Where to eat Chinese food in Beichuan County: The Best Restaurants and Bars

March 10, 2022 Roger Rusk

Reviews on Chinese food in Beichuan County, Sichuan, China including Heimayi Restaurant, Heimayi Xiaojiupu (Tiyuncun Road), Hao BaTe, SanZhi Shou GanGuo Wang (GongYuan Kou), Ya TianXia, Laofangzi Restaurant, ChaiHuo JiaYan Fang (ZhangHong Avenue), ZiWei GongFang Restaurant, ShiJi Yu Jia JiaYan Fang, SiHai Xiang
Things to do in Beichuan County

10. SiHai Xiang

Lin Yuan Road Garden Community, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 236 7228

Reviewed By 493689739


9. ShiJi Yu Jia JiaYan Fang

YueJin Road North Section 78, ChangHong ShiJiCheng 5 Building 2 Floor, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 888 8885

Reviewed By arensince2017


8. ZiWei GongFang Restaurant

Pu Ming South Road 108, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 255 1777

Reviewed By leivicky_008

The menu changes often and always surprise the guests with good food and great taste. This place is close to my work and, together with my co-workers, I eat there a lot, even chose it for my reunion dinner with the entire family, since it has been running for almost 15 years, the quality of the food has been approved and accepted.

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7. ChaiHuo JiaYan Fang (ZhangHong Avenue)

ChangHong Avenue South Section 102, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 221 8111

Reviewed By arensince2017


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6. Laofangzi Restaurant

F1-3 Building D2, Furong Hancheng, No.158 East Section of 1 Ring Road, Youxian District, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 227 7077

Reviewed By robin p

Food is delicious.Good Sichuan food.waiters are helpful and friendly.Room and food temperature appropriate.

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5. Ya TianXia

Lin Yuan Road West Section, Garden Community Bi YunJu, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 237 7333

Reviewed By arensince2017


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4. SanZhi Shou GanGuo Wang (GongYuan Kou)

GongYuan Kou XunJingZhiDui 2 Floor, Mianyang 621000 China Chinese +86 816 221 2978

Reviewed By jfjlawai

After having dinner there on the occasion if my friend's birthday, we have all been sick for three days. I believe the soup and the hygiene were substandard. The staff is not really polite. Very hurried up and rushy. Disappointed.

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3. Hao BaTe

Fu No.101, Yuejin North Road, Fucheng District, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 268 3199

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2. Heimayi Xiaojiupu (Tiyuncun Road)

Nearby Nanhe Gymnasium North Gate, No.19 Tiyuncun Road, Fucheng District, Mianyang China Chinese +86 816 815 0222

Reviewed By arensince2017


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1. Heimayi Restaurant

No.138 Furong Hancheng, Youxian District, Mianyang China Chinese Breakfast, Brunch +86 816 228 6266
Heimayi Restaurant

Reviewed By Roving_Bill

The owner has gone to great lengths buying old country furniture to turn this restaurant, in what is itself an old building, into a real delight. The food is excellent and well worth the effort

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