Where to eat Asian food in Zweibruecken: The Best Restaurants and Bars

February 17, 2020 Mollie Coke

Best Asian restaurants nearby. Discover the best Asian food in Zweibruecken. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Asian restaurants near you. including Asia Gourmet, Gutsschanke Birkhausen, Thai Chi Schnellrestaurant, Asia-Restaurant Kinto
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1. Asia Gourmet

Hauptstr. 65, 66482 Zweibruecken, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany Chinese, Asian, Thai Dinner, Lunch Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Table Service, Wheelchair Accessible +49 6332 5669400
Overall Ratings

4 based on 23 reviews

Asia Gourmet

Reviewed By lcbs

My companion and i love Chinese food, and have eaten it everywhere we go. this was the best we have found anywhere.

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2. Gutsschanke Birkhausen

Birkhausen 1, 66482 Zweibruecken, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany German, Filipino, Asian Dinner, Lunch Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service, Seating [email protected] +49 162 2127987 http://www.gutsschaenke-birkhausen.de
Gutsschanke Birkhausen

Reviewed By RodgerCuzner

We stumbled upon this restaurant while visiting Germany and may have been one of the best meals we had on our two week trip. Anjolyn Keller and Jacques treated us to an excellent meal with awesome service. I would love to return in the summer to see the beautiful grounds. I would definitely recommend a visit here if you are in Zweibrucken.

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3. Thai Chi Schnellrestaurant

Saarlandstr. 37, 66482 Zweibruecken, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany German, Asian, Thai Lunch +49 6332 9072350
Overall Ratings

3 based on 10 reviews

Thai Chi Schnellrestaurant

Reviewed By 1975gene

We really enjoyed crispy duck with veggies and rice, and red curry is very tasty too. Although it looks rather yellow and not as hot as in Asia, but I guess it is more suited for local foodies.

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4. Asia-Restaurant Kinto

Hallplatz 5, 66482 Zweibruecken, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Asian Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Table Service +49 6332 569898
Overall Ratings

3 based on 43 reviews

Reviewed By RRRice

I took the family to Kinto this past weekend. We've not been to all of the sushi places around, but it is the best sushi and Chinese/Japanese food that we have had in the Kaiserslautern/close-by area. The place is clean with a neat look. Call for reservations, especially if you want to sit at the "sushi-go-round." The bathrooms are very clean and upstairs. Waiter service was attentive, inquiring, and nice. They all spoke fine English to my wife (my daughters and I spoke German mainly). What I took to be the owners also came over and check on us--and they visited other tables as well, despite the place being about 80% full and a moderate turnover rate at the conveyor.The conveyor belt sushi .. . not all of it is sushi. In fact, most of it was not. You will see edamame and other non-sushi products. The tuna (Maguro) and shrimp (ebi) sushi were very good, and I enjoyed a larger roll that had a crab and cream cheese mixture inside. I do not like salmon, but my girls do and they raved about the salmon.There is another all-you-can-eat area in the corner with a mix of Japanese and Chinese food. The soups were very good and they have a "add it yourself" bar for things like tofu, onions, and so forth. The breaded and fried shrimp were excellent. They also have a fruit/desert area.What NOT to expect: usually sushi places in the US are very upscale with lots of selection, a large variety of rolls, and high prices. You get none of that here. Lower selection, less variety (no intricate specialty rolls), and low price (especially for the lunch). Also, for those who have been stationed in Japan, it is not the same as the Roto-Sushi/Sushi-Go-'Rounds, where you get quality, "workman" sushi for a medium price. What you get is solid selection, great service, a clean restaurant where you can carry-on a good conversation, and at a fair/good price. We also received a "frequent diner" card.I noticed on their website that they had a warning on the English menu that you must eat all before getting another plate, and that you could be charged per piece of food (1Euro sushi; 2Euro hot plate items) at the end of the meal for uneaten items. That warning was NOT seen or heard at the restaurant, but we followed those rules anyway, and it is just courteous and respectful to do so. If you use a GPS it will take you close by; park by the river under the trees and across from the apartment building, buy a parking ticket (for those days/times needed), and a short walk over the bridge and into the open Zweibrucken courtyard.All-in-all, I would definitely return (it took us 34 mins from Ramstein-Miesenbach and that is with the construction zones on the Autobahn). In the U.S. or Japan it would not pass muster, but here, it is quality food at a fair price.

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