Where to eat Chinese food in Yanshi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

April 12, 2022 Marianna Hollaway

Best Chinese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Chinese food in Yanshi. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Chinese restaurants near you. including WangFu Yu HuaYuan (ZhongZhou East Road), ZhenBuTong Restaurant (ZhengHe Road), Quanjudue Restaurant, MaJie Shan NiuRouTang Guan, QiYuan XiaoChu (LuoYang ZhongZhou East Road), Dong Lai Shun Shi Fu, XuShi NongJia XiangCai, ShiZiLou, YaXiang Lou, QiYuan XiaoChu (ZhuJiang South Road)
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10. QiYuan XiaoChu (ZhuJiang South Road)

ZhuJiang South Road Shopping Street 8 Building, Luoyang China Chinese +86 379 6461 5988

Reviewed By Happyreads

QiYuan XiaoChu (ZhuJiang South Road) - Nice food restaurant, good place to eat, I would love to recommend.

9. YaXiang Lou

AnHui Road 4, Luoyang China Chinese +86 379 6492 1555

Reviewed By Happyreads

Located on AnHui Road 4, Luoyang, the small eatery provides good quality home styled meal. Liked it.

8. ShiZiLou

LaoCheng District West Avenue, Luoyang China Chinese +86 379 6285 3533

Reviewed By Happyreads

Wow the cook at ShiZiLou are no less than a chef in a five star restuants. The food was truly awesome!

7. XuShi NongJia XiangCai

Jian DongLu 6Hao, Luoyang China Chinese +86 379 6333 5155

Reviewed By Happyreads

XuShi NongJia XiangCai - Decent place to get a plateful and stomachful eat. Cheap menu, quick service.

6. Dong Lai Shun Shi Fu

ZhongZhou Middle Road 11 Building, Luoyang China Chinese, Xinjiang +86 379 6395 4705

Reviewed By Happyreads

Dong Lai Shun Shi Fu - the oriental cuisine served here really had good amount of variety. food was served fresh too.

5. QiYuan XiaoChu (LuoYang ZhongZhou East Road)

LaoCheng ZhongZhou DongLu 550Hao, Luoyang China Chinese +86 379 6395 0798

Reviewed By Happyreads

QiYuan XiaoChu (LuoYang ZhongZhou East Road) - Good food, good ambience and courteous staff. What not to like!

4. MaJie Shan NiuRouTang Guan

ChanHeHuiZu District QiMing East Road, Luoyang China Chinese +86 20 8766 9111

Reviewed By Happyreads

MaJie Shan NiuRouTang Guan - good food joint, nothing fancy but basically a good place to sit and eat.

3. Quanjudue Restaurant

No.69 Jiudu Road, Xigong District, Luoyang 471000 China Chinese +86 379 6522 1666

Reviewed By Giulio1412

Quality quite consistent over time, this restaurant remains a classical choice for Beijing-style roast duck in Luoyang. Although other choices for roast duck are available in town, this restaurant seems to be able to keep a good standard of quality and a steady flow of customers. In addition to the classical duck, it is advisable to try other dishes as well, especially the ones based on fish, either the steamed (qing zhen) ones or, if available, even better the sweet-sour versions. I usually prefer to sit in the big hall (where at times a show of classical dancing and singing is held), however individual provate rooms of different size are available upstairs.

2. ZhenBuTong Restaurant (ZhengHe Road)

LuoLongQu ZhengHe Lu 18Hao, Luoyang China Chinese Reservations +86 379 6251 5566
Overall Ratings

4 based on 22 reviews

Reviewed By BrisbaneTraveldoctor

Visited Luoyang with a tour group going to the White Horse Temple & Longman Grottoes. Our guide had arranged this stop for lunch & advised that we should expect quite different food than Xian (where we had come from). She was right. Cold starters were waiting in our private room when we arrived. These included, tripe, kidneys, pigs ears in jelly, dried salted fish & beef. Most of our group at that point thought that vegetarianism looked like a good idea at this point & made the most of the various pickled vegetables that accompanied these starters. Things looked up when the various soup dishes that Luoyang is apparently known for started showing up. There was a lovely & very colourful dish of noodles, some shaved meats, sprouts & a few other things (noted in several of the pictures in reviews of this restaurant). There was also a lovely chicken ball soup (like Bakso Stan in Indonesia), a tasty spicy fish soup, chicken & corn (with whole chicken wings & whole cobs of corn) &a nice mushroom soup. The most memorable dish however was the turtle soup - with the turtle's head & neck still tucked into its shell. Only the most adventurous of our group gave it a shot. It wasn't too bad - but I wouldn't try it again. The dishes just keep coming including a number of sweet soups, such as sugar soup!The staff were very attentive & coped well with our odd group of English speakers. There was just too much!It was one of the most interesting dining experiences I've ever had - but not one of the best.

Best Bar food near Yanshi, Henan, China

1. WangFu Yu HuaYuan (ZhongZhou East Road)

No.418 Zhongzhou East Road, Luoyang China Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service +86 379 6393 5388
Overall Ratings

4 based on 20 reviews

WangFu Yu HuaYuan (ZhongZhou East Road)

Reviewed By PandasNPugs

We had been perusing the streets in old town Luoyang and were not in the mood for the colorful street vendor fare. We happened upon Wangfu Imperial Garden and decided to give it a try. We were seated quickly and ordered after hearing about the set menu. For about 160 yuan we had ten various Chinese courses. The foods were served hot and between the 5 of us we had more than enough food to fill us. We also enjoyed their delicious peony tea! I highly recommend it!! Be sure to get some tea to take with you to enjoy at a later date or give as a gift to the folks back home. The interior décor was a bit worn, but suitable. The service was excellent, as our server made sure we were well taken care of. Easily, however, my favorite part of the night was the Chinese pottery display on the first floor as you enter. It was a small assortment of various examples of Ming pottery. We were told that they are originals, not reproductions, which made it all the more enjoyable. Even if they are repros it was fascinating to see the various designs close up. For independent travel info in Asia see my blog at www.travelpod.com/members/nosquidonthebus

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