Where to eat Pub food in Katsuura: The Best Restaurants and Bars

September 4, 2019 Carley Gatson

Best Pub restaurants nearby. Discover the best Pub food in Katsuura. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Pub restaurants near you. including Dining Bar Ragtime, Kaisenshuka Kamezen, Kunizo
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1. Dining Bar Ragtime

1928-32 Hebara, Katsuura 299-5223 Chiba Prefecture Bar, Pub, Italian, International Lunch, Dinner +81 470-73-8666 https://www.facebook.com/DiningBarRAGTIME/
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4 based on 38 reviews

Reviewed By mat_mak

This restaurant was located at Hebara Beach and we saw the sea from the table. There was a bar in the restaurant and various whiskeys and spirits were offered. Japanese , Chinese and Western dishes were mixed on their menu. I felt all dish was tasty. It was occupied with locals by customers.

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2. Kaisenshuka Kamezen

1043-1 Hebara, Katsuura 299-5223 Chiba Prefecture Japanese, Pub Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 470-62-6427
Kaisenshuka Kamezen

Reviewed By bathbomb_artist_aya


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3. Kunizo

75-1 Katsuura, Katsuura Chiba Prefecture Bar, Pub +81 470-73-0775 http://www.katsuura-sanpo.com/facilities/eat/post-367

Reviewed By IZ_Zardai

We were strolling on the main street of Katsuura with a local friend after dinner on a sleepy March Sunday evening. I saw a tempting little pub like place on our way to dinner and I suggested I invite him for a drink, to which he agreed. What a pleasant surprise I had! I never expected Katsuura to have a whiskey bar with a very decent selection of Scotch and Irish whiskey, as well as a few big Japanese names, and the usual US suspects. They also have some good beer on tap, and sake if that's what you're after, complemented by snacks.The prices aren't too horrible. A small glass is around 6-900 yen, depending on the drink.The owner used to run a place in Yokohama, and eventually 'retired' to Katsuura, bringing the cool Yokohama vibe along to the Chiba ocean side.I can really recommend the place. Friendly people, good drinks. Not cheap, but hey, what's cheap that's good!

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