Where to eat Chinese food in Benxi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

September 4, 2019 Sheron Bogner

Discover Restaurants offering the best Chinese food in Benxi, Liaoning, China. Benxi is a prefecture-level city located in the east of Liaoning province, People's Republic of China, south-southeast of the provincial capital Shenyang.
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1. XiaoGuo Fan FengWeiCanTing

MingShan District ShuiTa Road 31, Benxi China Chinese +86 414 386 8111

Reviewed By Laxiaozi08200912

It was 13 years ago when I went there, still remember a bit about what we've had when we were there though...great homemade dishes available. Then Dongbei Cai as well as Sichuan Cai were available on the order. It will take a while when it's time for dinner...about 6-7pm generally speaking.

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2. LaoSan Yang Tang Guan

YingBin Road, Benxi China Chinese

Reviewed By Laxiaozi08200912

I liked this place because of the flavourful mutton soup)) It was delicious back then. However, because I highly revere goat and lamb, I don't even eat them now so I'm certainly NOT going to go there to eat the soup.

3. Jiaxiang Folk Village

GuanYinGe ShuiKu Nearby, Benxi China Chinese +86 414 682 9588

Reviewed By Laxiaozi08200912

It felt like if I was in a village alright. Then the food, there are sticky rice in bamboo shoots...that armpit hair lady served us with it...don't really know how to describe it. It was ok, didn't ruin my taste at all.

4. Zhengzong Benxi County Sheep Soup

Wenhua Road, Mingshan District, Benxi 117022 China Chinese +86 414 214 1877

Reviewed By Laxiaozi08200912

I didn't want to go there, it was my dad and his bosses that dragged me along with 'em((( It was appalling and disgusting...I don't even what to eat sheep or mutton because of the strong smell from it(( It will be a lot better to try beef/oxtail soup or even a fish and doufu soup...uh, people are crazy and nasty


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