Where to eat Indian food in East Timor: The Best Restaurants and Bars

November 9, 2019 Margarita Chappel

Reviews on Indian food in East Timor, East Timor. East Timor (/ˌiːst ˈtiːmɔːr/ ( listen)) or Timor-Leste (/tiˈmɔːr ˈlɛʃteɪ/; Tetum: Timór Lorosa'e), officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (Portuguese: República Democrática de Timor-Leste, Tetum: Repúblika Demokrátika Timór-Leste), is a sovereign state in Maritime Southeast Asia. It comprises the eastern half of the island of Timor, the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecusse, an exclave on the northwestern side of the island surrounded by Indonesian West Timor. Australia is the country's southern neighbor, separated by the Timor Sea. The country's size is about 15,410 km (5,400 sq mi).
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7. Indian Tandori Restaurant

next to tiger Fuel / eastern end Rua Comoro, Dili East Timor Indian +670 7725 8466
Indian Tandori Restaurant

Reviewed By mrdom

I just wanted a change from my usual place (Queen Tundriee across the road) so I came here and had a wonderfully rich curry, perfect samosas and naan that seemed a little overcooked. So, overall they know their food and have a big menu of good-looking dishes. However, they aren't any better than Queen Tundriee, yet they charge $1-$2 more dish - the prices are what you would expect at beachside places like Vin Cafe and Royal Beach, not on dusty, smelly Comoro Rd.

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6. Curry Box

Timor Plaza, Dili East Timor Indian, Asian Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Seating [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/tl.currybox
Overall Ratings

3 based on 18 reviews

Curry Box

Reviewed By jqg

Small and comfortable curry house that serves up consistently good south Asian dishes, including excellent flat breads. Nice place in the evening, when the mall is quiet and the air cooler. Whilst unassuming, this is perhaps the best place to eat in Timor Plaza.

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5. Royal Beach Dili

Pantai Kelapa, Beach Road, Dili East Timor Indian, International, Asian, Nepali Reservations +670 7338 7496 http://web.facebook.com/royalbeachdili/
Royal Beach Dili

Reviewed By greylourie

My favourite Indian/Nepali food in town. It is right above Cafe Letefoho, quiet and relaxing with a nice ocean view and breeze. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant and maybe a little confusing for first-time diners: Breakfast/lunch specials (international - bacon and eggs, sandwiches and health salads) are prepared by an Australian chef, whereas Indian/Nepali dishes and dinner are served by another chef, whom I have not had a chance to meet. I usually visit the restaurant in evenings for drinks, pakora (highly recommend), Asian salads and curries (also very good). The downside is it usually takes about an hour to get the food. The ocean view and a few drinks make the long wait part of the fun. I tried one of their lunch specials, which was a bowl of healthy salad with beansprouts and tempeh, along with banana smoothie, served super quickly in about 5 minutes. It was highly enjoyable.

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4. Leublora Green Villas & Organic Restaurant

Maubisse town Near market, inside road of the coffee plantation, Maubisse East Timor Indian, European, Portuguese Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Buffet, Free Off-Street Parking, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer [email protected] +670 7839 8948 https://greenvillage-timor.org/leublora-green-villas-and-organic-restaurant/
Leublora Green Villas & Organic Restaurant

Leublora Green Villas and Organic restaurant makes you close to the nature. All the guests at the LGV are entitled for free breakfast. When you stay at LGV, you can enjoy comfort as well as eat freshly cooked healthy food. We grow most of our food i.e., v

Reviewed By Andrew M

Leublora Green School and Eco Resort in Maubisse is approximately 70 km south Dili - approximately two and a half hours drive.The site contains a restaurant, accommodation and a school. The entire centre is run by a wonderful strong woman Bella Galhos. Bella is a true leader for her community - she believes that the community needs to take responsibility for themselves and their future - rather than waiting for the Government to 'do something'. The accommodation is located on a hillside amongst a magical flower garden. The accommodation is great - the access is however for able bodied people! The staff at the centre are all local Timorese - as are the meals in the restaurant. Maubisse is a great location to enjoy a number of local attractions - including MT Ramelau. Prices are very cheap - Bella puts any money left over from the restaurant into the local community.Thank you Andrew for finding time and sharing your experiences of Leublora Green Village. We are happy that you had a pleasant time. We also understand and respect your views for making it disabled friendly. Another good news is that Pouzada Maubisse is opened few weeks back and we have the management rights to run that place. It is becoming another popular place in Maubisse among tourists. Hope you will come back and enjoy our different range of cuisine and 360 degree of Maubisse.

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3. Indian Restaurant

Palapasu Road, Dili East Timor Indian Dinner
Overall Ratings

4 based on 9 reviews

Indian Restaurant

Reviewed By Hans G

Very basic in furnishing, under neon lights, this restaurant serves up great and delicious food, with good choice and friendly service, at very reasonable prices. You can get extra fans pointed at you when it's too hot. Directly opposite Leader Supermarket, which is how people can tell you where it is. (Almost tempted to give it five stars.)

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2. Queen Tundriee

Comoro Rd, Dili East Timor Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Bangladeshi
Queen Tundriee

Reviewed By mrdom

Unlike most cuisines, Dili is well-supplied with good South Asian restaurants, but I rate this Bangladeshi place as my favourite (as do a couple of my south Asian colleagues). It has the best tandoori chicken that I've had (crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside) as well as standout daal and samosas. However, just about everything I've had there has been great, including the cheap and simply-named "Mix Vegetables". This place is also at the cheaper end of the scale for this cuisine, notably cheaper than the very similar "Indian Tandoori Restaurant" just across the road.

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1. Welcome Restaurant

Rue Presidente Nicola Lobato Comoro,Dili,Timor Leste, Dili East Timor Asian, Indian Lunch, Dinner Table Service +670 7741 4087
Overall Ratings

4 based on 12 reviews

Welcome Restaurant

Reviewed By mrdom

Staff are barely there and very disinterested (except for the owner, who is good) but the food is fantastic. Rich, spicy and plentiful. Unusual and very nice samosas that appear to have a lot of pumpkin in them. Higher prices than most other Indian restaurants in Dili but its worth it.

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