Where to eat Mediterranean food in Niamey: The Best Restaurants and Bars

May 29, 2020 Jasper Kershner

Discover Restaurants offering the best Mediterranean food in Niamey, Niger. Niamey (French pronunciation: ​[njamɛ]) is the capital and largest city of the West African country Niger. Niamey lies on the Niger River, primarily situated on the east bank. It is an administrative, cultural and economic centre. Niamey's population was counted as 978,029 as of the 2012 census; the Niamey Capital District, covering 670 km, had 1,026,848 people. As of 2017, population projections show the capital district growing at a slower rate than the country as a whole, which has the world's highest fertility rate.
Things to do in Niamey

1. Le Pilier

Niamey Niger Italian, Mediterranean, European Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Private Dining, Live Music +227 94 43 00 94 http://www.lepilierrestaurant.com
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Le Pilier

Reviewed By K3088VLpatriciam

3 couples escaping from the kids for an evening. Wonderful food, service and atmosphere. No rushing you through your meal. Enjoy conversation, wine, cocktails and appetizers. Wonderful gift shop at the entrance. Nice relaxing and delicious evening.

The 6 Best Things to Do in Niamey, Niger

2. Diplomate Niger

Niamey Niger Terminus 1er virage aprés l'hotel Terminus à gauche, Niamey 9999 Niger Lebanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Moroccan, Barbecue, Middle Eastern Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Buffet, Private Dining, Seating, Parking Available, Validated Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Television, Highchairs Available, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi [email protected] +227 94 96 66 66 https://www.facebook.com/Diplomate-Niger-618238648233150/
Diplomate Niger

Le Diplomate Niger is a Mediterranean restaurant & lounge (Italian, Lebanese & Morrocan cuisine). In the heart of Niamey.surrounded by the airport, Hotel Terminus, Grand Hotel and Hotel Gaweye. Open from 12pm to 2am. We close Monday.

Reviewed By Martin b

I have eaten at this restaurant 2-3x a week since march. Never been diisaapointed, food is always excellent. Lebanese, pizza, steak, etc. always good.The Kobe is indescribable , tonight I had Houmus Lahme, Bouche Mixte and Zaalouk, and im stiuffed!try it, you will not be disappointed!! and it was every bit as good as the first time. everything food should be., delightful! I know the owner, but simply because I have returned so many times, , and that's only because I love his food, if that ever changes, then...... In meantime Ive been away in Ouaga, where the food is on average better than here in Niamey, however I really missed Diplomat. I have no interest other than my taste buds, this is as good as it gets in Niamey. (and better than many other restos anywhere )For the record, I have written reviews, (honest but perhaps a bit strict , but I like my food) on restos in many countries So when I say good or bad, nothing personal, just food that I enjoyed or didn't . I would be happy eating good food in all of them, so Niamey restos, you know who you are ? if I've given your resto a bad review, instead of getting all your staff to provide good reviews, IMPROVE :) if you don't believe me , come eat here, try what I had here tonight, then eat at yours, then compare

Where to Eat in Niamey: The Best Restaurants and Bars

3. Papayo

Morris Delins, Niamey 1234 Niger Lebanese, Mediterranean [email protected] +227 94 71 71 71 https://www.facebook.com/Papayo-1717845211830318/

Reviewed By elsm2015

the food is really good, but there is no nice sitting area to enjoy the food, so you almost have to do take out

4. Restaurant Le Istanbul

Avenue Charles de Gaule, Niamey 12408 Niger African, Mediterranean, Turkish [email protected] +227 91 56 11 11

We are the best traditional restaurant with the best quality and delicious food in Niamey. We offer great tastes to our customers in local, Mediterranean and world cuisines.

Reviewed By Olaf B

Low quality. Nothing was good. The staff is friendly, but that does not make up for the fast food quality.

5. Restaurant Tegadezt

10 Quartier Issa Beri , RUE de la Magia, IB- Porte No 610, Niamey Niger Moroccan, Mediterranean [email protected] +227 92 34 34 53 http://tegadezt.com/
Restaurant Tegadezt

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