-2588 https://www.facebook.com/sushi.ichi.1/
Sushi Ichi

Reviewed By midoriyoshi


4. Taisho Sushi

112 Otemachi, Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 767-52-1356 http://www.sakana770.com/entry/2019/05/21/052000
Taisho Sushi

Reviewed By Noname1118

It's very delicious!You can have a wonderful time at this restaurant.This restaurant is difficult to find but You must try this sushi restaurant!

3. Yawata Sushiben

20-1 Ra Kokubumachi, Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 767-52-5506

Reviewed By TrailBlazer806264


Top 10 Japanese food in Nakanoto-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

2. Kozushi Honten

30-1 Aioicho, Nanao 926-0044 Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Dinner, Lunch Reservations +81 767-53-1274
Overall Ratings

4 based on 43 reviews

Kozushi Honten

Reviewed By yakuzaclient

I have been to this sushi place because of the local reputation as being one of the best sushi restaurant of Nanao! Yes, these 2 sushi chef brothers behind the counter provide a very refined-1/2-size-nigiri of the freshest fish of the day. Basically you have 2 choices of omakase menu: 2500 or 3000yen and you could still add any extra dish from your request. (I requested Sazae- turban shell). 90% of nigiri are already salted so needless to add soy sauce, just bring straight to your mouth and enjoy this adventurous taste of each creative pieces. Very advisable to book in advance particularly for those who want to have a seat between 12-1pm or 6-7pm. Please note no one speaks English, so better to go with a local person that you know for any communication!

Most Popular Seafood food in Nakanoto-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

1. Shunsai Kappo Azumaya

7-1 Yoshikawa Li, Nakanoto-machi, Kashima-gun 929-1717 Ishikawa Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, Kappo +81 767-74-0117 http://www.sakana770.com/entry/2019/05/17/063415

Reviewed By johnwinstononole2018

Good taste by master's cook of fresh seafoods - sashimi- brought at Noto pia Nanao.You'd better go to this restaurant by car from Kanazawa.

Best Fast Food food near Nakanoto-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

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