Where to eat Pizza food in Kunming: The Best Restaurants and Bars

January 12, 2020 Roger Rusk

Discover Restaurants offering the best Pizza food in Kunming, Yunnan, China. Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan province in southwest China. Known as Yunnan-Fu until the 1920s, today it is a prefecture-level city and the political, economic, communications and cultural centre of the province as well as the seat of the provincial government. Kunming is also called the Spring city due to its weather. The headquarters of many of Yunnan's large businesses are in Kunming. It was important during World War II as a Chinese military center, American air base, and transport terminus for the Burma Road. Located in the middle of the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, Kunming is located at an altitude of 1,900 metres (6,234 feet) above sea level and at a latitude just north of the Tropic of Cancer. Kunming has as of 2014 a population of 6,626,000 with an urban population of 4,575,000, and is located at the northern edge of the large Lake Dian, surrounded by temples and lake-and-limestone hill landscapes.
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1. Humdinger Brewpub

No.111 Zhengyi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming China Pizza, International, Brew Pub, Bar, Pub Dinner, Late Night, Drinks Seating, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Table Service, Takeout, Reservations, Live Music +86 138 8853 3733 http://humdingerpub.com
Overall Ratings

4 based on 55 reviews

Humdinger Brewpub

In the heart of Kunming, Humdinger Microbrewpub serves up wood-fired fusion cuisine, craft beer and the best in local live music.

Reviewed By ESVincent

Humdinger is a real find in Kunming although billed mainly as brew pub its has excellent food. This brilliant micro-brewery has an excellent selection of beers ( I had the German Pilsner) and an acceptable selection of wines. The food though was really stunning under the new chef Steven. Great pizzas, steaks and burgers to die for and snacks ....so we had the mushroom pizza and I had the fried beef. The pizza was excellent and so was the beef.Service was friendly and efficient. The clientele was mainly local, playing cards and games, listening to the excellent music and some a little to worse for ware.This is a great place to hang out, to enjoy food and excellent value for money brilliant..

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2. As you like.

5 Tianjundian Xiang, off Wenlin Jie, Kunming China Pizza, European Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +86 871 6541 1715
Overall Ratings

4 based on 29 reviews

As you like.

Reviewed By HungryGeckos

This restaurant can be tough to find but its worth the effort. Its located down a small residential alley near to the tourist area.They have a limited menu but all the food and drink looked great. My wife and I spent a lazy morning here chatting to two friendly English teachers. It was a very welcome break from the chilly weather of Kunming in April.The staff member that brought out our lovely food and drinks spoke the best English and was also very friendly. Highly recommended.

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3. Slice of Heaven

No.168 Hongshan East Road Wuhua District, Kunming China Pizza, Cafe, Wine Bar Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Takeout, Seating, Outdoor Seating, Table Service [email protected] +86 189 8747 5451
Overall Ratings

4 based on 24 reviews

Slice of Heaven

The best Kiwi cafe, bakery and bar in Kunming, possibly China. breakfast, cakes, pies, pizzas, lunch, freshly roasted Yunnan coffee, dinner, salads, imported beers and wines, free wifi

Reviewed By ZhongguoKM

It should probably go without saying that the pizza here is the real deal, much better than what's available at international chain outlets such as Pizza Hut. I like that they only offer a few pizzas instead of some huge number. Quality of ingredients is high. Atmosphere pleasant, service friendly, prices reasonable. I had a small salad and a beer plus a medium pizza for 80 something RMB. Was there for a late lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Not very busy.

Best Pub food near Kunming, Yunnan, China

4. Brooklyn Pizza

No.6-8 Building 12, Banzhu Cuiyuan, Hongshan East Road, Wuhua District, Kunming 650031 China Pizza, Italian Dinner, Lunch Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service 0871-5333243 http://www.kunmingpizza.com
Brooklyn Pizza

Reviewed By shorkw4

The pizza is large and good. Just tried a sandwich last time and was thoroughly satisfied. The calzones are also good. If you need western food in Kunming, this should be on your rotation.

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