Where to eat Seafood food in Zhoushan: The Best Restaurants and Bars

April 24, 2020 Jasper Kershner

Discover Restaurants offering the best Seafood food in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China.  Zhoushan (help·info), formerly romanized as Chusan, is a prefecture-level "city" in northeastern Zhejiang Province in eastern China. It consists of an archipelago of islands at the southern mouth of Hangzhou Bay, off Ningbo. The prefecture's city proper is Dinghai on Zhoushan Island, now administered as the prefecture's Dinghai District. During the 2010 census, Zhoushan Prefecture's population was 1,121,261, out of whom 842,989 lived in the urban districts of Dinghai and Putuo.
Things to do in Zhoushan

7. Seafood Restaurant

AnLan Road 9, Zhoushan China Seafood +86 580 447 6710

6. Qian Dao Seafood Mei Shi Guang Chang

DingHai District ZhouShan DingHai KeYun MaTou, Zhoushan China Seafood

Reviewed By Passenger804053

中国人に案内されていき 12-3人で 12-3品注文した。生鮮は少なく 乾物を戻したような料理が多かった。それがこの店の売りか、たまたまそうなったのかはわからない。沈家門に比べると 価格的に安いが、味は今一つ。生のりがあって これはうまかった。あと 海爪子とよぶ 小さな殻つきの貝炒めが良かった。

5. ZhuJiaJian NanSha NanHai Seafood

No.83 Nansha Road, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan 316111 China Seafood Breakfast, Lunch [email protected] +86 580 663 1977

Reviewed By Rafael198363

Nan Hai Seafood é bom,por causa que a cidade perto de mar.Então cheia de comida de frutos do mar!Melhor procurar mais restaurante,talvez ache o preço melhor.

4. Sha Yuan Seafood PaiDang

No.343 Jinsha Road, Nansha, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan 316000 China Chinese, Seafood +86 180 5805 8009

Reviewed By Rafael198363

Amei todos frutos de mar.Sha Yuan tem tudo!Amei o peixe,camarão e os que nem lembro o nome.Deve experimentar o camarão com molho de alho.

3. ShenJiaMen Seafood Ye PaiDang

PuTuo District ShenJiaMen Ban Sheng Dong MaTou Bin Gang Road, Zhoushan China Seafood

Reviewed By AmLyne

Any kinds of seafood you imagined, you can try them all here. Especially lots of shells of all types, lots of fish, shrimps, etc. Take some cold beer to accompany it and don't forget to have a walk after this

Top 9 restaurants in Zhoushan, China

2. Xiong XiongDi Chuan Xian Lou

No.28-30 Lianhua Road, Putuo District, Zhoushan China Chinese, Seafood +86 580 663 0568

Reviewed By aeolous


10 Things to Do in Zhoushan That You Shouldn't Miss

1. Gao Jia Zhuang Seafood ChaoShi Restaurant (ShenJiaMen)

No.107 Donghe Road,Shenjiamen,Putuo District, Zhoushan China Seafood +86 580 302 5777
Gao Jia Zhuang Seafood ChaoShi Restaurant (ShenJiaMen)

Reviewed By Rafael198363

Gente,não pode perder de conhecer o supermercado de frutos do mar em Zhou Shan!Tudo vai te surpreender!Acredita em mim,este é o melhor restaurante daqui!

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