Where to eat Seafood food in Calumet City: The Best Restaurants and Bars

September 4, 2019 Fernanda Pittenger

Discover Restaurants offering the best Seafood food in Calumet City, Illinois, United States. Calumet City (/ˌkæljuːˈmɛt/ KAL-yoo-MET) is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. The population was 37,042 at the 2010 census, a decline of 5.2% from 2000. The ZIP code is 60409.

6. Club 81 Too

13157 S Avenue M Between E 131st & E 132nd St, Chicago, IL 60633-1303 American, Seafood Lunch, Dinner +1 773-646-4292 https://www.facebook.com/Club-81-Too-343126684190/
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5 based on 10 reviews

Club 81 Too

Reviewed By Teena D

This is a family owned and run establishment that serves delicious fish, shrimp and other goodies. The shrimp is lightly batterred and very tasty. The perch is some of the best around. Our favorite, though, is the walleye. YUM. They cater to families and especially children. THe owner walks around among the tables, telling jokes, making sure everything is to your liking.

5. Harbour Point Shrimp House Incorporated

13931 S Torrence Ave, Burnham, IL 60633-2126 Seafood Lunch, Dinner +1 708-868-9240 https://www.facebook.com/HarbourPointShrimpHouse/
Harbour Point Shrimp House Incorporated

Reviewed By ChayoDelReal

The fish chips, shrimp, and evrything else that a usual seafood joint has is very tasteful. But what really makes this place unique is that it serves some rare products. Such as humongous prawns.......... seriously the biggest Ive ever seen. Also, ALLIGATOR, which is surprisingly delicious. It taste like a chicken and a shrimp had babies and that was the result. A Chickimp you would call it.....or just say it tastes like alligator. They also different types of fish that are pan seared. Stop by and try the "chickimp" or alligator whatever you like to call it.

Top 10 restaurants in Calumet City, United States

4. Sharks Fish & Chicken

5831 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN 46320-2354 Seafood Lunch, Dinner +1 219-852-0700
Sharks Fish & Chicken

Reviewed By johnnyboydc

after long deliberation about what to eat for dinner my family decided to go to sharks. As my mom and I entered the restaurant there were two adorable twins sitting there playing with each other. Shortly after we entered the place, the mom of the twins said oh those are my twins and we complimented her on them being so adorable. We Ordered food for the entire family and we got it home it was still piping hot. But it had no flavor. The fish was bland. The chicken was cooked hard and it was a but greasy. Our cashier was really nice but I think we made the wrong choice for dinner.

Top 3 Latin food in Calumet City, Illinois, United States

3. Sharks Fish & Chicken

1250 Burnham Ave, Calumet City, IL 60409-5706 Seafood Lunch, Dinner +1 708-868-0088

Reviewed By LaShonda M

Ordered chicken wings which were seasoned well and very good taste. The service was good. I would recommend the staff to have their meal out of customer view.

Best Fast Food food near Calumet City, Illinois, United States

2. Shrimp Express

911 River Oaks Dr, Calumet City, IL 60409-5119 Seafood, Fast Food Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Delivery +1 708-862-3300 http://shrimpexpresscalumetcity3.goodbistro.space
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4 based on 24 reviews

Shrimp Express

Reviewed By MrWarrenM

This is the only place I go in Chicago land for Fried Shrimp. I like the Jumbo Shrimp. They are huge and they pull the tails before frying so you get to enjoy every single morsel. The batter is the perfect amount and flavorful. The Shrimp are always delicious, and I like mine with the Louisiana hot sauce rather than the cocktail sauce. Oysters, Perch, and the Fried Okra are also my favorites. I like the Potato Salad too. It is so delicious and it is inexpensive. There is always a wait at this place, so I like to call my order in. They take cash and credit cards. There's a drive-thru but it doesn't seem too inviting. If you go inside the food comes up quick so the wait is minimal. They have a good size parking lot. This is strictly takeout. There are no tables or seating. You will not be disappointed in the selection, the size of the portions or the taste.

Most Popular American food in Calumet City, Illinois, United States

1. Bob's Shrimp

4748 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN 46327-1610 Fast Food, American, Seafood Lunch, Dinner Takeout +1 219-937-1041 http://bobsshrimphammond.coffeebarwell.xyz
Overall Ratings

4 based on 48 reviews

Bob's Shrimp

Reviewed By CarlaMcY

I love the shrimp from Bob's. I don't like a lot of batter so if you not want that ask for it to be fried light. That means it won't have too much batter and not be overfried. I like my shrimp a little firm not soft and soggy. And they were perfect. Besides, unless you eat them right away they will steam in the packaging. If you are unsure just ask and they will cook it the way you like. Everytime I go to G.I. this is my new go to. Keep in mind they are closed on Mondays.

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