Where to eat Japanese food in Maibara: The Best Restaurants and Bars

May 26, 2021 Major Galusha

Best Japanese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Japanese food in Maibara. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Japanese restaurants near you. including Chanponteisohonke Hikoneekimaehonten, Sennaritei Kyara, Fukurairouzu, Yokaro, Idutsuya Yonehara Station-head branch, Lounge Dolce Xiv Biwako, Izutsuya, Nishiguchi Inshokuten, Kobayashi, Yamauchi Nojo Yonehara West Entrance Ekimae, Japanese Restaurant Tsurutsuru

10. Japanese Restaurant Tsurutsuru

1250-5 Matsubaracho, Hikone Shiga Prefecture Japanese, International Lunch, Dinner +81 749-47-5588
Japanese Restaurant Tsurutsuru

Reviewed By arattm


9. Yamauchi Nojo Yonehara West Entrance Ekimae

23 Maibara Nishi Nippon Software Knowledge Corp. Headquarter Building 2F, Maibara 521-0015 Shiga Prefecture Japanese Dinner Reservations +81 749-52-4688
Yamauchi Nojo Yonehara West Entrance Ekimae

Reviewed By KLYH1012

We stumbled upon this place when we were looking for a place for dinner in Maibara. They offer a variety of dishes. Be prepared to take your shoes off when you enter the dining area. It would have been great if it was non-smoking.

8. Kobayashi

21-23 Ukano, Maibara Shiga Prefecture Japanese, Sushi +81 749-52-6595

Reviewed By arattm


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7. Izutsuya, Nishiguchi Inshokuten

475 Maihara, Maibara 521-0012 Shiga Prefecture Japanese +81 749-52-0006 http://www.izutsuya.cc/htm01/omise.htm
Overall Ratings

3 based on 16 reviews

Izutsuya, Nishiguchi Inshokuten

Reviewed By DayTrip802835


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6. Lounge Dolce Xiv Biwako

1477-2 Iso, Maibara 521-0004 Shiga Prefecture Japanese, Bar, Pub Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +81 749-52-6111 http://rt-clubnet.jp/hotels/xiv/biwa/facility/lounge/
Lounge Dolce Xiv Biwako

Reviewed By beaversan


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5. Idutsuya Yonehara Station-head branch

2-1 Shimotara, Maibara Shiga Prefecture Japanese +81 749-52-0006
Idutsuya Yonehara Station-head branch

Reviewed By waraiotoko13


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4. Yokaro

7-8 Motohamacho, Nagahama Shiga Prefecture Japanese Lunch Takeout, Cash Only +81 749-63-3663 http://yokarou.com/saba.html
Overall Ratings

4 based on 98 reviews


Reviewed By beijingduck

Yokaro occupies an atmospheric traditional wooden building in the old quarter of Nagahama. Diners sit at small low tables on the mat floor. Marinaded braised mackerel served on noodles is the speciality here, and it's very tasty. There is a picture menu. The restaurant closes early: so this is more a lunch than a dinner venue.

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3. Fukurairouzu

18-2 Umegaharasakae, Maibara Shiga Prefecture Japanese, Kappo Lunch, Dinner +81 749-52-2340

Reviewed By michaelsV7116SV

Nice box of tasty items -I love the presentation and preparation of food in Japan - so many tasty items to explore

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2. Sennaritei Kyara

2-1-7 Honmachi, Hikone 522-0064 Shiga Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Reservations +81 749-21-2789 http://kyara.sennaritei.jp/
Overall Ratings

4 based on 50 reviews

Sennaritei Kyara

Reviewed By bariloche48

I wanted to try the local Ohmi beef so I booked into this restaurant. The room was nicely furnished. I selected a fixed menu including a number of beef courses with different methods of preparation. The dishes on which the meal was served were excellent and the food seasonal and fresh. I had beef sushi (a first for me) tataki style, boiled and grilled steak. They were all tasty and the steak delicious. There were interesting courses with it. I drank a Hikone sake. At the end I was satisfied that I'd had a good sample of local specialties. The staff were helpful and had a reasonable command of English.

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1. Chanponteisohonke Hikoneekimaehonten

9-6 Asahimachi, Hikone 522-0073 Shiga Prefecture Japanese Lunch, Dinner Seating +81 749-23-1616 http://en.chanpontei.com
Overall Ratings

4 based on 114 reviews

Chanponteisohonke Hikoneekimaehonten

Reviewed By Hitcher84

Pretty much a regular ramen shop. Wait to be seated, someone will take your order. They have their house type or pork ramen. Our waiter spoke English and the menu has English translation and pictures to help. They have beer on tap. Count on around ¥1000 per person plus drinks. Nice size portion.

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