Where to eat Asian food in Ning'an: The Best Restaurants and Bars

May 22, 2021 Enriqueta Cusson

Discover Restaurants offering the best Asian food in Ning'an, Heilongjiang, China including Wujiangtang Korean Restaurant, Han Shi Guan, Dong Ji Han Shi Indian Restaurant
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1. Wujiangtang Korean Restaurant

No.19, Qixing Street, Mudanjiang China Asian, Korean +86 453 666 3338
Wujiangtang Korean Restaurant

Reviewed By Buke W

This restaurant is hidden in a very usual street not far from central commercial street opposite to train station. The area is full of restaurants of all kinds of food, but this one looks quite obvious because its vivid image and name. Wujiangtang in Chinese means 'military marshals' hall', sounds very masculine, and its outlooking image is designed on a very Korean pattern base with basic colours of South Korea's national flag and little figures of ancient Korean soldiers. When you go inside, you'll see one of its main wall is wholly painted into a big picture illustrating a battle scene in history. Soldiers wearing ancient Korean military clothes and armors. Along with its traditional table wares and dishes, the whole restaurant is very Korean. Back to the main thing, food. The taste is good. Meat is in good quality. Pot is cooked from a nice recipe with strong Korean spice flavor. Price is ok. I like this restaurant which cares about not only the food but also the image and culture. A surprise in our stay in Mudanjiang.

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2. Han Shi Guan

ShengLi Street, Mudanjiang China Asian, Korean +86 453 723 2899

Reviewed By gongyuanfeng


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3. Dong Ji Han Shi Indian Restaurant

XiAn District Between West 5th Tiao Road And MuDan Street, Mudanjiang China Asian, Korean

Reviewed By gongyuanfeng


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