Where to eat Cafe food in Ruokolahti: The Best Restaurants and Bars

January 5, 2022 Harland Bartelt

Reviews on Cafe food in Ruokolahti, Finland including Lohela, Kulma-Kahvila, Kolme Ankkuria, Vuoksi Fishing Park Kahvila, Robert’s Coffee Imatra, Kent - Pizza & Steakhouse, Cafe Nisse
Things to do in Ruokolahti

7. Cafe Nisse

Koskenparras 8, Imatra 55100 Finland Cafe Brunch, Breakfast, Dinner, Drinks Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Free Wifi, Reservations, Accepts Credit Cards +358 44 2351727 http://www.facebook.com/cafenisse/
Cafe Nisse

Reviewed By 441terhik

I went to Cafe Nisse to have a cup of coffee and a slice of crunchy blueberry pie. I left the place with a good feeling in my mind and in my soul- I got my coffee moment in a peaceful area sitting in a room where is a lot of light. But the good feeling was not only because of the tasty pie but also the smily and cheery service.It is a bit more trendy than some other cafes around and almost everything they sell is homemade: sweet and salty with a good price. I visited in August -17 and not yet there was anything for vegans but they said that there will be soon!

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6. Kent - Pizza & Steakhouse

Koskenparras 7, Imatra 55100 Finland Pizza, Cafe, Barbecue Takeout [email protected] 3583585488898 http://kentravintola.com
Overall Ratings

4 based on 23 reviews

Kent - Pizza & Steakhouse

Reviewed By petak57

The guy who served us went out of his way to find us an English menu. The food was delicious, the serving size generous, and was accompanied by free salad bar, water, tea and coffee. Highly recommend.

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5. Robert’s Coffee Imatra

Tietajankatu 2 K-Citymarket, Imatra 55120 Finland Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks [email protected] +358 40 1973070 http://www.robertscoffee.com/cafe/imatra-mansikkala/
Robert’s Coffee Imatra

Reviewed By BerndtH3

The staff is very friendly. The cappuccino is good. I wanted a double cappuccino and they asked if I really wanted it in a normal cappuccino cup? No, I said, if you have a larger cup that would be nice. They told me that means a latte for them, and even if many places have way too much milk in their lattes, here it was just right for me, just as I do it myself at home. they really care for the customer getting the best experience.Thanks for visit and nice comments. We are happy to see you again...

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4. Vuoksi Fishing Park Kahvila

Kotipolku 4, Imatra 55120 Finland Scandinavian, Cafe, European, Swedish +358 5 4323123
Overall Ratings

4 based on 11 reviews

Vuoksi Fishing Park Kahvila

Reviewed By WhipOfGod

Amazing smoked salmon, great place to swim, really sunny teracce and tasty cold beer. Easy to come and very friendly hosts. Toni is really charmatic guy and helps anyway he can.

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3. Kolme Ankkuria

Lammassaarentie 11, Imatra 55420 Finland Bar, Cafe +358 5 4323525 https://www.facebook.com/KolmeAnkkuria?fref=photo
Kolme Ankkuria

Reviewed By susihunt

Cafe-restaurant is located in the port. Pleasant little place. Very tasty sandwiches and cakes. Peaceful surroundings.

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2. Kulma-Kahvila

Nallisuontie 3, Ruokolahti 56100 Finland Cafe, European, Diner, Scandinavian Breakfast, Lunch http://www.facebook.com/Kulma-Kahvila-805289412870539/

Reviewed By 441terhik

This is a good local experience in Ruokolahti! People come to Kulma-Kahvila to spend time and share their daily news to each others. The Karealian spirit is around: the service is friendly and joyful, lot of good fresh pastries are served. The buns are are well-known: not a doubt them are delicious! Also which is good is that they serve healthy lunch in Kulma-Kahvila!

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1. Lohela

Karjalantie 372, Ruokolahti 56510 Finland Cafe Breakfast, Lunch Takeout, Outdoor Seating +358 5 4739870 http://www.lohela.net/
Overall Ratings

4 based on 21 reviews


Reviewed By JariJK

Lohela is situated on the highway 6 in Ruokolahti, about 10 kilometers to the north of Imatra (from Imatra to the direction of Joensuu). It is situated in a beautiful place, on the shore of Pond Kanalampi.There is a very comfortable cafe in Lohela. It is famous for salmon products. They also sell local products, e.g. wooden products and smithy products.We think that this is the best pull-in between Imatra and Parikkala.

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