Where to eat Austrian food in Sirnitz: The Best Restaurants and Bars

April 21, 2021 Chanda Heide

Find out what Austrian restaurants to try in Sirnitz including Landgasthof Seebacher, Gasthaus zur Bauernstubn, Hiasl Zirbenhutte Leitgeb KG, Gasthof Treffpunkt, Gasthaus Bacher, Landgasthaus Zeilinger, Gasthof Seitner, Kirchenwirt, Jausenstation Stubinger, Doppler Stubn

10. Doppler Stubn

Agsdorfer Strasse 12, St. Urban 9554 Austria Austrian, European Lunch, Dinner Seating, Table Service, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible +43 664 1016697 http://www.doppler-stubn.at
Doppler Stubn

Reviewed By Austriamad2

We read about the Doppler Stubn in a promotional booklet for Carinthian restaurants. There was only a small photo of it but it looked to be high up in the mountains and have great views. Confusingly there are two St Urbans, both close to each other, and this is not the St Urban on Ossiacher See. There wasn't an address for the Doppler Stubn in the brochure but we tracked it down after a few wrong turnings.We got there mid afternoon and it was a beautiful clear sunny day so we headed for the terrace. The view was breathtaking. Stunning. There is one table on the corner, slightly raised, and with the best view on the terrace. From that table you can see right down the valley and there is Ossiacher See in the distance.As it was mid afternoon there was only us and a couple of locals. The woman owner served us and she was really friendly. She was interested in us and couldn't have been nicer. Our son wanted simple spaghetti with butter and parmesan and although this wasn't on the menu they made it for him. She asked if it was OK to use fresh farmer's butter because it had a stronger taste. He enjoyed it. I had the ribs and spicy wing platter with crispy potatoes. My husband had a Karntner nudel dish. There was a large choice of deserts, homemade, and ice creams. We had Linzertorte and our son had an ice. I'd never had Linzertorte before and it has always looked dry and heavy on the pastry but it wasn't like that at all. This one was crumbly and moist and nutty and gorgeous. The food was very good but on such a beautiful day with that divine view, a cheese sandwich would have tasted fantastic.I highly recommend this place. It seems to be a 'destination' restaurant and people probably visit for special events because you don't pass it on the way to anywhere else as it's right up the mountain. You can order special menus in advance and I recall there was fondue or pork knuckles. We wanted to go back for a return visit but ran out of time. It'll have to wait until next summer because at the moment it's only advertised as being open from May until October. Of all of the restaurants we went to during this summer holiday, the Doppler Stubn stands out as being really special.

9. Jausenstation Stubinger

Buggl in Bach 1, St. Urban 9554 Austria Austrian, European 4342778222
Jausenstation Stubinger

Reviewed By Dirk S

Wir haben nach einer kleinen Wanderung nur etwas trinken wollen, beim reinkommen ist man sich nicht mehr so sicher und nach dem Essen denkt man sich „ gut das wir unsere Meinung geändert haben“!!Alle Speisen selbst gemacht und richtig GUT !!

8. Kirchenwirt

Gnesau 31, Gnesau 9563 Austria Austrian, European, Central European Reservations +43 4278 273 http://gasthof-kirchenwirt-gnesau.at/
Overall Ratings

4 based on 10 reviews


Reviewed By Austriacus

When we passed through the village of Gnesau by car, the attractive façade of this large restaurant at the main road inspired us to have lunch here. Only about one third of its large car park was occupied. As expected, the inside was of the same rustic style as the outside, because almost all restaurants look like that in this region. At any rate, everything was in a pretty good condition and the interior looked quite nicely.A waitress told us to which dining room to go. Just two tables were occupied there and we could decide on our own at which empty table to take a seat. Then our waiting began. Only after several minutes, the waitress came to this room, laid the bare wooden table with placemats and took our drinks order. Quite a while later she brought us the drinks but still no menus. After another few minutes of waiting, she provided the menus.The most striking feature of the menu was the fact that it was trilingual, i.e. written in German, English and Italian. Thus, at first sight it seemed more comprehensive than they actually was. In fact, it was made up of some of the classics of the regional and Austrian cuisines, which are available in almost every restaurant around, but did not contain anything creative or extraordinary. Most pages of the menu were printed on ordinary pieces of paper, which were crumpled as if they had already been in use for a long time and therefore looked disgusting.While the waiting time for the soup was acceptable, that for a main course of filled pasta, although it definitely did not need to be freshly made but only to be heated, was overly long. While the taste of the soup was all right, the dough of the pasta was much too thick and the filling contained an excessive amount of herbs. Furthermore, we did not appreciate that in the midst of summer, when fresh vegetables are plentiful, part of the mixed salad consisted of canned bean salad.Portions were huge and the price level was the same as in similar restaurants of better cuisine in the area. After we had finished our meal, it took quite a long time until somebody from the staff showed up, whom we could indicate that we wanted to pay. It almost goes without saying that from that time on, we had to wait again for more than five minutes to receive the bill. When we left “Kirchenwirt”, we saw that a few tables in the other dining rooms were occupied as well. However, the restaurant was far from full. Thus, we did not understand why the service had been so slow.

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7. Gasthof Seitner

Villacher Strasse 11, Feldkirchen 5960 Austria Austrian, European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Highchairs Available +43 4276 2158 http://www.gasthof-seitner.at/restaurant.html
Overall Ratings

4 based on 67 reviews

Gasthof Seitner

Reviewed By Austriacus

The interior of “Gasthof Seitner” is not decorated in the rustic Kitsch style almost ubiquitous in Carinthia. While it is all right that it looks rather modern and minimalist, a prettier styling would nonetheless be desirable because the current one does not reflect the high standing of this place.However, the elegantly designed standard menu did reveal this standing because the choice of dishes on offer comprised not only the common classics but also many more rare and creative dishes. An entire page of season’s specials, namely pumpkin dishes, and another page of dishes of the day complemented it. Thus, the choice was wide indeed, while the price level did not exceed that of other decent restaurants in the region.Although we had chosen dishes from the standard menu, we did not have to wait long for our meals. The food, though not special in any respect, was of high quality and nicely presented. Portion sizes left nothing to desire.When the waiter saw that one of us had eaten everything with the exception of one particular vegetable, she asked whether there was something wrong with it. Moreover, she proposed that next time we should tell in advance if we do not like a particular kind of vegetable because they would be willing to replace it by something else. This revealed how much “Gasthof Seitner” strives to satisfy its guests.

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6. Landgasthaus Zeilinger

Turracher Strasse 18, Himmelberg 9562 Austria Austrian, European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service [email protected] +43 4276 37831 http://www.landgasthaus-zeilinger.at/
Overall Ratings

4 based on 14 reviews

Landgasthaus Zeilinger

Reviewed By Christian and J... D

This village restaurant is a wonderful discovery in Southern Austria. Beautiful and tasty dishes served in a warm relaxed atmosphere. The hamlet of Himmelberg is charming and genuine. Thanks to the chef and his team.

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5. Gasthaus Bacher

Gnesau 38, Gnesau 9563 Austria Austrian, European Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service +43 4278 295 http://www.bachergnesau.com
Overall Ratings

4 based on 28 reviews

Gasthaus Bacher

Reviewed By 908mbb

Abbiamo cenato in questo locale mentre eravamo in vacanza a Gnesau. Il locale è tranquillo, non troppo affollato. Il cibo è di buona qualità e il servizio gentile e rapido. Ottima la birra. Unica nota negativa, l'odore di fritto che rimane impregnato nei vestiti.

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4. Gasthof Treffpunkt

Hochrindl 106, Sirnitz 9571 Austria Austrian, German, European Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service +43 664 2528246
Overall Ratings

3 based on 18 reviews

Gasthof Treffpunkt

Reviewed By Lambers2013

Called here today after riding the Nockalstrasse pass.We were miles from anywhere and came across this great looking place at Hochrindl ski station.Clearly set up for motorcyclists but a great place for anyone to stop.We had a lovely cup of coffee.Recommended.

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3. Hiasl Zirbenhutte Leitgeb KG

Zirbenweg 10 Hiaslalm, Sirnitz 9571 Austria Austrian, European [email protected] 436644032556 http://www.biohiasl.at
Hiasl Zirbenhutte Leitgeb KG

Reviewed By fritz270

Eine sehr schöne Hütte mit Scharm.Das Essen und die Getränke kamen sehr schnell. Es gibt sehr viele regionale Köstlichkeiten. Immer einen Besuch wert.Es gibt einen sehr großen Spielplatz, wo für jedem etwas dabei ist.

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2. Gasthaus zur Bauernstubn

Hochrindlstr, Sirnitz 9571 Austria Austrian, European +43 4279 564 http://www.bauernstubn.at
Gasthaus zur Bauernstubn

Reviewed By Sjr2020

Situated next to the main lift & nursery slope at Hochrindl this place is always full. Yes the location helps but so does the great food, atmosphere and ceramic stove!!There's a great winter garden where you can eat outside and take in the sun's rays at the same time.

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1. Landgasthof Seebacher

Gurk 23, Gnesau 9563 Austria Austrian, European, Diner Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards +43 4278 257 http://www.seebacher.at
Overall Ratings

4 based on 27 reviews

Landgasthof Seebacher

Reviewed By Austriacus

We were attracted to “Landgasthof Seebacher” by its favorable reviews on TripAdvisor. It is not visible from the main road and therefore somewhat difficult to find. Given the smallness of this restaurant, we were lucky that on a Sunday at lunchtime a table was available for us without reservation.Rustic dining rooms are the norm in this region, but this one was particularly cozy and in a perfect condition. Both the content and the styling of the menu revealed that this was more than just a common countryside restaurant. Although several classics of the Carinthian and Austrian cuisines were on the menu, the choice went beyond that and was comprehensive. Nonetheless, this restaurant was unpretentious and not excessive in any way.For instance, the waiting times for the soup and the main course were not longer than in humbler restaurants. The portion sizes did not give reason for complaint either. The food was nicely arranged and delicious. A few dishes did not cost more at this place than in other restaurants in the surroundings, although on average prices were somewhat higher here. However, in view of the quality of the cuisine, the dishes we had were worth every cent.

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