Where to eat Chinese food in Fuyang: The Best Restaurants and Bars

June 30, 2020 Renato Branum

Discover Restaurants offering the best Chinese food in Fuyang, Zhejiang, China.  Fuyang (help·info) (simplified Chinese: 阜阳; traditional Chinese: 阜陽; pinyin: Fùyáng) is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Anhui province, China. It borders Bozhou to the northeast, Huainan to the southeast, Lu'an to the south, and the province of Henan on all other sides.
Things to do in Fuyang

1. A Zhou WeiDao GangShi Restaurant

FuYang GongYuan West Road, Fuyang China Chinese +86 571 6171 9777

Reviewed By RGGCLG

This is a very convenient meeting location, and is nicely maintained. Service is average, if not slightly below average. However, the quality and presentation of the courses we ordered were all very tasty. Even though there was at least a 50% to 60% patron occupancy during the two separate lunch days which we dined, there was a very low noise level, and it was nice and quiet dining environment. This is definitely more of an upscale type setting, the only improvement that I can suggest to this locations Leadership is train your wait staff to be much more attentive to the needs of your Customers. Soon the Wanda Plaza (Opens within the next 30 Days), which will be opened right across the intersection, will take many potential repeat patrons, if more attention service wise is not given to your dining Customers.

Top 6 restaurants in Fuyang, China

2. MaoJia Restaurant (QingHe West Road)

No.1 Qinghe West Road, Yingzhou District, Fuyang 236000 China Chinese +86 558 256 0099

Reviewed By RGGCLG

This is a well known Restaurant brand in China. The location in Fuyang [Anhui Province] is about the same as many other Chinese Restaurants that specialize in Banquet [typically for small of four persons, up to medium size groups of up to 30 persons] style dining.FOOD / CUISINE : AVERAGE - the food/dishes here are "good, but certainly nothing special". If you are looking for the "Wow" factor, to impress friends or business associates, then you will need to look to hold your dining experience at one of the nicer, more up scale area restaurants that specialize in serving Duck, or Western style cuisine, or have a cleaner, more up to date décor/facility. SERVICE: VERY GOOD - but not great.ATMOSPHERE: AVERAGE - this Restaurant has separate rooms of different sizes to rent, and then the person who is holding (sponsoring) the meal decides the dishes off of a large picture menu that shows visuals of each specific dish that may be ordered as part of the Group meal. Notice: With many Restaurants of this type, there typically is a minimum number of dishes which are required to be ordered, that will correspond to the number of persons for the size banquet room being rented. In other words, you can't rent one of the larger banquet rooms which will hold an average of twenty-five customers, and only order 7 - 8 dishes. This needs to be understood prior to planning the room size, otherwise you may pay more than you planned. CLEANLINESS: AVERAGE - in Asia, there are very few Restaurants that would pass a strict Western level 'Health Inspection'. With this said, this Restaurant would score an 'average' score in this area, when being compared to other similar Restaurants of the same type.OUTDOOR SEATING: NOT offered. {Thankfully} Notice: In my humble opinion, this is not a setting where that even if 'Outdoor Seating' was offered, that you would wish to take advantage of it. BAR SCENE: NOT OFFERED - with these types of Chinese Restaurants, most bring their own alcohol, bottled water, juice, et cetera, due to the fact that purchasing drinks at this type of Restaurant is expensive by Chinese standards. VALUE: AVERAGE - most Western raised patrons will consider the cost at the '$$' level. By Chinese standards [I was instructed], they view more at the '$$$' level. The example I will give is that the party we had when utilizing this Restaurant was twenty-two people, and three small children. We paid in USD's $262, and that was with us bringing our own alcohol, water and juice drinks. There was plenty of food for everyone and there was food left over.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Fuyang, China

3. Grandma's Home (Fu YangYu ZhangCheng)

ChunQiu North Road 271 YuChangCheng Mansion B Tower 4 Floor 71, Fuyang China Chinese +86 571 2327 2777

Reviewed By A TripAdvisor China Member


4. ChuanWei Guan (FuYang)

ChunQiu North Road 271, Yu ChangCheng Commercial Plaza 3 Floor, Fuyang China Chinese +86 571 2325 1977


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