Where to eat Sushi food in Higashiizu-cho: The Best Restaurants and Bars

June 30, 2020 Carley Gatson

Find out what Sushi restaurants to try in Higashiizu-cho. Higashiizu is a town located in Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. As of September 2014, the town had an estimated population of 13,071 and a population density of 168 persons per km². The total area was 77.83 km².
Things to do in Higashiizu-cho

8. Kinsushi

727 Inatori, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 557-95-5188

Reviewed By clay2222

Firstly I want to say that I lived in Japan for more than 7 years and speak pretty good Japanese. I also went to many Sushi restaurant from those with 30000¥ per meal in Ginza and random local port city in Tohoku. We went to Inatori for lunch and I search online and found this Kin Sushi place. The other restaurant that we were planning to go was running out of Kinmedai so we decided to walk here. We arrived there and there were a car that looking like Japanese gangster parking in front of the store and my family was scared but I decided to go any way. We got in and the dude looking like Japanese gangster greeted us. The shop is decorated in somewhat gangster looking, but I thought it was the owner taste. There were no other customer. The dude got change into his Sushi dress and gave us tea. He asked what we want and I said Kinmedai and he start making Sushi right away. There were no menu and no price written anywhere. Some sushi restaurant do not write the price but they will tell you how much something cost if asked. I asked the dude making sushi about the price and he pretend that he didn’t hear me. I keep asking and he didn’t answer. And then he served serve us 2 pieces of kinmedai so we ate them. The taste wasn’t good or bad just normal. And he ask what do we want next. So I told him kinmedia sashimi and I asked him again how much for each person portion. This is where things went out of hand. The chief got mad and start yelling at us. “You #%%#* never ate Japanese Sushi?!!!? In #%%^ Japan, the system is *^%% like this”. I was really angry and start arguing with him. But he was mad and we were really scared since there was a knife in the kitchen so I decided to apologize and pay and leave. He threw us the bill and I found that 1 piece of kinmedai was 500¥(really really expensive for this kind of restaurant). We don’t really want trouble so we just pay and left.This totally ruin our holiday. I really hope that no one else have to face this experience.

7. Sushi Dokorotomo

417 Yatsu, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 558-34-1917

Reviewed By PatNaoko


Where to Eat in Higashiizu-cho: The Best Restaurants and Bars

6. Yoshikawa Sushi

966-7 Naramoto, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 557-23-1164
Yoshikawa Sushi

Reviewed By Happiness806533


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5. Takumitei Ichiyama

78-2 Sasahara, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 558-34-2020
Takumitei Ichiyama

Reviewed By xanctum


Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 10 Seafood food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Higashiizu-cho

4. Miharu Sushi

981 Naramoto, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 557-23-0202
Miharu Sushi

Reviewed By Franki K

This lovely sushi restaurant is owned by a very sweet older couple, and the food was both very good and more reasonably priced than many other restaurants in the area. They had an English menu available along with a special lunch menu that included pictures. We don't know the names of what we got, but both of our dishes cost 1,100 yen. There were also sushi rolls and sashimi, and many of the rolls were priced at less than 1,000 yen. I ordered a bed of rice with various kinds of seafood, miso soup, and a fishy side. My travel companion's food was similar, but the fish was sliced into sashimi. Both of us really enjoyed our food and would definitely go back. If you're in the area, it's a very great place to go and eat!

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3. Sushi Shin

321-8 Yatsu, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Seafood, Sushi +81 558-34-0773
Sushi Shin

Reviewed By DCTravelers69

We are here with three small children. They gave us fish soup and mikans at the end but otherwise we ordered one set and some sashimi. It was all super fresh quality and delicious, but our total worked out to over 500 yen per piece of sashimi. The cost would be prohibitive for us to go back, although they were kind and accommodating. I somewhat felt like they took advantage of is with their very steep prices on a sleepy Sunday night in their town.

Where to eat Japanese food in Higashiizu-cho: The Best Restaurants and Bars

2. Fujisushi

1424-20 Naramoto, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun 413-0302 Shizuoka Prefecture Sushi +81 557-23-4040

Reviewed By martinhF9299WQ

We ask the reception at our hotel which sushi restaurant in the area that was the Best. This was the suggestion and we where not disspointet. We did not have Any reservation and the restaurant was full but we Got 5 seats at the bar right in front of the open kitchen. The service and help to order was great and we Got several different startes and a great selection of mains.Without getting in to too much details, the food was great, nothing to complain about. The last 2 weeks we have been travel around Japan and this place prepare the Best sushi we Got so far! The Price was even one of the lowest we have paid. We Can not recommend this place enought.

Most Popular Fusion food in Higashiizu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

1. Uohachizushi

371-4, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun 413-0300 Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese, Sushi Lunch, Dinner +81 557-95-1430
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Reviewed By seijisan


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