Where to eat Indonesian food in Manokwari: The Best Restaurants and Bars

January 12, 2020 Flossie Demartino

Best Indonesian restaurants nearby. Discover the best Indonesian food in Manokwari. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Indonesian restaurants near you.. Manokwari is a town in Indonesia and the capital of the province of West Papua, at the western end of New Guinea. The town has many resorts and is a major tourist area. It is one of the seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manokwari–Sorong. It is also the administrative seat of Manokwari Regency. The town is also included of the Manokwari-Northeastern Bird's Head Peninsula MSA. It is also a major port, financial center, and tourist area that is important to West Papua and Eastern Indonesia.
Things to do in Manokwari

10. Cafe Kopi Balusu

Jl. Wosi Bbaru, Manokwari 98312 Indonesia Japanese, Asian, British, Street Food, Indonesian, Singaporean [email protected] +62 813-5586-8434 http://kopibalusu.blogspot.co.id/2017/08/blog-post.html

Where coffee with a blend of selected coffee ore and coffee processing traditionally and professionally, produce a taste of the right coffee and a fun atmosphere supported by entertainment

9. RPM - Ropang Plus Manokwari

Jl. Reremi Permai KPR, Manokwari 98300 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian [email protected] +62 822-8888-4887 https://www.facebook.com/sstc.rpm/

8. Abrezzo Cafe and Resto

Jl. Merdeka 87, Manokwari 98312 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian +62 812-4036-9172 https://www.facebook.com/Abrezzo-Cafe-Resto-349890912100750/

7. Coto Takalar

Jl. Tikora Rendani Sowi, South Manokwari, Manokwari 98315 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian
Coto Takalar

Reviewed By sin_ik_1999

Lokasi persis disebrang bandara terminal keberangkatan. Cukup ramai karena hanya 1 yang jual coto. Warung makan sederhana dan banyak yang merokok. Coto dihidangkan dalam mangkuk kecil, dagingnya empuk dan kuahnya kental. Enak dimakan panas-panas terutama setelah penerbangan yang lama. Harga 30ribu per mangkuk. Burasnya berasa santannya.

6. Bakso Iga Manokwari

Jl. Trikora Wosi Kompleks Makassar, Manokwari Indonesia Asian, Indonesian +62 852-5476-8466 https://www.facebook.com/baksoigamanokwari/
Bakso Iga Manokwari

5. Tabea Social House

Jl. Gn. Salju, Manokwari 98312 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian +62 852-5414-9747
Tabea Social House

Reviewed By ramadhanny

We stayed at the Manokwari Triton hotel. Next to it is a modern and very Instagramable cafe. The menu is very large and varied. All the food and drinks are very good. This cafe has 2 floors. I was so comfortable with the friendly waiter, we ordered food many times and moved from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor to feel all the places hehe

4. Blackhouse CafeBlackhouse Cafe & Resto

Jl. Merdeka no. 59 Padarni, Manokwari 98312 Indonesia International, Asian, Indonesian
Blackhouse CafeBlackhouse Cafe & Resto

Reviewed By William S

Best cafe in this city. You can visit this restaurant at 10:00 am till 11:00 pm. Good service and delicious food. I tried Nasi Ayam Bakar Nusantara, its very delicious and i orderer Oreoblend. Must try!! I definitely will come back here when i visit this city.

3. Billy Cafe

Jln. Merdeka, Manokwari 98311 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian Lunch +62 962 211036
Overall Ratings

3 based on 20 reviews

Reviewed By GarimaGupta

During the day time, the service was average, basically everyone was was dozing off, understandable! The food was okay, I ordered fried chicken and eh, it was okay!

2. cinnamon family cafe - manokwari

Jl. Merdeka no. 63 Orchid Swalayan GF, Manokwari 98300 Indonesia Asian, Indonesian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Delivery, Takeout, Television, Free Wifi [email protected] +62 823-9996-3339 http://www.facebook.com/cinnamonfamilycafemanokwari
cinnamon family cafe - manokwari

Kafetaria yang menyajikan makanan dan minuman (Halal) berstandar, yang cocok untuk seluruh anggota keluarga dengan harga terjangkau, tempat yang nyaman serta pelayanan yang ramah.

Reviewed By Susan C

This air conditioned restaurant has been open for quite a few years and maintains great standards. The restaurant and kitchen are clean, staff are friendly and efficient, and there is a wide range of delicious Indonesian dishes to choose from.

Manokwari Food Guide: 9 Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Manokwari

1. Mansinam Restaurant

Jln. Pasir Putih, Manokwari 98313 Indonesia Seafood, Asian, Indonesian Reservations +62 986 213585 http://hotelmansinambeach.com/
Overall Ratings

4 based on 20 reviews

Mansinam Restaurant

Reviewed By G8750TSls

Having heard so much about this restaurant and finally .... visited the restaurant and very much enjoyed the seafood and ice cream for dinner. I ordered red snapper and finished the whole fish with sambal and spicy soya souce. It was fresh and tasty. The ice cream became a great dessert. The restaurant is within the Mansiman Beach Resort. It is a seafront restaurant with wooden structure. Recommended for seafood lovers.

Most Popular Asian food in Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia

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